Colombia’s Congress to debate decriminalization of marijuana

Colombia’s leftist opposition sponsored a bill to regulate marijuana as part of a package of legislation proposals that seeks to end the war on drugs.

The marijuana bill of opposition Senator Gustavo Bolivar would end the repressive drug policy of President Ivan Duque, who can only count on a minority in Congress.


First Colombian CBD exports shipped to Europe

The first two batches of Colombian CBD have been exported to Europe as the South American country steps-up efforts to become a leading global player.

The Colombian government recently granted its first CBD isolate export permit to PharmaCielo and it has now shipped its first batch to the Swiss firm Creso Pharma. Meanwhile, Bogota-based Clever Leaves has successfully cleared U.K. customs with a batch of Colombian CBD destined for the booming British retail market.


Colombia becomes an important player in the medical marijuana industry

Although Colombia is known for being a country involved in the illegal drugs market as a producer of cocaine and marijuana, the nation is now moving towards the new medical marijuana industry. According to a recent report released by BBC World News, Colombia is becoming a recognized producer of marijuana for the medical sector.


3 cannabis stocks capitalizing on Latin America

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Latin America is one of the most exciting emerging cannabis markets and this is a trend that has been gaining traction. During the last year, we have seen increased interest in the Latin American cannabis market and have been highly focused on this opportunity.


The evolving tapestry of cannabis regulation in Colombia

Colombia is synonymous with cannabis farming, but are there more challenges creating cannabis regulation than it would appear?

For Canada’s leading cannabis producers, Colombia has emerged as the choice location for outsourced production. With an equatorial climate and mountainous topography, the country provides a steady 12 hours of sunlight per day as well as a wide range of growing altitudes. An inexpensive and plentiful labour force – many with experience in a world-leading flowers-for-export industry – means that companies estimate future Colombian production costs of $0.50 (~€0.45) to $0.80 per gram of dry cannabis flower, compared to over $2 in Canada. So, where does cannabis regulation come in to play?


4 continents, 1 deal: The global CBD export market is already here

On Aug. 19, the Colombian company PharmaCielo, which claims to be the country’s premier producer of medical-grade cannabis oil, announced that it had officially exported the first batch of CBD from Colombia to Switzerland. The actual deal to make the first commercial export of CBD to Europe happen was organized by PharmaCielo’s Canadian parent company of the same name.


Colombia begins shipping CBD to Switzerland

A Colombian cannabis producer has completed the country’s first commercial export of CBD isolate to Europe after its shipment arrived safely in Switzerland.

The Colombian government granted its first CBD isolate export permit to PharmaCielo (TSXV: PCLO) last month, and the firm has moved quickly to begin supplying the lucrative European market. It has now shipped its first batch to the Swiss office of Creso Pharma, an Australian pharmaceutical company it is in the process of purchasing for AU$122 million.

David Attard, chief executive at PharmaCielo, said the inaugural shipment was “symbolic on many levels”.


What you need to know about cannabis in Latin America

A number of countries in Latin America have the potential to become global leaders in the cannabis space. Here’s what you need to know.

When people talk about cannabis, all eyes turn to Canada. After all, the country was of the first to legalize cultivation and usage for medical purposes in 2001. Then, of course, they fully legalized the cultivation, sale, and adult-use of recreational cannabis last year. Canada also houses some of the largest and most notable companies in the industry, including Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth, and Tilray.


Next Green Wave is turning to Colombia to lead its international expansion efforts

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One of the ways that Next Green Wave has been able to differentiate itself from the competition is through strategic investment in assets outside of the California market. Earlier this year, the company signed definitive agreements to make a strategic investment in Organic Medical Growth OMG3 INC. (OMG), which is focused on producing and commercializing CBD products derived from medical and industrial cannabis in Colombia. We have been favorable on the economics associated with the cannabis opportunity in Latin America and find the leverage to Colombia to be worth highlighting.


5 cannabis stocks executing on the Colombian cannabis opportunity

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During the last year, we have seen a significant increase in the number of companies that are focused on the international cannabis opportunity and this is a trend that our readers need to be aware of.

Earlier this week, we published an article that highlights 5 leading Israeli cannabis companies and today, we are following up on this article by highlighting 5 companies that are executing on the Colombian cannabis opportunity. The reason why we are favorable on these two markets is simple; economics.


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