420 Day In Brazil: Why LGBT Rights Are A Focus Of Weed Celebration

Thousands of Brazilians will celebrateĀ 4/20Ā this week, but few could tell you why theyā€™re coming out for pot at the end of April. Thereā€™s no 420 police code in Brazil, and like most other countries they write April 20th as 20/4 anyway. In fact,Ā because of Motherā€™s DayĀ and annual soccer championships, the date f 4/20 gets shuffled.


Video Report of the UN Drug Debate

Internationally, drug policy is at a crossroads: the debate is shifting from a paradigm based on criminalising drug users, to a more public-health-oriented approach. But is this only a change in rhetoric, or a sign of real political reform? We asked activists who have been attending the CND for several years.Ā 



Brazil will not legalize cannabis

After being elected to his second term as president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff wanted to make clear that it intends to follow the steps initiated by Uruguay, and analyzed in other countries in the region regarding the legalization of marijuana. It was the Justice Minister JosƩ Eduardo Cardozo, in charge of communicating that during the four years of the new term "legalization of drugs is not on the agenda".

The clarification was given in response to proposed bipartisan opposition to propose the decriminalization of drugs as a method to avoid saturating prisons. But Cardozo explained that Rousseff's government will not solve the problem of overcrowding in prisons legalizing drugs, but building more prisons.


Miss Cannabis Brazil visited Uruguay

Juliana was the winner of a trip to Uruguay in a contest where qualifications were the participants' history with the marijuana plant

Every year the Miss Cannabis Contest is celebrated in Brazil toĀ consider the stories of the participants with the winning plant. Ā InĀ 2014 the winner was Juliana, a girl who used cannabis to enhance her cancerĀ treatment.

Juliana's prize was a trip to Uruguay. On March 21 she traveled to our country and visited some of the most iconic places in the capital, plus some plantations and study centers of cannabis.


Urban Gardeners: Meet the 'Nerds of Marijuana' - Brazil

The club growers challengeĀ the reigning prohibition in Brazil for the right to grow their own gourmetĀ marijuana at home

Marijuana appeared in the life of Marcelo at 17, in a crude pipe with three holesĀ made from an apple . After a furtive relationship with grass and many fights with his family, he convinced hisĀ mother that it Ā was a good ideaĀ to plant it in the house . "I showed several documentaries and articles to my parents until they understood what is really cannabis and advantages of consuming my own production."


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