Bolivian police seize 2.7 tons of marijuana near Paraguay

The drug was transported hidden in a tanker. The driver was arrested.

LaPaz - 

Bolivia police seized 2.7 tons of marijuana in the Chaco (southeast) near the Paraguay, and was transported in a tanker, today as per the Special Force against Drug Trafficking.

The officers stopped the truck near the town of Palos Blancos, in the southern department of Tarija, but it had previously been on the border with Paraguay.

Police arrested the driver and found in the vehicle's tank several bags with a total of 2,714 kilos of marijuana.

So far this year, the anti-narcotics force has seized 36.8 tons of marijuana and 13.4 cocaine, and arrested more than 1,650 people for alleged drug trafficking.



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BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Colombia just discarded a cornerstone of the American-backed fight against drugs, blocking the aerial spraying of coca, the plant used to make cocaine. Bolivia kicked out the United States Drug Enforcement Administration years ago and allows farmers to grow small amounts of the crop.


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