Marijuana cultivation in Finland on the up

Cannabis cultivation across Finland is increasing, according to police in eastern Uusimaa, who recently raided a marijuana-growing site.

Last week police in Porvoo, southeastern Finland, confiscated around 250 cannabis plants from an apartment in the town centre. They revealed that such raids were becoming more common as Finns were opting to grow the drug domestically rather than import it.

Porvoo police’s Janne Levalampi said he did not have the exact figures but that it appeared domestic cultivation had increased dramatically.



Finland: Greens calls for drug policy re-think

The Green League in its new manifesto demands that the focus of Finnish drug policy be shifted from punishments to reducing the adverse effects of substance abuse.

Adopted in Jämsä last weekend, the new manifesto sets forth the main political objectives of the Greens for the next five years, including addressing health inequity and improving the position of the disadvantaged.

Under these sections, the party states that “the focus of drug policy should be shifted from punishments to reducing adverse effects” and that “the criminal sanctions for the use of cannabis as well as the possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use should be abolished”.


Finland: Supreme Administrative Court: the Cannabis Association is not against good morals

According to the Supreme Administrative Court the Finnish Cannabis Association should be allowed to register in the Register of Associations. The association is not legally contra bonos more, although it aims to change the current law, the court ruled.

The National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland has rejected the Cannabis Association’s notice of registration. In their opinion  the rules of the association are against good morals, as the purpose of the association is “against the opinions of justice and morality in our society”.

The purpose of the rules of the Cannabis Association is to influence intoxicant policies and legislation so that the use, possession and farming of cannabis would be legal for adults.


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