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Will Industrial Hemp Find a Good Fit in Florida Agriculture?

The University of Florida has brought its two-year Industrial Hemp Pilot Project for a landing with guidance that the crop might be a viable commodity for Florida growers in the future, with caution for economic and environmental challenges.

The UF/IFAS-led pilot project began in spring 2019 after federal and state legislation established an industrial hemp pilot program with research and education priorities that support hemp cultivation.


State-of-the-Art CBD Vending Machines Are Now a Thing in Suburban Miami

With the touch of a button, CBD buyers in the Miami suburb of Doral, Florida can now have their hemp-based products automatically dispensed into their hands.

The Wellness Pantry, developed by cannabis tech firm Cultiva, allows people who download a free app from the company on their mobile phones to buy CBD remotely and pick up the products from a machine similar to one that sells soda and chips.


Delta-8 THC is legal in many states, but some want to ban it

Nickolas Jarosh started smoking marijuana after his shifts as a 911 dispatcher. He’d flip between working days and nights, and the inconsistent schedule made it difficult to fall asleep. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, helped, he said.

Jarosh, 29, who now lives outside Houston, no longer works a job that forces him to keep inconsistent hours. He also no longer has access to marijuana, which he said had also been helping to ease his anxiety and depression.


Here’s what marijuana laws look like around the Southeast, as NC considers changes


As North Carolina approaches a marijuana milestone, potentially legalizing the drug for medical use, nearby states are split in their approach.

The Southeast is coming late to the marijuana scene. The region is home to several of the 14 states that do not have comprehensive medical marijuana programs or full marijuana legalization, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.


Florida’s $1.3 billion medical marijuana industry could nearly double by late 2022

Florida is set to nearly double the availability of medical marijuana over the next 18 months, pocketing millions in new license fees and tax revenues from an industry already generating $1.1 billion in Sunshine State sales.

The Florida Department of Health (DOH) is expected to issue up to 19 new medical marijuana treatment center (MMTCs) licenses under the state’s vertically-integrated regulatory scheme this year.

Florida has issued 22 MMTC licenses. Fourteen are active with eight awarded via lawsuits and likely for sale, where the bidding starts at $40 million. Acreage Holdings, Inc., paid $67 million for Nature’s Way’s MMTC license in January 2019.


Florida medical marijuana providers set to nearly double

Following the Florida Supreme Court upholding the state’s seed-to-sale medical marijuana model, the Department of Health is preparing to issue 15 new treatment center licenses.

Those involved in the industry believe the expansion will increase competition and benefit patients, but some lawmakers doubt whether the new players will actually make a dent on cost and availability.

There are more than 575,000 medical marijuana patients in Florida and the ever growing number has opened the door for 15 new MMTC licenses.

Once the patient count hits 600,000, a total of 19 licenses will be available.

“This frankly doubles the size of the industry,” said Jeff Sharkey with the Medical Marijuana Business Association.


Florida prioritizing a Black farmer in next batch of medical marijuana licenses

A Black farmer with ties to doing business in Florida will be at the head of the line for a long-awaited batch of medical marijuana licenses in an application process that state health officials will launch soon, senior aides to Gov. Ron DeSantis said.

The aides told The News Service of Florida that the Department of Health will kick off the rule-making process for Black farmer applicants within “weeks to months” and set the stage for another set of licenses that would nearly double the number of medical marijuana operators in the state.

“It would be awesome if we could get that application, get that license. We are definitely overdue as it relates to that,” Ocala nursery operator Howard Gunn, who is Black, said in a phone interview.


Florida Supreme Court Pulls the Plug on Recreational Cannabis Initiative

The Florida Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a proposed initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults is misleading and can not appear on next year’s ballot. The decision marks the second time in three months that Florida’s highest court has struck down proposed ballot measures to legalize cannabis in the state.


Medical marijuana industry has high anxiety waiting for Florida Supreme Court ruling

After the Florida Supreme Court hears arguments in a case, justices typically try to hand down a ruling within six months.

Although the court heard final arguments in Florida Department of Health v. Florigrown nearly eight months ago, it has yet to render a judgment.


What’s in Your Cannabis? Creating a Safety Seal of Approval

cannabis in medical containers

When California first passed Proposition 64 legalizing recreational cannabis, voters waited in eager anticipation for natural, quality products to purchase.

What they found instead was 84.3% of sampled cannabis tested positive for pesticide residue. 

The research, conducted by Steep Hill Labs, Inc., further concluded that 65% of cannabis samples submitted to their lab contained Myclobutanil, a pesticide that when smoked or vaporized is converted to Hydrogen Cyanide.

As the name suggests, the chemical is extremely toxic for humans to ingest. 

Discoveries like these underscore the importance of lab testing requirements for cannabis operators.


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