Katy Perry visits Danish commune

Katy Perry visited Copenhagen's Christiania commune to 'get tips' on planning her own.

The 30-year-old Dark Horse singer is currently in Europe performing shows on her The Prismatic World Tour.

And when she reached Denmark's capital city, Katy was delighted to explore the controversial neighbourhood, which is also referred to as Freetown.

'Went to the commune Christiania in Copenhagen to get some tips on how to plan my own in the future. (sic),' she wrote on Instagram Friday, attached to a pic of her standing amidst a graffitied landscape warming her hands by a trash fire. '*PS IT WAS DOPE, PUN INTENDED* (sic)' she concluded. 


Danish Woman Fighting for the Legalization of Medical Cannabis

Rikke Jakobsen from Korsor is vice chairman of the 'Medical Cannabis Society', working hard for the legalization of cannabis for medical use.

Cannabis should be legalized for medical use in Denmark.

Such is the statement from Rikke Jakobsen from Korsor, Vice President of the 'Medical Cannabis Society' and  each day she is actively fighting to help both physically and mentally ill people.

- There is no question of addicts. It is ordinary people like myself who just want to do something for their disease and for some it has helped, and I do not understand why they must be stopped using it, she says.

Got both energy and appetite


Pot Pie, Redefined? Chefs Start to Experiment With Cannabis

BOULDER, Colo. — Recreational marijuana is both illegal and controversial in most of the country, and its relationship to food does not rise much above a joke about brownies or a stoner chef’s late-night pork belly poutine.

But cooking with cannabis is emerging as a legitimate and very lucrative culinary pursuit.

In Colorado, which has issued more than 160 edible marijuana licenses, skilled line cooks are leaving respected restaurants to take more lucrative jobs infusing cannabis into food and drinks. In Washington, one of four states that allow recreational marijuana sales, a large cannabis bakery dedicated to affluent customers with good palates will soon open in Seattle.


Russia on 'near miss': Swedes high on pot

Russia's ambassador in Copenhagen says the Swedish authorities should lay off the weed, while adding that Danish and Swedish officials are on "a very dangerous path".

Russia's ambassador to Denmark on Wednesday made light of Swedish concerns over a Russian military jet's alleged near-miss with a passenger plane, suggesting Swedish authorities may have smoked too much cannabis.


"The Swedish authorities also recently said there was a submarine in their waters. There wasn't," Mikhail Vanin, Russia's ambassador in Copenhagen, told the Berlingske daily.



New deadly drug has arrived in Denmark

On the occasion the legislators have made the synthetic drug an illegal high, the manufacturers have merely changed the composition

The health authority Sundhedsstyrelsen is concerned that a new designer drug, 'spice', is gaining a foothold in Denmark as it is a legal high that can potentially kill users.

Over the last couple of years, the Danish poison hotline Giftlinjen i Danmark has received about 60 calls regarding people who have been poisoned by spice, a kind of synthetic cannabis, after buying it through mail order.

”The drugs we hear about at Giftlinjen have typically arrived from Sweden,” Kim Dalhoff, a doctor and professor at Giftlinjen, told Metroxpress newspaper.


Denmark funds medicinal cannabis research

In what could be a small but important change in the nation’s drug policies, a political agreement to distribute nearly one billion kroner in research funds sets aside money to study the medicinal effects of cannabis.

Despite numerous pushes by Copenhagen’s mayor Frank Jensen tolegalise cannabis in the capital and the booming business in Christiania’s cannabis market, Denmark has taken an official hardline stance on cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use.



Suspects deny organised sale of cannabis in Christiania

All 16 men accused of dealing plead not guilty to selling drugs in the free state

All 16 suspects on trial for selling cannabis in Christiania pleaded not guilty to organised drug dealing in Christiania. While four men admitted to sales of small amounts of cannabis, the 16 men on trial all denied knowledge of an organised effort to sell drugs in Christiania.

A 49-year-old man among the 16 defendants in the case has been previously convicted of cannabis sales in Christiania. 

He is charged with the sale of 475 kilograms of hashish in a free state flat. 

Kingpin of Christiania
The charge sheet identifies the man as the leader of organised drug sales in Christiania.


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