VA Hospitals in Southern California Deny Medical Marijuana Patients’ Prescription Meds

Lurae Horse served in Air Force as airplane mechanic in Panama during the Grenada conflict. A domestic violence incident left her with brain trauma and an inner ear problem, causing severe vertigo. One of the side effects of THC is vertigo, but since it seems to spin her in the opposite direction, a neurologist figured […]


Are Your Marijuana Products Adequately Labeled To Protect You From Lawsuits?

What would happen if you failed to provide adequate label warnings for marijuana (including concentrates or oils) and marijuana-infused edible products, and someone was hurt by it? The answer may lie in what is referred to as “strict product liability for failure-to-warn.”



“Never be afraid to scrap what you got and start over, because you’re never scrapping your knowledge” – Mark Williams | The Firefly


How Marijuana Farms Impact The Environment

Lt. Patrick Foy, of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, knows more than a few ways to track down a large-scale marijuana growing operation: Air surveillance, reports from neighbors and sometimes, dead fish.

“A bunch of fish may turn up dead in a creek, so we’ll go look, walk upstream, and inevitably run into a marijuana growth site,” says Foy.

Growers in remote areas, Foy explains, often end up destroying local creeks and other water sources, or using harmful pesticides to keep their plants healthy, which damages the surrounding environment.


24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Marijuana Production in America

The only thing green about that bud is its chlorophyll.

You thought your pot came from environmentally conscious hippies? Think again. The way marijuana is grown in America, it turns out, is anything but sustainable and organic. Check out these mind-blowing stats, and while you're at it, read Josh Harkinson's feature story, "The Landscape-Scarring, Energy-Sucking, Wildlife-Killing Reality of Pot Farming."

Nationwide grows



Thinking Beyond Big Marijuana

The precipitous rise in public approval for legalized marijuana has accelerated over the last year. A spate of victories for cannabis proponents in early November was a fitting corollary to the Gallup poll a month earlier, revealing that 58 percent of Americans approve of marijuana legalization, and also seemed to confirm that the United States is on an inexorable march toward a mostly (if not entirely) regulated market for the plant: currently, 20 states plus DC permit either recreational or medical marijuana use, and cannabis industry experts predict that 14 more states will be added to that roster in the next five years.


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