Viable medical marijuana program a must

Last November's push to bring medical marijuana to Florida came up short. Amendment 2 just missed the 60 percent threshold, but advocates believe they'll do better in 2016.

They certainly don't have much faith in their elected officials. Even though the Florida Legislature passed a limited form of medical marijuana use in 2014, the state never put the program into effect. No wonder the push is on to let voters decide at the ballot.


Pet cannabis raises questions about hemp's legality in Florida

Joy Drawdy has an emergency arrest plan.

If the police come, she’ll call her lawyer. She’ll send her friend to care for her store. She’ll have her partner care for her cats, dogs and chickens.

But she hasn’t had to use it — yet.

Drawdy, 45, and her partner, Kat, own Earth Pets, a Gainesville pet store that not only sells soy dog collars and organic pet treats, but it also shelters homeless kittens in a community kitten therapy room.

But the emergency arrest plan is for a product she sells, called CannaVet, formerly known as Canna Companion during the summer.

CannaVet is an herbal supplement for pets with problems like anxiety, seizures and allergies. The problem lies in its main ingredient: hemp.


Jordan Person of Primal Therapeutics Cannabis Infused Massage Therapy

This past year has been totally insane for Jordan Person, the owner of Primal Therapeutics. Between driving hundreds of miles each month to visit patients and clients both local and tourist, Person also entertains national and international media on a regular basis. While the Green Rush is drawing all kinds to Colorado where so long ago others chased gold, Jordan genuinely cares for cannabis and people. She’s looking to make the world a more comforting place while she engages her entrepreneurial journey and that is something we can respect.  — Diane Fornbacher, Publisher of Ladybud Magazine

LADYBUD: Where did you study and get certified in massage therapy?


This New Study Is Bad News if You're a Marijuana Supporter

Marijuana legalization may not be a top priority of Congress or President Obama, but the American public is certainly doing its best to make it apparent that marijuana is an important issue.

We've seen a complete transformation of the American public's opinion of marijuana and even individual state law over the past two decades. What once was an illegal substance in all 50 states is now legal from the aspect of medical purposes in 23 states, and legal from a recreational, adult-use standpoint in four states.


Charlotte’s Web is Now Available through Novus MedPlan

Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. (NDEV 0.18 0.00%), provider of a cost-saving medical plan for patients within the wellness industry,recently announced that Charlotte’s Web strain of cannabis would be available at a 30% discount to the retail price through its interactive web portal to patients enrolled in the Novus MedPlan.


Frustrated Florida senators push marijuana fix

TALLAHASSEE — Citing frustration with delays in getting non-euphoric cannabis to patients, a Florida Senate panel Thursday pushed forward a revised attempt to create a regulatory framework for the pot industry, but did not include changes sought by black farmers who complain they would be shut out of the industry.

The bill, approved by the Senate Rules Committee and headed to the Senate floor, would quadruple the number of state-approved businesses that could participate from five to 20.

One of those potential players is Sarasota County-based AltMed LLC.


Marijuana legalization could push 2016 Presidential swing state voters

Many marijuana advocates are saying 2016 will be the year for marijuana legalization, thanks in part to a new poll which finds that a majority of voters in several swing stats support legalizing marijuana.

According to the Quinnipiac survey,  55 percent of voters in Florida, 52 percent in Ohio, and 51 percent in Pennsylvania, are in favor of allowing adults “to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use.”

As for Medical Marijuana the numbers are even more staggering, with 84 percent of the voters in Florida and Ohio and 88 percent in Pennsylvania stating that they believe medical marijuana should be legal.


Poll: Majority of Ohioans in favor of legal possession of marijuana for adults

CINCINNATI -- A majority of Ohioans favor making it legal for adults to possess a small amount of marijuana for recreational use, according to a new poll from Quinnipiac University .

The poll surveyed voters in three swing states -- Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio -- and found support for legalization of the drug for both medical and recreational use.


Support for medical marijuana in Ohio is overwhelming, according to the poll, at 84-15 percent in favor, while support for allowing adults "to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use" is 52-44 percent.


The Other Marijuana Boom


When recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado in January of 2014, it promised to be a boom for those who were ready with their brick and mortar stores and new licenses. Growing as rapidly as weed are ancillary businesses that cater to these new marijuana pioneers. You only need to walk inside the massive grow operation at establishments like Medicine Man to realize that marijuana demands sophisticated lighting and cooling systems as well as excellent soil and fertilizers to keep the plants happily budding. To protect the plants, growers and retailers need elaborate security systems. Once harvested, marijuana needs to be sold in specialized packaging. Ancillary products are flourishing as the marijuana economy takes off.


Kelly Slater dives into the story of marijuana trade

Kelly Slater has bought the film and television rights to "Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade".

The 11-time world surfing champion is expanding his business fields. Slater is ready to adapt Peter Maguire and Mike Ritter's book to the screens. The final result will be a documentary film and a TV series.

"This is a history they certainly don't teach you in school but an important and significant cultural phenomenon that occurred mostly undocumented. It took the professional historian and former smuggler 15 years to complete, and it is based on thousands of hours of interviews," explains Kelly Slater.


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