The miracle leaf in the era of blockchain

Cannabis has traveled the world and was found in the sites of prehistoric nomads, ancient China, Indian culture and Viking Ships. The origin of Cannabis dates back to thousands of years in Asia and eventually spread to the Americas and the United States. Through most of the historic journey, Cannabis has been used for a medicinal and spiritual purpose.


Trump Tuesday: Jimmy Kimmel's shocking discovery about Trump merchandise

Trump and his fellow Republicans suffered a major loss in Pennsylvania last night with Democrat Conor Lamb beating Republican Rick Saccone in a district that Trump won by 20 points.

The loss came only a week after the President made a very blatant attempt to woo voters in Pennsylvania by calling for heavy tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel.

Trump wants to focus on American made products and goods, so we wondered how things were going on his family website

Jimmy ordered a bunch of stuff and it turns out, a lot of it isn’t even made in America.


Trump Tuesday: Dog statue of Donald Trump in China mall is tickling the world funny

A mall in northern China has installed a larger-than-life canine statue with more than a passing resemblance to US President Donald Trump to welcome the coming Year of the Dog.

The giant pooch towers above shoppers in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province, sporting a slick golden pompadour, angled brows and a red scarf with one index finger raised in a distinctly Trumpian manner.


Why isn’t anyone talking about china and its bid to rule the cannabis industry?

A curious bit of weed-related news hit the AP wire earlier this month that should have raised more eyebrows than it actually did.

“$80M worth of pot seized, Chinese nationals suspected.”

Oddly, the newsflash about the seizure in Washington state didn’t seem to register so much as a national facial tic from newsreaders anaesthetized by more pressing issues — including Donald Trump’s ongoing Twitteruptions and assorted holiday mega-deals.


Where Marijuana is and isn't legal

Take a look some countries that have either legalized, decriminalized or simply chosen to tolerate recreational marijuana.

United Kingdom

Having been reclassified in 2009 from a Class C to a Class B drug, cannabis is now the most used illegal drug within the United Kingdom. The UK is also, however, the only country where Sativex – a prescribed drug that helps to combat muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis and contains some ingredients that are also found in cannabis - is licensed as a treatment.


Creso Pharma to create cannabis-based body care and cosmetic company within China

Australian medicinal cannabis company Creso Pharma has teamed up with Chinese hemp producer Zhejiang Kingdom Creativ in a commercial agreement that will see the two build a health food, nutraceuticals, body care and cosmetic company within China, according to a report by Finance Nine.

The development of the cosmetics company, which will selling hemp and cannabis-based products across the country. will run alongside Cresa Pharma’s expansion into the Chinese market, with Kingdom Creative set to import Cresa Pharma cannabis-based products into the local market. 

News of the development has sent Creso Pharma’s shares soaring, with shares at a record high up 19.5 per cent to 98 cents as of Monday.


Interview: Andre Bourque Brings the First Cannabis Investment Opportunity to Shanghai Investors

Cannabis industry consultant and Entrepreneur columnist Andre Bourquewas approached by a real estate publication out of New York, The Real Deal, to add cannabis investment opportunities to their annual showcase of real estate deals in Shanghai. “We had a meeting at their offices and began mapping out ways to accommodate cannabis sponsors,” shares Bourque. “The idea of owning and managing a 'cannabis real estate portfolio' is something the Chinese can easily grasp.”


Asia Pacific cannabis testing market research report

Asia-Pacific Cannabis Testing Market was worth USD 180 million in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 11.6%, to reach USD 312 million by 2021.

Cannabis Testing methods define various methods for detecting cannabis usage in the fields of sport, law and medicine. Some of the tests used for detection are blood testing, urine testing, hair testing and saliva testing. Discerning the usage of cannabis usually requires a lot of time, no matter which method is used. Tests like Duquenois-Levine can detect the usage of cannabis in a short amount of time, but the test is unreliable since it gives false positive for other substances as well.


Green gold: how China quietly grew into a cannabis superpower

Every year in April, Jiang Xingquan sets aside part of his farm in northern China to grow cannabis. The size of the plot varies with market demand but over the last few years it has been about 600 hectares.

Like every other hemp farmer in Hexin in Heilongjiang province near the Russian border, Jiang is growing the plant legally.

The growers sell the stems of the crop to textile factories to make high-quality fabric, the leaves to pharmaceutical companies for drugs, and the seeds to food companies to make snacks, kitchen oil and drinks.


Digging Into the Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis Root

It’s no secret that cannabis is thought to be an incredibly potent and versatile medicine by millions of people around the world. However, most of the research and documentation has been focused on experiences with two parts of the plant: the flowers and, to a lesser extent, the leaves. But a resurgence of interest in the medicinal uses for the roots of cannabis are reopening a whole arena of research that started almost 5,000 years ago.


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