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Costa Rica


Medical marijuana in Costa Rica? The time has come, says La NaciĂłn

In a surprising Wednesday morning editorial, Costa Rica’s normally conservative Spanish-language daily La Nación advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana.

The editorial, titled “Cannabis as Treatment,” notes that a large number of Costa Ricans – perhaps hundreds or thousands, it claims – use marijuana to treat a  range of health issues in this Central American country of 4.8 million, and that number is growing.

La NaciĂłn writes:


Medical Marijuana Cultivation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health News – A man named Ernesto, suffering from brain cancer, has tried surgery and many medications, but still faces the growth of the tumor, dizziness, vomiting, and numbness in half of his body.

Medical marijuana was recommended by a friend, since nausea caused by AIDS or cancer in the US is treated with cannabis. After smoking, he woke up without nausea and was able to eat all meals that day without vomiting.

Ernesto is growing the plant in his laundry room so that he can control his own dose and avoid the uncertainties of the black market. He also gives some to a woman with Parkinson’s and it allows her to go for hours without tremors.


Medical Marijuana: $9 Million Potential Revenue for Costa Rica

The medical use of marijuana by the public healthcare system of Costa Rica, known as La Caja, could generate $9 million in revenue, a figure that would be equivalent to 0.2 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). Such is a legislative proposal that was presented last year by lawmaker Marvin Atencio, who represents the ruling Citizens’ Action political party (Spanish initials: PAC).


Social Security System president denies Caja approved medicinal marijuana in Costa Rica

The president of Costa Rica’s Social Security System, María del Rocío Sáenz Madrigal, on Friday denied stories by several local media outlets stating that the agency’s board of directors had approved the medicinal use of cannabis.

Caja board members on Thursday were complying with a Legislative Assembly request to evaluate the drafting of a bill that would propose the regulation of growing, processing and marketing of cannabis for medicinal use, Sáenz explained.


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