Australian brand launches first Japanese medicinal cannabis campaign

Australian medicinal cannabis company Elixinol has launched Japan’s first campaign advertising their products following a long-fought battle with regulators.

The ASX listed company has become the first to gain approval for a billboard advertising cannabidiol hemp oil – commonly known as CBD – in the country where medical marijuana has faced a fierce backlash by lawmakers.

Although CBD was legalised in November 2016, brands have so far struggled to gain approval to market their products, Elixinol Japan’s boss said in a statement.


Canada’s marijuana industry looks abroad for growth

Countries like Spain, Italy, and Colombia are likely the next growth opportunities for Canadian cannabis companies after a flurry of consolidation at home.

The marijuana industry saw its largest deal to date on Monday with Aurora Cannabis Inc. agreeing to acquire MedReleaf Corp. for $2.9 billion ($2.27 billion U.S.). That followed Edmonton, Alberta-based Aurora’s deal to buy CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. in January for roughly $1 billion and several smaller deals.


Is Israeli cannabis a bubble waiting to burst?

Despite Israel's pioneering role in medical marijuana, its cannabis market now faces uncertainty as canna-business stocks and pot exports encounter government scrutiny.

Though cannabis might be all the buzz these days — especially in Israel, where the government has allowed research on medical marijuana since the 1960s — Israeli authorities are exercising a great deal of caution when it comes to including cannabis businesses on the national stock exchange.


Israel's Super-Pharm chain begins selling medical cannabis

Medical cannabis supplier BOL's products at Super-Pharm will be priced at NIS 120-140 per 10 grams.

Israeli pharmacy chain Super-Pharm today began selling medical cannabis at 25 branches. BOL Pharma will be Super-Pharm's main supplier and the pharmacy chain plans to expand its medical cannabis sales to 50 branches..

Up until now, medical cannabis was available only at the Abarbanel Mental Health Center and special stores belonging to the Tikun Olam supplier in Tel Aviv.


If the United Nations reclassifies cannabis, will the United States follow?

The FDA is looking for public input on pot to report back to the UN’s World Health Organization.

With the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) launching a reevaluation of cannabis' international scheduling, member nations — including the United States — are reaching out to their own constituencies for public comment.


Medical marijuana will arrive in Israeli pharmacies in time for 4/20

Select Israeli pharmacies will begin selling medical marijuana... on April 20, of course.

Instead of teenagers smoking after school at 4:20 p.m. or activists waiting until April 20 (4/20 by American date notation), nearly two dozen Israeli pharmacies will start selling medical marijuana on that date this Friday – known worldwide as a day on which advocates for legalization light up in public. As part of a pilot program, 21 Super-Pharm outlets plan to sell medical cannabis oil in cities throughout the country, with the exception of Tel Aviv and Eilat.

Two other private pharmacies plan to participate but are not expected to start selling this week, while the four Israeli health fund pharmacies are not interested in providing medical marijuana – for now.


TASE investors get high on Israel's cannabis stocks

It is unclear whether medical cannabis exports will be permitted, but share prices of companies in the industry are soaring.

The medical cannabis market in Israel is undergoing a period of uncertainty. The big question now is whether exports of cannabis products from Israel will be allowed, and if so, when.

Despite the uncertainty in the sector, shares in cannabis companies have overtaken cryptocurrencies as the latest hot market shakers on the TASE.

Cannabis share prices soared by triple-digit percentages over the past week, and trading in them is currently very volatile. Is this a bubble? This will become known only at a later stage, but there is no doubt that the cannabis market is behaving like an investment fashion.


A convention of cannabis minds at the CannaTech conference

The CannaTech Conference was just held March 18-21, 2018, in Tel Aviv, Israel. The conference was about as comprehensive as a medical cannabis conference could be.

The most significant global industry leaders were there, and thought leaders led workshops in the fields of research and science, medicine, finance, technology innovation, agriculture and government policy--all with a singular focus on medical cannabis.

The event was an amazing showcase into the groundbreaking and very significant contributions in all of these fields.


Israeli medical marijuana grower to move farm abroad

Red tape stalls leading country’s green export potential.

Together Pharma, a recently-incorporated Israeli medical-marijuana firm, announced on Sunday that it would relocate part of its cultivation outside of the country, amid regulatory uncertainty over whether exports would eventually be permitted.

The government reportedly told medicinal marijuana companies that their cannabis exports would be approved by 2018, according to industry employees. That persuaded the companies to embark on multi-billion-shekel investments, many of which could now be in jeopardy.


Israel first country to approve medical cannabis vaporizer

The Israeli Ministry of Health has approved Kanabo Research’s medical cannabis vaporizer as a medical device.

Israel has become the first county in the world to grant medical device approval to a vaporizer for the use of medical cannabis extracts and formulations.

The Israeli Ministry of Health has granted initial approval as a medical device to the VapePod vaporizer developed by Kanabo Research, a Tel-Aviv-based medical cannabis R&D company.


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