7 celebrity cannabis brands you can find in Colorado

From Willie Nelson and Method Man to former Denver Nuggets player Al Harrington, there are plenty of high-profile options

Celebrities — they smoke weed just like us. And some are such fans of the plants that they are now entrepreneurs in the legal marijuana market.

“It’s widely accepted and widely known in entertainment, the arts and music that cannabis has been used forever as a facilitator of inspiration and creativity,” said Jesse Channon, chief growth operator for Columbia Care, which has partnered with celebrities such as Pitbull and Mike Tyson to launch brands CBD- and THC-focused brands.

“Now that it’s more normalized, they feel comfortable sharing that passion with their fans. And that’s why I think you’re seeing a lot of people coming into the space.”


3 ways to infuse cannabis into your favorite Thanksgiving recipes

hand carving turkey

Elevate your “green” bean casserole or mac and cheese using cannabutter, THC extract or flower

Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, edibles have become an increasingly popular choice for buyers. In fact, edibles — a category that includes infused gummies, chocolates, cookies, candies and even beverages — accounted for 13.9% of sales in Colorado between July 9 and Oct. 7 (the most of any state, according to analytics firm Headset).


Colorado mother warns about high potency THC

cannabis bud

Colorado — A Colorado mother is on a mission to educate the public about the detrimental impacts of THC on brain health in teenagers. Laura Stack's son Johnny took his own life after regularly using high-TCH cannabis products which he'd purchased legally with a med-card. He was 19.

A conversation Laura had with Johnny just prior to his death in November of 2019 still lingers painfully in her memory.

"We were standing in the kitchen getting ready to have dinner and he said, 'I just want you to know you were right.' He said you told me that marijuana would hurt my brain and it has ruined my mind and my life," she said.

Three days later, sheriff's deputies woke her and her husband in the middle of the night to say that Johnny was dead.


New cannabis-inspired fragrance extraction technology

vapor extraction equipment

Cross-industry innovation has often proven itself as one of the biggest growth accelerators, for sometimes it takes an outsider perspective to create inside change. Case in point: Vapor Distilled, created by couple Russell Thomas and Kasia Szewczyk, with technology created in their own kitchen in Boulder, Colorado. Thomas started his career in clean tech, working on fuel-saving technologies, while Szewczyk previously held senior marketing positions and acted as Vice President of Donor Relations at the I Have a Dream Foundation.


Cannabis Flower Most Popular Form of Consumption in Colorado

cannabis bud

New Frontier breakdown analyzes Colorado cannabis flower trends and finds that flower is still on top, despite all the available alternatives.

New Frontier Data reviewed Colorado sales data and found that among the wide variety of product available to consumers, flower still reigns supreme.

A new analysis of Colorado’s cannabis sales data was presented by New Frontier Data on November 2. Using data from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, the company found that between 2014 and 2020, cannabis flower sales have increased exponentially. 

In terms of pounds of flower sold to consumers within that seven-year period, the state sold 148,000 pounds in 2014 and gradually increased to 584,000 pounds by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 26 percent.


Charlotte’s Web adds hemp-based dog treats for skin care support

person giving a dog a treat

DENVER — Charlotte’s Web on Oct. 27 introduced a new full-spectrum hemp extract treat targeting dogs with skin and allergy concerns. The company’s Skin Health & Allergy Support Chews are formulated to support sensitive skin and seasonal allergies.

"As we continue to learn more about the science of allergies in our dogs, we are finding it often requires a multimodal approach – combining traditional and alternative therapies for the best outcome," said Kwane Stewart, DVM, a veterinary media personality and web brand ambassador for Charlotte’s Web.


Marijuana-Friendly Halloween Parties in Denver

smoking jack o lantern

Looking for some Halloween fun in Denver? You have a few cannabis-centric options to choose from, and most of these spooky, smoky shindigs allow vampires, witches and regular folks to light up at the party.


The Marijuana Mansion, an old house with a haunted past and skunky future, kicks off the weekend with ghost tours and a private party, and cannabis lounges and private venues around town will stay on course with 4/20-friendly painting classes, costume contests and terp-or-treat parties.

Here are our favorite marijuana-themed Halloween events:


Colorado Cannabis Has a Pollination Problem to Address

outdoor cannabis plants

Colorado cannabis officials are tasked with figuring out how to stop marijuana and hemp pollen from mingling, but they need to learn more about the outdoors first.

Although technically the same plant genus, marijuana and hemp are grown for two different reasons in Colorado. Marijuana's intoxicating compound, THC, is still banned federally, while hemp is farmed for industrial purposes or extracted for non-intoxicating medicinal compounds, like CBD, as long as the hemp flowers have less than 0.3 percent THC. But the two plants can easily cross-pollinate miles away from each other when grown outdoors.


The Marijuana Mansion: The ‘highest’ haunted house around

spooky looking house

DENVER — Several nights a week during the fall, walking tours hit the flagstone sidewalks of Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, stopping in front of old mansions to be told the tales of ghosts and hauntings. But one of those stops, one of those mansions, has an added ‘history’ that is being celebrated along with its spirited past.

“The house was built back in the 1800s for the Creswell family,” April Reed explained, showing off the scenic lobby of the Creswell Mansion on Grant Street.

Fake spider webs cover the banister, and a variety of Halloween decor fills each room of the mansion.



Meet Jeng, The Alcohol-Free, Hemp-Infused Beverage for Cocktail Lovers

image of hemp beverage

BOULDER, Colo. — Introducing jeng an alcohol-free, hemp-infused, ready-to-drink cocktail to excite the palate, inspire conversation, and elevate social experiences.

jeng is the brainchild of Christopher Lackner and John Enghauser, old friends who reconnected with an idea right before the pandemic hit. Using a recipe from John’s favorite “home cocktail,” jeng hit the shelves in New York in early 2021. The company is currently expanding into Chicago, with plans for national expansion in 2022.


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