CT: State did right in expanding medical marijuana list

The issue: Careful consideration has to go into the types of physical ailment that qualify state residents to participate in Connecticut’s relatively new medical marijuana program.

As it stands now, 11 conditions are approved by statute for patients to get prescribed doses of the drug to ease symptoms.


Medical marijuana rules vary widely state to state

After waiting in line for hours at a booth during a medical marijuana convention in San Francisco, Jeff Harrington needed only a two-minute consultation and a written recommendation to become a medical marijuana patient in California. He now can legally purchase and possess marijuana from any one of thousands of marijuana businesses in the state.

Across the country in Connecticut, an established physician-patient relationship is required before patients are deemed qualified for medical marijuana, and only licensed pharmacists can own and operate dispensaries.


Connecticut Medical Board Backs Marijuana For Pain Syndrome

HARTFORD — The chief of Connecticut's medical marijuana program said Wednesday he will draft regulations to allow the drug to be used by those who suffer from complex regional pain syndrome, immediately following a unanimous recommendation by a physician review board.

Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan A. Harris, who oversees the state's medical marijuana program, added the medical condition — marked by severe pain, swelling and hypersensitivity to touch following an injury or surgery — to the list of medical conditions approved for medical marijuana.


CT: Medical Marijuana Industry Grows Despite Restrictions

Nearly a year after the state's six medical-marijuana dispensaries opened, patients are changing their habits.

For quick relief, they are smoking marijuana less and inhaling its vapours and therapeutic oils more, those in the industry say. Others are eating cookies or placing strips with the various active ingredients into their mouths to alleviate pain, nausea and seizures associated with the growing list of ailments.

Prices that a year ago were markedly more expensive than the underground market have dropped sharply and are now competitive, according to dispensaries, state officials and market analysts.

"When I started having success, I took the oil," said William McDonald, 42, of Monroe, referring to CBD extract, which does not induce a high.


The Next 12 States to Legalize Marijuana

1. Ohio - Ohio voters will decide Nov. 3 whether to legalize marijuana with a constitutional amendment to institute a revolutionary proposal that backers say will create a billion-dollar industry in the next four years.

Secretary of State Jon Husted said Wednesday the private investor group ResponsibleOhio had collected 320,267 signatures of registered Ohio voters, 14,676 more than necessary to qualify for the general-election ballot. ResponsibleOhio spent more than $2 million since March on the petition drive to put its proposed Marijuana Legalization Amendment before voters.


Medical marijuana: Thousands of Connecticut patients, but few doctors participate

Most of the medical marijuana patients in Connecticut are being seen by a handful of doctors, whose role is to certify patients’ eligibility and send them to one of the state’s six dispensaries.

That’s the case even as state Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan Harris has launched a public service campaign to increase the number of doctors registered in the medical marijuana program.

Only 239 doctors have signed up as of July 23, Harris said, up 17 from the beginning of the campaign of radio and print public service announcements, although Harris said he couldn’t determine any connection between the increase and the campaign itself.


Watch: A look inside medical marijuana facility of one of New York's license bidders

We’re expecting to learn by the end of the week, which companies will be given licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana in New York.

The Health Department has reviewed thousands of pages from 43 applications. Only five will be chosen. One of which is Hudson Health Extracts and they gave us an exclusive look inside their sister company in Watertown Connecticut.

New York will have some of the toughest regulations when it comes to medical marijuana. It will only be sold in the form of pills, tinctures, and vaporizers.

To protect the budding industry, Theraplant is located in a highly secure facility. NEWS10ABC had to suit up to protect the plants from pollen or any type of bacteria.


CT: State seeks more medical marijuana doctors

With only a small fraction of the state’s doctors participating in Connecticut’s medical marijuana program, the agency that’s running it has begun a public-service blitz to let physicians and patients know the drug is safe and legal.

The goal is to break through the stigma and lack of information that seems to be holding doctors back from registering, which they need to do to be able to prescribe the drug.


Connecticut To Allow 3 More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

HARTFORD — Connecticut plans to allow up to three more medical marijuana dispensaries, targeting New Haven and Fairfield counties, where there are the most registered patients and the fewest licensed sellers.

The decision to add to the state's six dispensaries comes nine months after the first medical marijuana sales by a fledgling industry in Connecticut in which both growers and dispensaries are still in a struggle to break even.

The Department of Consumer Protection announced Thursday that it would seek proposals for the new dispensaries because there has been "significant growth" in patient registration, especially this spring.


Connecticut Now Has 4000 Medical Marijuana Patients

Connecticut now has more than 4,000 registered medical marijuana patients, new figures from the state Department of Consumer Protection show.

The Medical Marijuana Program, which began last fall, had 4,097 registered patients as of June 5, up from 3,600 in April and 2,300 in September.

The number of registered patients, while steadily increasing, is still far below the 20,000, by one manufacturer's estimate, who could be served by the four medical marijuana manufacturers and six dispensaries.


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