East Coast to Celebrate Marijuana by Passing a Joint through 13 States

From Maine to Miami, supporters of the cannabis movement are going to pass a torch symbolically shaped as a joint to garner support and show a united front in the fight to legalize marijuana.

It’s organized by the East Coast Cannabis Coalition (ECCC) and the so-called Unity Cypher begins its journey in Portland, Maine on April 14th, making  stops in NH, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, ME, DC, VA, NC, SC, GA, and FL. Along the way, organizers promise an appearance (and great photo op) at the United National General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) in New York City on April 19 and the National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. on April 23.


Proposed Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana In Delaware Schools

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- A newly introduced bill in Delaware would allow the recently legalized low dose medical marijuana for children under 18 to be administered on school property.

Delaware Senate Bill 181 is an extension of "Rylie's Law," which legalized low dose THC oil last year.

The inspiration behind the law is 10-year-old Rylie Maedler from Rehoboth Beach, who said she is feeling great now that she can use the oil on a daily basis to combat seizures and other medical problems.


Could marijuana extract save Tristan?

HARTFORD CITY¬†‚ÄĒ Six-year-old Tristan Stiffler could die before the state Legislature approves cannabidiol (CBD), an extract of the marijuana plant, for the treatment of his epilepsy.

His grandmother, Pam Coats, a former Delaware County correctional officer, hopes Tristan lives a long life. But she fears that "if they don't legalize this and get him and other children like him off all these medicines that destroy his organs, he's not going to be here a year from now."


Delaware Marijuana Advocates Receive an Early Christmas Present

Folks in Delaware who oppose the war on drugs received an early Christmas present from the state this previous week. A step decriminalizing cannabis belongings that was first accepted by the Home on June 2, 2015, and later signed by Gov. Jack Markell on June 18, went into result on Dec. 18, precisely 6 months after the initial finalizing.


Marijuana Reform 2015: Delaware Decriminalizes Small Amounts Of Pot And Paraphernalia

Legislation that makes Delaware the latest state in the country to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana went into effect just after midnight Friday,  downgrading a possession charge for people carrying up to an ounce of pot if they are 21 years of age or older from a criminal misdemeanor to a civil violation, according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Under the former rules, having pot on your person could result in up to six months of jail time. 


Deleware State should at least study legalizing marijuana

While Gov. Jack Markell has come out against legalizing marijuana in Delaware, the state has followed others in the country and loosened it pot laws during his tenure.

On Friday, a new state law decriminalizing the possession and personal use of up to an ounce of marijuana went into effect.

Some believe this a step toward the eventual full legalization. Others, like Markell, oppose it wholeheartedly.

We believe Markell’s successor would be wise to at least sanction a comprehensive study of marijuana legalization in Delaware.


Other states watch as Delaware decriminalizes marijuana today

The possession of small amounts of marijuana becomes legal starting Friday in Delaware, which joins 18 other states that have removed criminal penalties for carrying the drug. With four states and the District of Columbia having legalized recreational possession of cannabis in the last two years, reformers hope smaller steps like Delaware's will pave the way for the defeat of prohibition nationwide. 

The Delaware state legislature in June passed a bill removing harsh criminal penalties for simple possession of up to an ounce of the drug, which had previously been punishable with three months in jail. It now becomes a civil violation with a fine, much like a traffic ticket. 


Deleware Marijuana decriminalized: What you need to know

This week, a¬†bill decriminalizing the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana takes effect in Delaware¬†‚Äď and with it comes questions. Here is what you need to know:

When does marijuana decriminalization begin?¬†The law takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on Friday¬†‚Äď exactly six months after Gov. Jack Markell signed House Bill 39 into law.

What does the legislation mean? Anyone 21 and older can possess up to one ounce of leaf marijuana and use the drug privately¬†without facing criminal sanctions. The penalty for¬†possession will be¬†a $100 civil penalty¬†‚Äď with no threat of jail time, arrest or a criminal record.


Key Players in Delaware's Legalization of Industrial Hemp Farming

The United States government banned the cultivation of hemp in 1957 in an effort to crack down on marijuana use, but the drug isn't the only thing for which the plant is used. In fact, it's valued as a food source and in the manufacture of textiles, prompting many states to begin legalizing hemp in recent years. Delaware joined this roster in 2013, legalizing weed for medical purposes.

The following state officials have played crucial roles in the effort to legalize industrial hemp cultivation in the state.


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