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Irish Momentum On Cannabis Increases

It is not often that you get a billionaire, a minister of state and a priest at the same table discussing cannabis decriminalization, but then Ireland has its own, very particular way of doing things. The country has a cannabis culture that is buried deep below the surface. Alcohol is embraced with abandonment but cannabis production and sale is controlled by criminal gangs. This has not helped bring the subject to public attention, especially as a drugs turf war rages in some parts of the country. Last Friday evening, an event by CityWide Drugs Crisis Campaign was organized.



Bulgaria is the next European country to make headlines for cannabis. Member of parliament Velar Enchev Penkov will introduce legislation this month calling for the adoption of cannabis to treat illness in the country.


Maps reveal how much drink and drugs countries really indulge in

You may imagine that with its liberal laws and Amsterdam’s cannabis coffee shops, the Netherlands would top a poll of cannabis use. But a series of maps has revealed that in fact Iceland smokes the most weed - with the Netherlands not even making the top five. The US tops the chart for prescription drug abuse as well as cocaine, while Norway consumes the most alcohol.



Another European country is about to begin the journey to cannabis legalization. Aodharn O Riordain,Minister for the National Drugs Strategy has been a breath of fresh air since he arrived in the job. He has been up front and honest with the public over drugs. On Wednesday there was a think tank with local and regional actors within the drug and alcohol field. The general consensus was that decriminalization is a good thing for society. There is no justification for jailing people for growing or using cannabis.


10 countries' marijuana laws explained

Marijuana decriminalization and legalization initiatives are not only sweeping through the U.S. — countries across the world are beginning to signal the green light for cannabis policy reform.

Here are 10 countries where lawmakers and public sentiment are changing the tide on cannabis policy.

1. Jamaica

Jamaica — home to the Rastafarian movement — recently joined the list of countries to decriminalize marijuana, and this year it will be hosting the World Cannabis Cup in Negril Nov. 12-15.


Customs officers bust Vietnamese gang dealing in marihuana

Brno, July 20 (CTK) - Customs officers uncovered a Vietnamese gang dealing in marihuana in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany, seizing 45 kilogrammes of the drug in a raid held last Tuesday alone, Jiri Bartak, spokesman for the Czech Customs Administration, told journalists yesterday.
If convicted, the four main masterminds of the crime will face up to 18 years in prison, Bartak said.
The 45 kilogrammes of the drug were prepared for shipment abroad, he added.
In connection with the case, the fifth man is being prosecuted in Slovakia. The Czech Republic has asked for his extradition.
The customs officers uncovered three cannabis labs in Brno. Along with 45 kilogrammes of marihuana, worth roughly 4.5 million crowns, they also seized 420 cannabis plants.


Medical marijuana for Czech patients to be grown by Elkoplast Slusovice

Medical marijuana for Czech patients to be grown by Elkoplast Slusovice.

"A local company won by offering lowest price per gram, which was set to 68 Czech Crowns (2.3 Euro)," said Lucie Sustkova, spokesperson for the National Agency for Drug Control.

The winner shall supply the market initially with 40kg of medical marijuana.

The availability and supply of medical marijuana will be responsibility of the National Agency for Medical Use of Marijuana, which is part of National Agency for Drug Control.

Patients will no longer be forced to obtain marijuana on black market or illegally grow it at their homes.


One quarter of Czechs have addiction, says drug coordinator

Prague, June 4 (CTK) - More than a quarter of the 10.5 million inhabitants of the Czech Republic have some type of addiction, national drug coordinator Jindrich Voboril told CTK Thursday, adding that the number is increasing, while the amount of money for prevention and treatment is decreasing.

Two million adults drink alcohol every day and 94 percent of children under 15 have some experience with it. Around 200,000 Czechs smoke marijuana, 45,000 use hard drugs and there are around 150,000 gamblers, Voboril said.

He said the number of contact centres for drug addicts is insufficient.

"There should definitively be more contact centres and its employees should have an opportunity to work with the people (addicts)," Voboril said


Study Finds Europeans Love to Get High — And Their Drugs Are Stronger and Purer Than Ever

The purity and potency of illegal drugs is Europe is on the rise, according to a new report by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). In its annual analysis of European drug trends, the EMCDDA also found that heroin use was in decline, that London's sewers had the highest concentration of cocaine among all European capitals, and that two new psychoactive substances hit the market every week.


5 Studies that show Cannabis can help treat Parkinson’s

One of the most common and perhaps heartbreaking degenerative disorders in the world today, Parkinson’s Disease is a disorder of the central nervous system as a result of the death of dopamine generating cells in regions of the brain.

One of the reasons as to why Parkinson’s is considered such a selfish, agonising disease may be down to its lack of answers. There is no known reason as to why the cells degenerate and no definitive cure to the disease itself.

However, despite its relentless nature as a degenerative disease, there are ways in which the side effects of Parkinson’s can be managed. Over the past 30 years, research into the medicinal benefits of marijuana on Parkinson’s have provided some fascinating conclusions:


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