Medical marijuana gains more steam internationally after gaining legalization in Colombia

lombia on Tuesday became the latest in a growing number of nations around the world to legalize the use of cannabis for medical reasons.

However the rules vary widely across continents, with some countries permitting cannabis cultivation and others only allowing pharmaceuticals extracted from the drug.


A state of play:


– COLOMBIA: President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree Tuesday making it fully legal to grow, process, import and export cannabis and its derivatives for medical and scientific use.


Colombia Takes a Bold Step Away From the U.S. and Legalizes Pot

Colombia, a country that was once synonymous with illegal drugs, legalized medicinal marijuana on Tuesday. President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree making its consumption, cultivation, purchase, and sale legal for medicinal and scientific purposes.


Colombia fully legalises medical marijuana

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos is legalizing the cultivation and sale of marijuana for medical and scientific purposes. “We do this through a decree that seeks to take advantage of the qualities of cannabis, or marijuana, to improve the life of people”.


Colombia legalizes medical marijuana

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree Tuesday legalizing and regulating medical marijuana, the latest softening of the country's hardline tactics in the war on drugs.

"We have just taken an important step to place Colombia at the forefront of the fight against disease, with a decree... that allows licenses to be granted for the possession of seeds, cannabis plants and marijuana, and for the plant to be grown for exclusively medical and scientific purposes," Santos said in a nationally televised address.

"Permitting the use of medical marijuana does not go against our international commitments on drug control," he added.


Colombia's president legalizes medical marijuana

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree Tuesday legalizing and regulating medical marijuana, the latest softening of the country’s hardline tactics in the war on drugs.

Now that the decree had been passed, cultivators can apply for licenses from the National Narcotics Council, and manufacturers from the health ministry. Colombia is planning to give tracts of land to affected coca farmers.


Colombian Senate Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

One month after the government announced it would legalize by decree the medical use of marijuana in Colombia, senators approved a similar proposal in a plenary session on Friday.

The legislation will be debated in the Chamber of Representatives next year before it may become law.

According to the bill, the ministries of Justice, Health and Agriculture, gathered in the Council on Narcotics, will take charge of allocating licenses to marijuana cultivators.

Liberal Senator Juan Manuel Galan, who introduced the bill, argued that the measure will help millions of people who suffer from pain, multiple sclerosis, AIDS or cancer.


Bishops from Colombia and the Philippines Express Support for Medical Marijuana

The plant is a gift from God and the problem is not its use, but its abuse, says retired bishop Jose de Jesus Rodriguez Pimiento

Radio Vatikan reports that in a recent conversation about the legalization of marijuana, Colombian cardinal, Jose de Jesus Rodriguez Pimiento, says he supports using the plant for medical and therapeutic use.

“Marijuana is made by God, and as such, it is a good part of creation,” he said.


Colombia Rethinks Drug Policy With Medical Marijuana

Every year Colombian mother Ines Cano celebrates her daughter's birthday by getting a butterfly tattoo, her way of giving thanks that little Luna has survived another year of chronic epilepsy.

Ines is up to 12 tattoos now, and is hopeful of adding many more thanks to the medical marijuana treatments she says have changed their lives, and which Colombia is now in the process of legalizing and regulating.

The 12 tattoos could also represent the number of anti-seizure medications she tried previously, to little effect.

"Every day Luna had seizures when she woke up and went to sleep. She could convulse for one or two hours," said Ines, who carried her developmentally delayed daughter on her back for seven years until she learned to walk.


Medical Marijuana Advances in Colombia

Earlier this month, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos announced a decree that created a regulatory legal licensing framework for the cultivation, processing, research and development and exportation of cannabis for scientific and medical purposes.

On Friday, Nov. 13, Reuters commented on the decree, writing it would legalize medical marijuana “in a further shift in drug policy after suspending aerial fumigation of illicit crops.” Reuters added that, “President Juan Manuel Santos told BBC Mundo the decree would be signed in the coming days.”


Top 10 Business Sectors That Will Thrive Under Legal Marijuana

It’s an interesting time for marijuana, more US states are looking ahead to full legalization and Canada is moving forward with a wide scale plan which could eventually legalize cannabis across the whole country. Jamaica is getting serious about building a cannabis industry and more countries such as Columbia, Australia, and New Zealand are looking at changing their laws to accommodate marijuana on a medical basis.

Here are the top 10 business sectors that will thrive under this process:

1. Agriculture


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