Low-Dose Cannabis Gains In Popularity In Europe

Cannabis has been popular in Europe for a very long time.

While it’s unclear when cannabis consumption first became popular in Europe, it’s as popular today as ever before.


Cannabis: What Is Its Legal Status in Scandinavia?

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What was once an illegal substance is now considered in many countries around the world as being acceptable. As you could guess, I’m talking about cannabis or marijuana. Thanks to its many benefits, cannabis has infiltrated many markets globally, with more and more people joining the bandwagon of users, sellers, transporters, and producers. So, what is its legal status in the Scandinavian world? Well, just a little patience will pay off, as the answer is just around the corner. But first things first: what is cannabis?.


EU’s Highest Court Rules On CBD

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled member states must not prohibit the marketing of lawfully produced cannabidiol (CBD).

The case in question was in relation to a situation where parties produced hemp-derived CBD in the Czech Republic that was then imported into France for use in other products. Criminal proceedings were launched against the parties on the basis of a claim that French legislation only allows for the fibre and seeds of hemp to be put to commercial use.


Fly with Cannabis – Which Countries Let You Do It

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Different ways to be legal

Not only does every country have its own laws regarding the use, possession, sale, cultivation, and import/export of cannabis, but often these categories too can be broken down further into medical legalizations, recreational legalizations, and even religious legalizations, each with its own set of laws concerning use, possession, sale, cultivation, and import/export.


EU youth drinking less, swapping tobacco for cannabis: study

Young Europeans are drinking less alcohol and also smoking less—but are increasingly dabbling with cannabis, a continent-wide study showed Thursday.

"Smoking and drinking among 15-16-year-old school students are showing signs of decline, but there are concerns over potentially risky cannabis use and the challenges posed by new addictive behaviour," according to the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD).

ESPAD interviewed close on 100,000 15- and 16-year-olds across 2019 in 35 countries on teen attitudes towards addictive forms of behaviour in its seventh study since 1995.


Will Europe THC Limit Increase to 0.3%?

Big day for European hemp farmers and the CBD industry as the allowance of THC in industrial hemp was voted on by Parliament. While still low compared to countries like Switzerland, this Europe THC limit increase would certainly loosen things up.

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Hemp and Novel Foods in Europe

European Industrial Hemp Association Managing Director Lorenza Romanese tells MCN about Novel Foods legislation and industrial hemp in the EU.

The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), founded in 2005, is the only pan-European membership body serving the industrial hemp sector, boasting members from 25 EU Member States and 12 third countries.


The future of medical cannabis: regulation, capital raising, and investments

Hill Dickinson Senior Associate Rohit Fogla explores the UK’s regulatory landscape concerning cannabis finance.

As policy on cannabis in the UK and Europe continues to evolve, Rohit Fogla, Senior Associate at Hill Dickinson LLP, outlines the current regulatory regime for medical cannabis, capital raising and investment options for enterprises and investors operating in this sector.


Top tips for safely launching your medical cannabis products in Europe

Marc Stegeman of ProPharma Group outlines the factors business owners need to consider when moving into the growing European market.


Legislating THC in Food

As laws for cannabis use change, so do the laws that govern the particular cannabinoids that make up the plant, namely CBD and THC, and how and where they are used. Whereas CBD has already been regulated differently in many places, THC is often left with no regulation at all when it comes to use in edible products.

It has become more commonplace for CBD to be separated from the rest of the cannabis plant, and regulated differently, with the main reason being that since it contains no psychoactive properties, it shouldn’t be treated the same as substances that are psychoactive. With more recreational markets opening, and more food-based products hitting the market, the question of how THC is legislated in food is becoming more of a question.


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