Colorado marijuana sales exceeded $2 billion in 2020

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Marijuana sales in Colorado in November pushed the industry’s annual revenue over $2 billion for the first time since cannabis was legalized for recreational use by a 2012 ballot measure.

Recreational and medical sales for marijuana accounted for about $175 million of revenue in November, according to data released Tuesday by the state Department of Revenue.

While the month’s revenue was down about 12% compared to October, the numbers were sufficient to help the state surpass the $2 billion annual revenue threshold, The Denver Post reported.

The state collected about $32 million in taxes and fees from marijuana sales in November.


Why You Can’t Smoke Cannabis in Public (Even in States Where Marijuana is Legal)

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If you’ve never visited a state where cannabis is legal (and you’ve never been to Canada), you might imagine the fully-legal corners of the world as hash heaven – people picnicking with joints in hand, basking in Bob Ross-like golden rays of sunshine and the sweet freedom that comes from being able to light up whenever you please.

We hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but that’s not the reality – like, at all.


New year, new laws for Coloradans in 2021

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Following a pandemic and a general election, Colorado will see a spate of new laws and regulations kick in in the new year from legislation, ballot initiatives and executive orders from the governor’s office.

The new laws, some driven by the coronavirus pandemic, run the gamut from taxes to wolves, but have common elements. The plurality expand worker and resident entitlements and taxes, while a minority promote conservative ideas such as citizenship laws and check on state government expansion. 

Industry laws

Other laws concern the tobacco and marijuana industries


Colorado Reports Highest-Selling Year in State for Cannabis

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Colorado dispensaries have sold more marijuana in the first 10 months this year compared to a record-setting sales year in 2019, officials said.

The Department of Revenue said dispensaries made about $200 million in October, pushing the state’s annual revenue to more than $1.8 billion this year and making it the highest selling year since recreational marijuana hit the market in 2014, The Denver Post reported. Last year, sales reached about $1.75 billion.

Marijuana sales were expected to exceed the previous record despite the coronavirus pandemic, and the state hit an all-time monthly high in July with $226 million in sales, officials said. It was the first time monthly revenue surpassed $200 million.


Cannabis Companies Continue Holiday Fundraisers for Communities Nationwide

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Holiday festivities have been curtailed by the global resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its unprecedented social and economic effects. During this turbulent season, cannabis companies all over North America continue to do what they can to support local charities and populations in need.

So, let this 2020 holiday season be lit with the warmth of giving. Here’s a short list of holiday fundraising activities led by cannabis industry members, bringing happiness and help to so many for the season as we all look forward to a new year in 2021:


Program aims to create social equity in cannabis industry

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Gov. Jared Polis signed a landmark bill affecting the cannabis industry on June 29 in front of Simply Pure in Denver. The dispensary was the first in the nation owned by a Black couple.

HB20-1424 creates a new social equity license that is intended to boost minority participation in the cannabis industry. The program goes into effect Jan. 1.

The bill also authorizes the governor to pardon individuals for possession of up to 2 ounces of marijuana — the current legal limit for medical patients — removing a barrier to ownership of marijuana businesses.


The 10 Best U.S. Cities To Start A Cannabis Brand In Right Now

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Starting a cannabis business in the US takes a lot of planning, effort, and patience.

However, it’s doable if you choose the best US state for such a business.

According to some of the most recent statistics, the cannabis industry is among the fastest-growing industries globally.

Therefore, it’s a perfect time to start this type of business.

Cannabis state laws are becoming increasingly lenient, while the demand for recreational and medical cannabis has never been higher.

The best way to see just how great a cannabis business can be, take a look at the Toronto Cannabis Dispensary. 

If you want to start your cannabis dispensary, here are the ten best US states for such a business.


Colorado weed sales set to crush annual record, with another $200 million month in September

Weed enthusiasts purchased more than $206.4 million worth of Colorado-made marijuana products in September, as sales from a record-breaking year moderately cooled off.

Recreational dispensaries sold $166,547,119 during the month, while medical dispensaries sold $39,941,149 for a combined $206,488,268 in revenue, according to data from the Colorado Department of Revenue.


Colorado Now Allows Marijuana Ads on Billboards, but Denver Doesn't

Denver hasn't adopted a new state law allowing marijuana industry billboards in Colorado, but that could change soon.

State laws implemented in January let marijuana companies advertise outdoors using billboards, but as with many new pot freedoms, local jurisdictions have to opt in first. And so far, Denver hasn't.

Colorado’s current marijuana advertising laws, created by the State Licensing Authority, follow voluntary advertising restrictions similar to those used by the alcohol industry to prevent the sale or diversion of marijuana to minors. However, the plant's federal status led to a more restrictive advertising landscape for pot than for alcohol.


Marijuana Legalization Does Not Lead To More Teens Smoking Pot, Studies Find

According to new studies, the legalization of marijuana doesn’t lead to teens using more weed. And in the case of Colorado, the amount of teen use went slightly down after voters in the state made cannabis legal.

Those findings stand in direct contradiction to a popular argument that legalization would lead to the rampant use of marijuana by underage teens. Even though 15 states have now legalized recreational marijuana, it’s an issue that makes some hesitate to support legalization.


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