The Farms of Northern India Are Laced with Cannabis


The lush valleys of India’s northern state Himachal Pradesh are filled with verdant farms. Apple trees cascade mountainsides, massive cauliflower blooms soak up the sun on terraced hillsides, and clusters of cannabis plants weave through the landscape.

Foreign visitors to Himachal Pradesh are left speechless by the area’s stunning, mountainous terrain. Stoners are left especially speechless because that terrain is completely choked with marijuana. Most farmers have bud growing throughout or around their properties.

The roads of Himachal Pradesh towns are literally lined with marijuana. All photos by the author.


Marijuana Has Big Investment Potential in Canada

StoneCastle Investment Management Founder and Portfolio Manager Bruce Campbell spoke with SmallCapPower at Fabrice Taylor’s recent President's Club Investment Conference in the Bahamas, and describes why he’s so excited about the growth prospects in Canada for marijuana-type investments. He also explains why he “really likes” the healthcare sector and offers up two top picks, including one with a business that, in his opinion, is growing in “leaps and bounds.”

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Police seize nearly 200 pounds of marijuana in the Bahamas

Bahamas police say they seized nearly 200 pounds of marijuana during an exercise here over the weekend.

They gave no details regarding the street value of the 193 pounds of marijuana seized, but said a  45 year-old man is assisting their investigations.

The police said that members of the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU), conducted an operation at Arawak Cay Port area on Saturday leading to the seizure.

They said the law enforcement officials stopped a vehicle being driven by the suspect and on conducting the search “uncovered two large coolers containing several crocus bags with 193 pounds of marijuana”.


$4.6 million worth of marijuana seized in Bahamas by Coast Guard officials

MIAMI (WSVN) -- Over 5,000 pounds of marijuana was seized by the United States Coast Guard and multiple agencies near the Bahamas Wednesday.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection aircraft spotted the 35-foot vessel speeding without lights at around 12:53 a.m., according to a news release.

"This is another great achievement by OPBAT and highlights how our joint efforts reduce the negative impacts illicit trafficking has on the United States and the Bahamas," said Cmdr. Mark Driver, OPBAT director for Coast Guard aviation operations.

Authorities took the suspect along with the vessel and marijuana to be processed in the Bahamas.


The Bahamas: television fantasy vs. darker reality

n July 10, the Bahamas celebrated the 42nd anniversary of its independence from Great Britain. The islands that make up this Caribbean nation have become a must-see tourist destination over the past decades, while Nassau, the capital, has a history that is currently being glorified by Hollywood. The TV series ‘Black Sails,’ aired on the Starz network, depicts what life was like in Nassau in the early 18th century when pirates ruled the Caribbean.


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