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MMA champion Karlos Vemola jailed for running suburban cannabis farms

One of the top cage fighters in Britain has been jailed for a year for running a series of cannabis farms with his in-laws. Karel "Karlos" Vemola, a title-holding mixed martial artist originally from the Czech Republic, was convicted alongside his former partner Sarah Sharp and her elderly parents at St Albans crown court.

The 30-year-old had convinced Linda Sharp, 70, and her partner Terrance Byman, 72, to invest in a business running at least three cannabis farms in Potters Bar and Bushey in Hertfordshire, the court heard. They had seen the venture as "an ideal way to top up their pensions".

Vemola, whose nickname in the ring is "the Terminator", had started using the drug to help with the pain he sustained from his fighting injuries, the court was told.


International medical marijuana research center announced

Members of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), KOPAC and Dioscorides Global Holdings (DGH) were joined by the Minister of Health for the Czech Republic recently to announce the establishment of a new research center, the International Cannabis and Cannabinoid Institute (ICCI) – intended to foster evidence-based exploration with a modern scientific approach to refine the therapeutic applicability of cannabis-based medicines in the Czech Republic. ICCI will identify, coordinate and support global research priorities for the advancement of cannabis and cannabinoid treatments through a multidisciplinary evidence based approach that incorporates innovative tools and approaches.


Prague: Medical cannabis market shows growing pains

The Czech Republic took a bold step back in 2013 when lawmakers agreed to legalise the sale of medicinal cannabis or marihuana. But the development of this market, which can conceivably challenge that of the established pharmaceutical companies across a wide range of pain killers and treatments, is showing some local and global growing pains.

One of those seeking to develop the market for medical cannabis in the Czech Republic and Europe is Prague-based Sean Carney, actually a former business journalist. He is now working as the director of business development and government for Europe for the Canadian cannabis company Tilray. It has a license to produce, process, and manufacture medicinal cannabis products from the Canadian federal government. 


Hana Gabrielova: Hemp Farming in the Czech Republic

Hana Gabrielová, CEO of Hempoint, studied agriculture in the Czech Republic where she learned about the historical importance of hemp farming in her country. After working for several environmental NGOs, she decided to shift her focus to creating a company utilizing a once traditional Czech crop in new and exciting ways. Thus, in 2010 Hempoint was born.

Hempoint’s product range boasts around 30 wonderfully tasty hemp based products which they currently sell throughout Europe. It includes a selection of hemp teas, hemp seed cookies, hemp oil and even hemp seed paste (like peanut butter only hempier!).


Czech environment fosters cannabis institute

A centre for research into the use of cannabis in medicine officially opened in Prague on Tuesday. The International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute has been created with the help of 500 million crown donations from the US and Canada and represents the biggest foreign investment in Czech medicine in recent years.

The International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute was established by a Canadian investor Benjamin Bronfman and its aim is to explore the use of medical marihuana and its components both with regard to existing medical knowledge and the experiences of patients.

Tomáš Zábranský, the country’s leading drug expert and the head of science and research at the institute explains why it was established in the Czech Republic:


International cannabis research institute opens in Prague

Center is biggest recent private investment in medical research, according to minister

Prague, (ČTK) — The International Cannabis and Cannaboids Institute (ICCI) was opened in Prague today with U.S. and Canadian investors contributing half a billion crowns, which Health Minister Svatopluk Němeček said is the biggest private investment in Czech medical research in the past years.

The institute, for which Professor Lumir Hanus, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will also work, wants to contribute to the use of cannabis in the treatment of various diseases based on research evidence and the patients´ experience.

ICCI managing director Pavel Kubů said the research is to contribute to the tailor-made treatment of patients.


Holiday highs: Where can you go to experience legal cannabis?

More and more tourists are travelling to experience the freedom to try cannabis in tolerant countries

The whiff of weed is spreading across the globe as more countries decriminalise the possession of small quantities of cannabis. The Netherlands has always been the Mecca for those seeking a taste of something illicit but you can now travel further in order to indulge in a spliff or a hash cake.

Colorado, where cannabis was legalised three years ago, is already seeing a big growth in tourism. Tax revenues from the now legalised business are adding to the State’s coffers. Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and his Liberal party are in favour of legalising marijuana.


Police busy at Prague cannabis festival

Arrests, fines and confiscations reported at annual trade fair 

The sixth cannabis festival Cannafest took place over the weekend of Nov. 6–7 at the Holešovice fairgrounds. The festival, which focuses on promoting further legalization of marijuana, medical marijuana, legal production of cannabis and sale of hemp products, is the largest of its type in Europe.




Six countries where Marijuana consumption is legal

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that growing, possessing and smoking marijuana for recreation is legal under the right to freedom. The measure was approved in 4-1 vote on the five-justice panel, backing the argument that smoking marijuana is covered under the right of “free development of personality.”

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Here’s a quick look at five countries where Marijuana is legal and what the law states:

Czech Republic


Cannafest Prague 2015

This November, don’t miss the continent’s hottest cannabis event, held in the heart of the EU.

In less than two months, one of Europe’s largest cannabis trade shows will kick into gear as the sixth annual Cannafest Prague hits the Czech Republic.

“Last year, Cannafest saw a record number of exhibitors from 21 countries in the world,” the Cannafest Prague 2015 website states. “Although only a few weeks remain until its start, the preparation for the event has been fully underway.” 


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