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Local cannabis expert will boost budtender knowledge in hands-on workshop

Ever wondered what it takes to be a professional budtender? You might be surprised that it requires much more than simply “knowing your weed”.

Local educator, consultant, and all-around cannabis expert Adolfo Gonzalez operates CannaReps, an industry improvement organization that provides training for cannabis professionals in Canada.

With a background in cultivation, Gonzalez has been engaging with researchers, academics, entrepreneurs, growers, and medical professionals as a frontline worker for over 15 years and has developed a way to teach budtenders skills that will allow them to engage with their patients more effectively.


Former BC health minister Terry Lake to join growing marijuana company

Terry Lake, who was the last health minister in the former Liberal government, has joined a marijuana-growing company.DARRYL DYCK / Vancouver Sun Adam Miron, co-founder of Hydropothecary Corp. / Vancouver Sun The existing Hydropothecary greenhouse in Gatinueau, Que., near Ottawa.Alain Lacharite / Vancouver Sun

B.C.’s former health minister, Terry Lake, is moving to the Ottawa area this weekend to become a vice-president of a “luxury” medical marijuana company that is poised for massive growth.


Cannabis: a natural alternative to hard drugs at High Hopes Foundation launch

Last month, the Georgia Straight broke the story about an activist-led initiative that was providing residents of the Downtown Eastside with natural alternatives to hard drugs.

Yesterday (August 28), Overdose Prevention Society co-founder Sarah Blyth held a press conference at the Downtown Eastside Street Market (62 East Hastings Street) to launch the High Hopes Foundation.

Huddled under a green tent and surrounded by market volunteers, peer workers, and supporters from the community, Blyth explained to members of the media that the initiative was "just another part of the tool kit for saving lives".


New Research Shows CBD Inhibits Opioid Reward, Could Help Ease Overdose Crisis

Two recent studies indicate that CBD could be a valuable tool for fighting the opioid epidemic.

Federal health minister Jane Philpott has described the opioid epidemic as the “greatest public health crisis we face in Canada.” One new study suggests cannabis could be effective in treating opioid addiction through substitution therapy, while another recent study links CBD to the inhibition of opioid rewards in the brain.

In 2016, a public health emergency was declared in British Columbia due to the alarming rate of drug overdose deaths stemming from widespread overuse of prescription opioid painkillers, and an influx of illicit narcotics laced with deadly fentanyl and carfentanil.


DOJA Cannabis Company Begins Trading On The CSE Under The Symbol "DOJA"

DOJA Cannabis Company Limited ("DOJA" or the "Company") (CSE:DOJA) is pleased to announce that effective at the open of the market today, DOJA's common shares will be listed and will commence trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (the "CSE") under the four-letter ticker symbol "DOJA".

DOJA™ is a premium cannabis lifestyle brand and licensed producer that will feature the highest quality handcrafted strains in Canada. DOJA's state-of-the-art ACMPR licensed production facility is located in the heart of British Columbia'spicturesque Okanagan Valley. DOJA was founded by the proven entrepreneurial team that started SAXX Underwear®.



British Columbia: Small Towns, First Nations Communities Seeing Growth from Legal Pot

While some experts are skeptical that legalization will create few new jobs, many regions are reportedly benefitting from cannabis-related industries.

In a tree-nestled First Nation community on Vancouver Island, forestry and farming used to be the major industries that kept the economy humming and put food on families' tables.

But members of the Cowichan Tribes, like people from so many small and rural towns in Canada, have seen jobs driven elsewhere through dramatic changes to those sectors.

So when a medical marijuana company moved next door, Chief William Seymour saw an opportunity for his members to get good jobs and stay in the area.


Vancouver Pot Activist Calls for Open Cultivation of Cannabis Plants

A cannabis plant in every yard? 

That could be the slogan for Dana Larsen’s Overgrow Canada pot-seed campaign.

The marijuana advocate led a project this year to give away 5 million cannabis seeds this year; last year he and his colleagues gave away 2.5 million.

“We’re encouraging people to plant them openly,” he said Sunday. “The goal is to normalize cannabis growing.”

It’s a continuation of a civil disobedience campaign, following on from the growth of bong shops and dispensaries in many communities across Canada.

One of his contacts spotted a pair of cannabis plants growing in the flower beds around Vancouver city hall. That was a great thing to see, he said.


Veterinarians Voice Concerns over Growing Trend of Cannabis Treatment for Pets

Some pet owners are turning to cannabis therapy for their pets, but without regulations or guidelines for usage, some veterinarians are raising questions about whether medical marijuana is safe for animals.

Cannabis products for pets are often used to treat osteoarthritis pain, anxiety and seizures.

Pet owner Kyle Neilsen says he started giving his Leonberger Anna cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical compound found in marijuana, to help her deal with a painful birth defect.

“From her shoulder down is all deformed,” he told CTV Vancouver. “With how many surgeries she had, it was always sore. She's now much happier. She seems less depressed. She has a lot more energy."

And he’s not the only pet owner looking for alternative ways to soothe their animals.


There's a marijuana frenzy that could end very badly in Canada

There’s one bummer question haunting all the marijuana businesses popping up between British Columbia and Newfoundland.

How much do Canucks like weed, eh?

A year before recreational cannabis is expected to become legal in Canada, there’s an explosion in companies cultivating the stuff. At least 10 marijuana outfits have new listings this year on the TSX Venture Exchange and Canada Securities Exchange. Some 51 enterprises have gotten the green light to grow pot, and 815 applicants are in the queue. All told, it could be enough to raise the country’s raw-weed output more than tenfold.


Sahota Family Loses Bid for Controversial Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary

The Sahota family, whose dilapidated Balmoral Hotel on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside was evacuated last month, are being slammed for their failed effort to open a cannabis dispensary on the city’s west side.

Herban Legends, at 3038 Arbutus St., sought to sell cannabis 220 metres from York House School’s “Little School” against regulations that require all dispensaries to be at least 300 metres from schools.

Wednesday afternoon, Herban Legends had an appeal hearing with the city’s board of variance.

The board unanimously refused to approve the Sahota family’s application for a licence to operate the dispensary.


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