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Cocaine and cannabis seizure is the largest ever for Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton

U.S Coast Guard

U.S. vessel offloads about $640 million worth of illegal drugs at Port Everglades in Florida.

The crew of U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton recently offloaded more than 13 tons of cocaine and almost two tons of cannabis in Florida, with the hefty haul estimated to be worth US$504 million ($640 million).

Called the largest drug interdiction in the ship’s history, the approximately 26,250 pounds (11,907 kilograms) of cocaine and about 3,700 pounds (1,678.3 kg) of cannabis were intercepted and seized in international waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean off the coasts of Mexico, Central America and South America.


LPG plays part in production of cannabis concentrates

cannabis in bottles

Florida-based medical cannabis company Trulieve Cannabis Corp. launched a new line of cannabis concentrates made through a hydrocarbon extraction process using propane and butane.

Live Resin, a high-terpene, single-source extract, is the first offering from Trulieve’s new hydrocarbon line. It is created in the company’s hydrocarbon extraction lab using a blend of propane and butane on TruFlower, which has been frozen immediately after harvest.

Hydrocarbon extraction uses solvents to gently process cannabis, allowing for the retention of high levels of the plant’s original flavor and terpene and cannabinoid profiles at a lower temperature.


"Walgreens of Weed": How Pot Law's Seedy Start Created Florida's Cannabis Oligopoly

cannabis plant

Something smells funky in Florida's medical marijuana industry — and it's not coming from a smoldering joint.

Back in 2016, an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) secretly recorded Tallahassee developer J.T. Burnette — who has since married Kim Rivers, CEO of the multimillion-dollar Florida-based cannabis giant Truelieve — boasting that he and his childhood friend, then-Florida house member Halsey Beshears (R-Monticello), tweaked a cannabis bill signed into law in 2014 that governed the state's then-fledgling medical marijuana industry by cordoning off access to commercial licenses.


Medical marijuana company purchases second warehouse in Ocala for $3.2 million

holding cannabis buds

Green Ops Group, a medical marijuana company, has purchased a second distribution warehouse in Ocala, property records show. 

The company paid $3.2 million for the vacant building at 500 NW 27th Ave. in northwest Ocala, just south of U.S. 27. The deed shows the property was purchased from Kimber Randi Brady, LLC on Oct. 29. 

Green Ops Group, which is based in Columbus, Ohio, is already renovating two other spaces in Ocala, according to city permit records. One is a 60,000-square-foot warehouse in south Ocala at 720 SW 17th Place, which the company is spending $3 million to renovate into a medical marijuana greenhouse. 



Leon commissioners schedule marijuana workshop, pause on homeless shelter and CRTPA proposals

cannabis plants

Leon County Commissioners scheduled a workshop for this spring that looks to explore alternatives to arrest for people caught with small amounts of marijuana. 

The issue has been on the wish list for several years and has had some success already after a 2018 program launched by State Attorney Jack Campbell aimed at issuing civil citations for such offenses. 

Still, on March 22, Campbell is likely to join Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil and county commissioners to address continued efforts to reduce penalties for possession of marijuana. 

McNeil will also join a workshop the same day where issues with bail, reentry initiatives and a review of the County’s electronic monitoring program will be addressed.


Popular cannabis product Delta-8 has some federal agencies and elected officials urging caution when using

cannabis plant illustration

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – It can be purchased in just about any smoke shop, gas station and online. Delta-8 THC is sold in several forms, including vapes, tinctures, candy gummies and versions that can be smoked.

“It’s one of our biggest selling things”, one smoke shop employee told Channel 10′s Amy VIteri. “We sell a lot of Delta-8.”

Because it comes from hemp, the THC isomer is technically legal in most states, for now. In recent weeks, the FDA and CDC both issued warnings about Delta-8 products, citing serious health risks.

According to the FDA, between January and July of 2021, poison control centers were contacted regarding 661 exposure cases related to Delta-8 THC.


‘We don’t have the generational wealth.’ Black farmers left behind in Florida’s medical marijuana boom

tending marijuana plants

Ray Warthen, a fifth-generation Black farmer, has his eye on Florida’s burgeoning $1 billion medical marijuana cash crop.

He’s already made a mark in Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood, transforming a city lot into a community farm with beehives, bananas, collard greens and other plants.


Trulieve Cannabis Corp Reopens Three Medical Cannabis Dispensaries In Miami and One In Arrowhead, Jacksonville

jar of cannabis flower

Trulieve Cannabis Corp (OTCMKTS: TCNNF) has reopened three formerly Harvest House of Cannabis branded medical cannabis dispensaries in Miami.

The reopening means unrivaled product selection and in-store experience for medical cannabis customers through every step of the process. This supports the company’s ambition of expanding medical cannabis access to patients across the states. The company hopes to exceed the expectations of Miami’s discerning and diverse patient base through exceptional in-store experience, online orders, and state-wide delivery.


Lifeguard discovers 40+ pounds of cannabis hidden in washed up life vest


INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — A lifeguard nearly discarded a life jacket that washed onto a county beach — until he discovered a payload of cannabis hidden inside.

When Daniel Otto looked to see why the vest felt “unusually heavy," he found six packages — 41 pounds — of marijuana inside the vest's life-saving foam compartments, according to a sheriff's report.

The Golden Sands Beach Park lifeguard, 26, reported the vest to law enforcement officers after finding it lying on the beach just before noon Oct. 23.

He told officials he almost dropped the vest in the trash but took it back to the guard shack and cut open one side revealing the packaged marijuana.

Otto couldn't be reached for comment this week.


New medical marijuana dispensary, opens in Sunnyside

cannabis buds

Sunnyside, a new medical marijuana dispensary, is opening in Tallahassee Tuesday morning. 

The dispensary, at 302 N. Monroe St., is hosting a grand opening at 10 a.m. that will feature a ribbon-cutting. 

The 1,500-square-foot store will offer products from the Chicago-based medical marijuana company Cresco Labs' One Plant brand, which includes vapes, lotions and balms. 

This marks the 11th Sunnyside store in the Sunshine State, said Cris Rivera, the Florida regional president of Cresco Labs. 


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