5 Emerging Cannabis Markets Investors Need To Be Watching In 2020

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We have noticed a significant increase in the number of companies that are focused on the international cannabis opportunity during the last two years and this is a trend that we are bullish on.


Can Hong Kong become Asia’s hub for medical cannabis and hemp?

Medical cannabis, its milder cousin CBD, and a plethora of environmental and impact hemp technologies are already sweeping across Asia. While countries like Thailand have taken the lead, the heavy-hitters are not far behind, with change anticipated in China and India. The question for Hong Kong is whether it will step up to the challenges and opportunities this will bring or if it will remain on the sidelines.

The opportunity is huge. Seasoned cannabis industry insiders believe Asia could be the world’s production and consumption hub with the potential to amass tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue.


What we can learn about cannabis from Chinese medicine

What roles do herbal and classic natural medicines have in common with modern medical research when it comes to using cannabis for medicinal purposes? During the 2019 Cannabis Collaborative Conference in Portland, Ore., Dr. Heather George, Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine (DSOM), c-IAYT, & sought to address this question.


Future low-cost cannabis cultivation leader will be China

China will emerge as the cannabis cultivating super power producing flower for as little a 10 cents a gram, a leading producer believes.

Speaking at the Cannabis Investor Forum in the City of London Oliver Zugel, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Colombian producer Foliumed, elaborated on how he sees the cultivation industry developing in China.

“Hemp outdoor cultivation in the U.K. is a short-lived business with just one crop a year, in Colombia we can get up to five harvests a year but the Chinese will be beating us on price within a few years.


Amid regulatory uncertainty and global demand, China’s hemp industry is booming

China has a zero tolerance approach to marijuana (along with numerous other drugs), yet surprisingly it is the world’s largest producer of hemp, and also the world’s largest exporter of this increasingly lucrative plant. While chances of medical marijuana being legalized in China are seemingly next to none, calls for a clear policy when it comes to industrial hemp and CBD products are increasing — as is the plant’s production in the country.


Cannabis seizures hit new high in Hong Kong

The amount of marijuana seized by Hong Kong customs has surged threefold this year amid the growing use of parcel delivery by drug dealers hoping to evade arrest.

As most of the drugs were smuggled from the United States and Canada, the Customs and Excise Department stepped up cooperation and intelligence exchange with its counterparts in North America to stop the long-distance trafficking, the South China Morning Post has been told.

A total of 227 kilogrammes of marijuana, with an estimated street value of HK$40 million (156 million baht), was confiscated in 103 cases in the first eight months of 2019, according to the department's latest figures.


How China is gearing up to fuel America’s CBD craze

On a remote mountainside overlooking a misty valley, rows of cannabis plants are growing near fields of tobacco and corn.

This isn’t a pot farm in California. It’s in southwestern China’s Yunnan.


China preparing to impose controls on vaping e-cigarettes

China plans to join governments that are imposing controls on tobacco liquid and additives for e-cigarettes amid rising concern about deaths and illnesses blamed on vaping, a state news agency said Tuesday.

Rules due out as early as next month also will cover e-cigarette devices and packaging, the China News Service said, citing unidentified sources at the State Tobacco Monopoly. The monopoly didn’t immediately respond to requests by phone for more details.

India banned sales of e-cigarettes this month and regulators in the United States and other countries are imposing controls following a surge in deaths and illnesses blamed on vaping.


Marijuana in China: Why the World’s second-largest hemp producer can’t stand cannabis

Growing up part of the Chinese-Canadian community, the prevailing attitude my seniors had towards cannabis was always the same – it’s addictive, and it will ruin your life.

And now that we’re in a post-legalization Canada, Chinese-Canadians are still hesitant to challenge this perspective.

The Canadians who emigrated here from China grew up under a government with a vocal anti-cannabis stance, often condemning it as a dangerous influence from foreign cultures.


Who was history's first pot smoker?

Thousands of years before the first American stoners hotboxed their mom’s car, Chinese mourners were gathering around a pile of smouldering cannabis, breathing in its psychoactive smoke.

While people living in the area around eastern China have been growing cannabis for its oil for millennia, new research published in Science Advances reveals that residents of western China were consuming, and possibly growing it, as a drug as early as 2,500 years ago.


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