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Colorado is at the forefront for the cultivation and sale of marijuana for recreational use. It's one of the state's fastest growing business sectors and the Kindman cannabis brand and Grass Station cannabis dispensaries are leaders in this emerging industry. We're seeking professional, poised, and motivated individuals to join our team of experienced experts to fulfill our exciting mission.

Grass Station Retail Manager

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KFC Marijuana Sales To Begin In Colorado? It's Unbelievable -- Literally

KFC: Marijuana on the menu? Not likely. A story that began circulating on Tuesday afternoon created a bit of a frenzy, but the fact is, there’s no sign KFC will really be selling marijuana in its stores.

The story began at the Racket Report, where it was announced that marijuana profits were hitting such high levels that the fast food restaurant chain had decided to get in on the game. While the idea may appeal to pot lovers who think they can get the munchies and a bucket full of munchables in a single stop, there are a few problems.


Denver proposes marijuana plant limit for nonresidential grows

DENVER — The City and County of Denver made a motion to set a limit to the number of marijuana plants being grown in a non-residential zone on Tuesday.

The proposed change will allow no more than 36 marijuana plants to be grown in a non-residential area, with the exception of licensed marijuana cultivation facilities, according to Dan Rowland, Denver’s representative for marijuana policy.

This change will not affect the 12-plant limit already in place for residential dwelling units.

“After careful consideration, we have concluded that this is a necessary change to protect the health and safety of Denver residents,” said Ashley Kilroy, the city’s executive director of Marijuana Policy.


Colorado marijuana sales hit $700m in first legal year

  • Medical marijuana accounted for $386million of sales and recreational pot brought in $313million in 2014, according to annual report
  • 49.7 tons of medical marijuana flowers were sold, while 4.81million units of edible marijuana were purchased last year
  • Voters in Colorado and Washington opted to legalize recreational marijuana use by adults in landmark twin ballots in 2012 
  • First retail stores opened in Colorado on January 1, 2014

A year after retail marijuana stores opened in Colorado, sales hit nearly $700million as 17 tons of the recreational buds were bought by consumers in the state's first year of full legalization.


Colorado sells 20 tons of recreational weed yet demand for medical marijuana remains high

Colorado has allowed the use of marijuana for medical purposes for almost a decade-and-a-half, but the state only legalized the sale of cannabis for recreational purposes in January 2014. With a relatively well-established industry geared up for the production of medical weed and less stringent guidelines for obtaining the bud, it was thought that Colorado could see market cannibalization as some medical users began to use drugs bought for recreational purposes — but after a full year of sales, the state's data suggests otherwise.


Marijuana: An emerging coverage risk

The emerging legal marijuana economy will see explosive growth in the coming years. Insurers should be prepared to adopt policies that spell out coverage for legally grown marijuana plants and medical marijuana property. The cannabis industry is expected to grow to nearly $15 billion over the next four years. In states where manufacture, sale and use is legal for recreational purposes, legalization will have a profound impact on not only personal lines insurance, but also commercial coverage, workers’ comp, product liability, healthcare insurance and more.


State Of Pot In Colorado A Year After Marijuana Legalization

Colorado has released its first annual report on the status of the marijuana market a year after legalization in the state. It shows a growing industry that has sold nearly 75 tons of cannabis flower and almost 50 million units of pot edibles.

A year after the first licensed marijuana retail stores opened in Colorado, the Marijuana Enforcement Division says the state has sold nearly $700 million of medical and recreational marijuana in 2014. More than half of that, or $386 million, was spent on medical marijuana while $313 million accounted for recreational use.


Colorado Marijuana Businesses Growing Less Than They Could

Colorado's marijuana industry is producing a lot less than it could, according to a state report released Friday.

Although state laws limit how many plants a business can cultivate, the monthly average for medical marijuana businesses last year ranged from a third to about half of what they could have produced, according to the annual update released Friday by the marijuana enforcement division of the Department of Revenue. The division estimates retail cultivation averaged 40 percent or less of the production limit.

Other highlights of the report:

-- Of Colorado's 312 cities and towns, 228 prohibit medical and retail licenses. Still, the places that allow sales include the state's population centers, among them Denver, the capital.


Colorado releases trove of marijuana data

Pot patent(Photo: Bloomberg)

DENVER - It may very well be largest collection of data about marijuana use ever released in human history.

Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division unveiled an official report documenting a trove of information about marijuana and edible pot sales, the size of the industry, and testing results.

The Raw Tonnage

74 tons of marijuana flower were sold in the state, of which only 19 tons were sold as "recreational," telling us medical patients used more than twice as much marijuana flower (buds) as did recreational customers.


Colorado bill to register marijuana caregivers passes committee

A state Senate committee on Thursday unanimously approved a bill that would require medical marijuana caregivers to register and allows state agencies to share enough information to ensure pot grown for medicine isn't sold illegally.

While pot sold for recreational use has been subject to a battery of tests and regulations since it became legal last year, medical marijuana has gone relatively unregulated, requiring only that caregivers be at least 18 years old and have "significant responsibility" for the care of a licensed medical marijuana user.


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