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Canada: Black market marijuana growers expect the death of their cash cow after legalization

B.C.'s lucrative, underground marijuana business may soon go bust, starting Wednesday when recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada.

A new, legal industry has been preparing for months to serve the marketplace and that will hurt — or perhaps destroy — the province's multi-billion dollar illegal pot trade that has flourished for decades.

In its heyday B.C. bud is believed to have brought billions into the British Columbia economy. Those days are long gone as growers in the black market adjust to an end to prohibition.

CBC spoke to two illegal growers facing an uncertain future just as their cash crop becomes legal and agreed not to use their full names.


Cannabis cuisine: Chefs preparing to add marijuana to meals

One of the first questions chef Travis Petersen asks guests as they arrive to his supper club at a semi-secret Vancouver location is how they would gauge their cannabis tolerance. The 34-year-old former "MasterChef Canada" contestant will then dose the forthcoming multi-course dinner with the appropriate amount of cannabis-infused oil.

Eight diners sat around a large wooden table adorned with fall-themed centrepieces and joked about whether they're a one or 17 on a scale of 10 before falling silent as artfully plated dishes of geoduck, octopus and chorizo tacos, and butternut squash tortellini appeared before them -- which Petersen had topped off with an eye dropper of cannabis oil.


Washington governor reassures B.C. ahead of cannabis legalization but advises more regulation

As marijuana legalization looms Oct. 17, British Columbians can look south of the border to Washington for a model of success six years after its own legalization date, says that state’s governor. On Wednesday, Premier John Horgan and Gov. Jay Inslee held a bilateral meeting to collaborate on a host of cross-border issues, including climate change and a possible high-speed rail linking B.C., Oregon and Washington state. After the conference, the pair addressed the impending Canadian legalization of cannabis.


Security companies positioned to capitalize on growth in the legal marijuana market

A leading investor news resource covering security and cannabis stocks releases,, a sector snapshot looking at how the two sectors are growing synergistically.


Canada: B.C. defines rules on use, possession and sale of cannabis

B.C. has put in place its final rules around cannabis, paving the way for the legalization of marijuana next week.

The government set specific new orders on store licenses, fines, suspensions and places to consume cannabis, as part of six new or amended provincial regulations. The rules, which follow legislation passed this spring, set the stage for the federal government to legalize marijuana on Oct. 17.


Canada: THC completes first shipment of adult-use recreational cannabis to the province of British Columbia

THC BioMed Intl Ltd. recently announced its first shipment of cannabis to the province of British Columbia.

The high-grade Landrace strains have been selected for the recreational market and is expected to deliver the desired experience without the debilitating side effects commonly associated with cannabis. The company’s Landrace Strains will offer recreational adult users a product that is potent and consistent in its quality and effects.

The brand names will be THC Sativa (Landrace Strain), THC Indica (Landrace Strain), THC Hybrid (Landrace Strain), and THC CBD (Landrace Strain). These varieties will be available in Dried Bud, Cannabis oil and pre-rolled joints. The company is currently working on having a cannabis beverage, THC Kiss, approved for release.


Canada: Want future job security? Take a college course on cannabis

Canada is legalizing recreational cannabis for adult use on October 17, so now would be the time to take a college course on cannabis.

With Canadian cannabis businesses offering sky-high wages in exchange for expertise, many are now looking for a reliable way to break into the industry. Prospective cannabis industry workers—and the businesses doing the hiring themselves—are now looking for academia to provide that bridge. Canada is preparing to officially legalize recreational cannabis for adult use on October 17. With the cannabis industry booming, businesses have begun teaming up with universities to expedite the implementation of college and university cannabis courses.


Cannabis producers push to meet demand

There are 25 licensed pot producers in B.C. and some are wondering if that will be enough to keep up with demand as legalization draws near.

Mary Cranston visits Tantalus labs, a company that expanded its facility for the budding recreational market.



U.S. travel bans not hurting B.C. government hiring of cannabis workers

Despite concern that a gig in Canada’s legal cannabis industry could lead to a lifetime ban on travel to the U.S., British Columbians are snatching up government pot jobs in time for legalization.

The B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch says it is hitting hiring targets while the B.C. Government Employees Union says its members haven’t reported a reluctance to fill cannabis job openings, despite news reports earlier this month indicating that U.S. border agents may refuse entry to any Canadian who identifies links to the legal industry.


Tilray receives approval from U.S. government to import a cannabis study for California medicinal cannabis research

Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ:TLRY) today announced that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has granted approval to import a cannabinoid study drug into the United States from Canada for a clinical trial at the University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) examining its safety, tolerability and efficacy for Essential Tremor (ET).


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