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Australian farmers are now legally able to grow cannabis crops to be used for food, soaps, lotions and even shampoo

Hemp crops can now be grown legally in the Northern Territory as new laws take effect.

NT growers will be able to cultivate and supply low range cannabis for food, fibre and seed production from Wednesday.

Industrial hemp plants differ from regular hemp species in that they contain very low levels of THC - the compound in cannabis that makes people feel high - and if consumed, foods and other products made from industrial hemp have no psycho-active effects.

NT growers will be able to cultivate and supply low range cannabis for food, fibre and seed production from Wednesday


Althea Inks German Medical Cannabis Supply Deal

Australian medical cannabis company Althea Group (ASX:AGH) has announced details of a deal with a major German pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Following on from a previously announced Memorandum of Understanding with Nimbus Health GmbH, the pair have inked an agreement that will see Althea supply its full range of medical cannabis products to Nimbus over a three year period. It’s expected supply to Nimbus will commence in the second half of this year, assuming timely approval by German regulatory authorities.

According to Althea Group, Nimbus Health accounts for approximately 25% of medicinal cannabis sales in Germany; so a significant amount of product may be moved over the three years.


2019 A Big Year For Global Legal Cannabis Sales

In 2019, global legal cannabis sales grew by 46% to USD $14.7 billion states a new report – and the outlook remains very positive.

Legal cannabis sales cover the medicinal and adult use markets, including hemp derived products such as cannabidiol. Cannabis industry research firms BDSA and Arcview Market Research state 2019’s results were a big jump on the 16% growth seen in 2018 and represented the highest annual rate of growth to date.

Underpinning the growth seen last year were the adult-use markets in Canada, California and Massachusetts. In terms of the U.S market overall, sales saw a 37% jump in 2019 to reach $12.3 billion.


Another Step Towards Over The Counter Cannabidiol In Australia

For Australians eager to more easily gain access to cannabidiol, the prospect of CBD without a prescription is edging closer to reality.

Currently, cannabidiol is a Schedule 4 (S4) Prescription Only Medicine in Australia – and getting a script is only one hurdle to clear. Back in January, we mentioned the prospect of regulations concerning cannabidiol (CBD) being relaxed in Australia, to the point it could be purchased over the counter.

Last Friday, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) kicked off a consultation on proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard. One of the amendments would see the Schedule 4 listing for cannabidiol altered and a new entry added, Schedule 3; where:


Report: Marijuana Improves Vertigo Symptoms

According to a new study first reported on by NORML and published in the journal Discoveries, the daily administration of whole-plant cannabis oil is associated with a significant improvement in symptoms of anxiety and vertigo.


Australia’s growing industrial hemp industry

In 2017, after extensive campaigning by industry bodies and advocates, the federal government of Australia approved the legalisation of hemp-based foodstuffs for human consumption.

The cultivation of hemp for food had been banned in Australia since 1937, when widespread concerns over the alleged dangers of cannabis – shored up by representatives of the growing cotton and nylon industries, working to destabilise their competition – led to strict legal sanctions which would last until the 21st century.


Is Australia’s Capital Leading the Way for Legal Cannabis Down Under?

Australia has made great strides in the last few years by loosening up their long-standing cannabis illegalization laws, and even started this year with the first step towards full legalization

Hey there, mate


Australian Legal Cannabis Market Forecast

A new report indicates the legal cannabis market in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania region generally is set to boom.

Prohibition Partners Oceania Cannabis Report: Second Edition says the region’s legal cannabis market is expected to be worth US$1.55 billion by 2024 – that’s around AUD $2.45 billion at current exchange rates.

Australia will take the lion’s share of that figure – around 70% of the overall market due its larger population and higher household disposable income. Overall, medicinal cannabis is expected to account for approximately 40% of the Oceania market.

Prohibition Partners says there will be a falling reliance on imported cannabis products, leading to a significant increase in revenue generated by the regional cannabis industry.


Regulation and reputation with Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia

Rosemary Richards of Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia tells MCN about industry regulation, licensing and the future of Australian cannabis.

Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA), the primary voice of the licensed cannabis sector in Australia, aims to promote a culture of sustainability and responsibility throughout the industry.

MCIA’s Executive Manager Rosemary Richards tells MCN about cannabis industry regulation, licensing and the future of Australian cannabis.


Australian Medical Cannabis Senate Inquiry Recommendations

A report relating to a wide-ranging Senate inquiry into medicinal cannabis access issues in Australia has been published, with a number of recommendations made.

The inquiry was launched in November last year to determine barriers to patients accessing medicinal cannabis in the country. Submissions closed in January – a total of 146 submissions were made with everyone from patients and support groups to doctors and medical cannabis companies weighing in on the issues.

What the Committee found, while not surprising, was nonetheless disturbing.


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