Colorado announces marijuana rules taking effect Jan. 1

Medical marijuana delivered to your door. Recycling of marijuana product packaging. A “hospitality” license.

These are some of the changes going into effect in Colorado’s marijuana industry on Jan. 1, the state’s Department of Revenue announced on Tuesday.

The rules are the product of a handful of General Assembly bills, as well as working groups and public comments.

“We encouraged an even more collaborative approach to rule development where work group participants utilized their experience and expertise within stakeholder teams to engage more directly in the drafting of rule language,” said Jim Burack, director of the Marijuana Enforcement Division.


Potentially Tainted Marijuana Sold in Colorado

A warning about possibly contaminated and moldy recreational and medical marijuana has been issued by Colorado officials.

The affected marijuana was mistakenly distributed due to a technical error, according to Colorado Department of Revenue news release. It said the error has been corrected, CNN reported.

The error occurred between Oct. 21 and Nov. 13, 2019 and the affected marijuana was sold between Oct. 21 and Nov. 14, 2019.


Colorado State issues advisory about contaminated marijuana

The state issued an advisory warning Friday, listing several strains of potentially contaminated medical and retail marijuana that, due to a screening error, made it to dispensary shelves between Oct. 21 and Nov. 14.

Although most of the vendors named in the advisory — jointly penned by the Colorado Department of Revenue and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment — operate along the Front Range, Green Dragon and Doctor’s Garden made the list. Green Dragon has locations in Aspen and Glenwood Springs and Doctor’s Garden is located in Carbondale.


Colorado rules medical marijuana patients on probation can use cannabis

Coloradans on probation can continue to use medical marijuana, the state’s Supreme Court ruled Monday, rebuking a district court judge’s decision from two years ago.

In a unanimous decision, Colorado’s highest court ruled that defendants with cannabis prescriptions are free to do so unless it could be proved that doing so would negatively affect their progress.


States where recreational marijuana legalized see increased problematic use in teens

In the four states where recreational marijuana was legal by 2016, there was a small uptick in cannabis use disorder among adults and teens, and a general rise in use by adults, a new study suggests.

Researchers looking at data on cannabis use between 2008 and 2016 found that rates of problematic use among teens and adults over age 26 rose faster in states where recreational marijuana had been legalized than in other states, according to the report published in JAMA Psychiatry.


Vaping crisis takes toll on September cannabis sales

Stocks quotes in this article: KSHB

The vaping crisis is taking its toll on cannabis vape sales, but overall cannabis sales continue to grow. Still, with over a thousand patients and multiple deaths as reported by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), cannabis consumers have become very cautious as to the products they purchase.


Colorado: 7-Eleven now has CBD vending machines

The machines ensure that their products stay fresh, but they also track consumer data, recording which products have had the most success and which haven’t.

High-tech CBD vending machines are a thing now, populating select 7-Eleven stores in Colorado. The mega-chain is the latest to join other large brands, such as CVS and Walmart, in conveniently distributing CBD products across the U.S..


Sow much hemp: A large harvest prompts fears of oversupply

Last week, Sam Markowski pulled his pickup truck into a field where he once planted 10 acres of feed corn. Instead of neat rows of corn stalks, however, thousands of dark green hemp plants dotted the landscape.

Markowski, wearing a fleece and a baseball cap bearing the name of his family's excavation company, threaded his way through the pungent plants toward a lone worker in the distance, framed by hills of fading fall foliage.

Chris Teitsma gently squeezed the flower-laden stalk top of a hemp plant, known as the cola, and explained how he knew the time for harvesting had arrived. "You want them fat and firm like this," Teitsma said, showing off the crop. "The flowers are really dense and packed in there."


Patient safety: public cannabis education hotline launched

A public education cannabis hotline has been launched by Colorado nurses to help patients understand their medicine.

Seed & Smith, Colorado’s leading cultivator, concentrate manufacturer and dispensary dedicated to producing high-quality cannabis, has announced its partnership with the non-profit, public cannabis education hotline Leaf411.


Cannabis in Illinois: 5 years in, how has Colorado coped with legalized weed?

As Illinois prepares to embark on a potentially culture-changing adventure with legal cannabis, the first state to legalize pot offers a snapshot of the way the world may appear a few years hence.

Colorado legalized medical marijuana 19 years ago, and recreational cannabis in January of 2014. Today, Denver has more marijuana stores than Chicago has McDonald's restaurants.

Indeed, a section of Broadway in the Mile High City, known as "The Green Mile," is believed to have the densest concentration of cannabis dispensaries anywhere in the world.


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