EU Novel Food proposal ‘not workable’ in the U.K

While the U.K. CBD industry desperately seeks clarity on regulations, the politically time-consuming machinations of Brexit will prevent any serious progress until 2020, says a leading industry figure.

Blair Gibbs, Policy Lead for the Centre For Medical Cannabis (CMC) was speaking to CBD Testers at last week’s Europe CBD Expo in London. The key issues facing the U.K. CBD industry, right now, is whether the Government, and its regularity agency the Food Standards Agency (FSA), will press ahead with implementing the EU’s Novel Food directive.


‘Novel food CBD will become the European standard ‘

The Novel Food classification may well become the accepted legal position for European CBD industry.

Many ‘smart’ companies are already going through the process of securing compliance. However, at a cost of upwards of £250,000 such a certification is not coming cheap. 

January’s decree by The European Union decision to classify CBD as a Novel Food was the topic of much debate at the Europe CBD Expo event at the ExCel Centre in East London.


Canadian cannabis: entering the European and global markets

Discover how Canadian cannabis producers like Aqualitas are helping to bridge the gaps between patient needs and the continent’s currently limited cannabis production.


Countries where cannabis is legal (or decriminalized) – 2019 Travel Guide

Planning to travel abroad? Excited to try new, exotic weed? Pot definitely makes every trip better. However, buying weed in a foreign country can be risky and get you in a lot of trouble.

The so-called cannabis tourism has become the next big thing for weed lovers who want to enjoy their favorite herb in a new place without fearing any legal repercussions.

You may be surprised to hear that only two countries in the world completely legalized weed for recreational use, one of which prohibits foreigners from buying it.

So if you plan to travel, the first thing you should do is check the cannabis laws of your destination country.


GreenLight for medical cannabis in Europe

Discover how GreenLight Pharmaceuticals Ltd is aiming to advance clinical research, access and education regarding medical cannabis in Europe.

Established in 2014, GreenLight Pharmaceuticals Ltd is an Irish biopharmaceutical company focused on developing safe and effective plant-based medicines. GreenLight specialises in phytocannabinoid research and clinical development. The company is based in Dublin but has recently created a UK based subsidiary and has plans to expand its world of medical cannabis in Europe.


Tilray speeds expansion in Europe

Tilray Inc. is expanding its European leadership team and setting up a hub in Portugal, deepening its planned international reach.

The company appointed five senior members to its European team, according to a statement Friday. Arne Wilkens, a former executive at the German pharmaceuticals company AiCuris, will take on the role of vice president of business expansion in Europe.


The history of cannabis in Europe

Different European civilizations have used cannabis for millennia. In fact, cannabis has been one of the most important crops for mankind up to the 20th century. At this point in our European history, some forms of cannabis were banned.

Nowadays, cannabis is making a comeback, not as a recreational drug, but as a medicinal tool. Cannabis-infused products help you sleep, relieve anxiety, and they can be useful for various medical conditions.


Standardized cannabis medicine – The ‘responsibility of all in the industry’

Creating standardized medicine is the gold standard for the cannabis industry but the nature of the plant can make this difficult, attendees to Cannabis Europa heard.

Some panelists argued that attempts by the major pharmaceutical companies to patent drugs from the cannabis plant should be challenged. Others said that for cannabis medicine to achieve globally accepted standards there would need to be an involvement from the pharmaceutical giants to fund the research.


As Europe’s regulatory environment progresses, Aurora Cannabis targets expansion in Europe

Aurora Cannabis is the world’s largest cannabis-producing company with target output of over 500,000 kilos per year, & now the company calls for patient-focused progression in Europe.

The opportunity for cannabis companies in operating in Europe as has been highlighted by the chief corporate officer of the world’s largest cannabis company, Aurora Cannabis. Cam Battley of Aurora Cannabis spoke at the inaugural European Cannabis Week in London last week and called for patient-focused progression in the European regulatory environment.


Novel food ruling; A ‘smokescreen for EU regulation’

European Union efforts to class CBD as a Novel Food are little more than a ‘smokescreen’ for authorities to clampdown on the industry, it has been claimed.

Mike Harlington, Chairman of the Cannabis Trades Association which has around 900 members in 27 countries worldwide, has been battling the EU decision for the last six months.

In an interview with CBD Testers he said: “Novel Food is a smokescreen, it has nothing to do with CBD being a Novel Food. But it is totally about EU Governments wanting to get a handle on what CBD products are out there, what is being sold, whether it is legal, and where it comes from. 


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