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Bill Introduced to Legalize Medical Marijuana and Hemp in Costa Rica

All around the world, different countries are considering the question of whether to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, as well as the growing of hemp for industrial uses. There have been any number of reports and studies to gain support for this movement showing that medical cannabis provides relief from a vast array of illness. Hemp is a product with an astonishing number of uses, as well as actually contributing to the safeguard of rain forests and replenishing of the soil.


Costa Rica Sees Growth in Hydroponic Marijuana Production

Costa Rica has seen an increase in cannabis growing operations that use more sophisticated cultivation methods, a possible result of increased demand fueled by foreign visitors looking for higher-quality marijuana.

According to a report by La Nación, in the last 13 years Costa Rican authorities have dismantled 41 laboratories where marijuana was being cultivated with hydroponics.


The Future of Medical Marijuana in Latin America

It’s a beautiful place for marijuana.

Costa Rica has an established history as a haven for liberal ideas, happy people, and gorgeous scenery. The country is one of the most environmentally friendly places in the world with 25% of the nation’s acreage protected from industrial development of any kind. It also disbanded its armed forced is the 1940’s, has fabulous healthcare, and a great education system.


Costa Rica Will Host Major Medical Marijuana Conference

The Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine will host the Latin America Medical Cannabis Conference in Costa Rican on July 27-29th as part of ExpoMed series.

PROMED is a private not-for-profit organization, which coordinates the quality control and international promotion efforts of the medical tourism industry. Its goal is to ensure the quality of services provided by the private health industry in Costa Rica as the country becomes a major center for global medicine and medical tourism.


Cannabis Reform Takes Root in Mexico and South America

While much of the focus on legalizing marijuana is on the United State there are countries making real progress South of the border.

The Supreme Court in Mexico handed down a landmark ruling in November that declared overall prohibition unconstitutional. The case was brought by four individual citizens. The arguments were not some long list of regulatory details but instead a more fundamental question of basic human rights.


Landmark Cannabis Case in Costa Rica Could Lead to Decriminalization

Costa Rica took a step towards becoming the next Latin American country to decriminalize cannabis this week, when attorney Mario Alberto Cerdas Salazar was cleared of cultivation charges on grounds of individual liberties.

Cerdas Salazar was arrested at his home in the city of Alajuela in August, after publicly advocating for a personal right to use and cultivate cannabis for medicinal and gastronomic purposes. He was charged with "drug trafficking," and has been held since.


Latin America’s Crackdown on Drugs Defies Its Progressive Rhetoric

“We were having dinner—my daughter, grandchild, and me,” says Ramona, a 67-year-old Mexican woman who is serving a sentence of four-and-a-half years in one of Mexico’s most dangerous prisons. “I was lying on the couch watching a soap opera … when I realized that there were several men inside the house yelling at me to hand over the drugs.”

The police, wearing masks, ransacked Ramona’s house and allegedly stole her personal belongings before hauling her off to the prosecutor’s office. They claimed they had witnessed her selling marijuana and crack cocaine to a man, though the man himself said he had never seen her before.


Costa Rican man had massive, 12-foot tall marijuana “tree” growing next to home

November 6th, 2015 (ICR News) A 27-year-old man was arrested after authorities discovered a massive, nearly 12-foot tall marijuana plant growing outdoors in his home’s garden patio in Aserrí.

Costa Rica’s Drug Control Police responded to the man’s home after an anonymous caller called the 1176 tip line.

The man was arrested on charges of drug possession.  The suspect had a previous charge of motor vehicle theft in 2011.


Do not ask to approve the legalization of marijuana in Costa Rica

Scientists believe that the law is dangerous because it can cause physical and mental damage in people who consume cannabis and cause violence in the country

The National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine of Costa Rica asked the Legal Committee (Subject No. 19256 file), for a law related to research, regulation and control of cannabis and cannabis for medicinal use, industrial and food.

The representative of the National Academy of Sciences, Daniel Pizarro Torres said there are not enough scientific studies proving significant results of cannabis. For that reason, it is not considered advisable to approve any project on the topic. 


Pigeon caught smuggling drugs into Costa Rican prison

A pigeon smuggling cocaine and cannabis into a Costa Rican prison has been caught by guards. The winged criminal was intercepted as it landed in the grounds of the medium security La Reforma jail, in San Rafael de Alajuela.

Guards found a small sack strapped to the bird's chest containing around 14g of cocaine and 14g of cannabis.

Costa Rica's Ministry of Justice and Peace posted a mugshot online of the bird, using the headline "narcopaloma", meaning "drugs dove".

Guards believe the pigeon was groomed by an inmate, who had trained it to act as a courier.

It was taken to a zoo, where keepers said it may have to remain in captivity, as it had become accustomed to being hand fed.


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