8 ancient cultures that loved smoking weed

While people’s opinion on marijuana today is divided between people who think it’s totally cool to use and others who think you’ll become a dangerous killer if you use it, that wasn’t really the case in the past, writes Jason Misulonas. For thousands upon thousands of years, ancient cultures used cannabis as a medicine, a building material and even just to get rid of the blues.

Here are eight ancient cultures that enjoyed using cannabis:


CBD-infused beauty products: The next big thing in Asia

Beauty and wellness products infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in the marijuana plant, is expected to become the next big thing in skincare worldwide. South Korea, China and Japan are moving to grab leadership in this new market segment in Asia.

But they’ve got to legalize marijuana use first.

Worldwide, the market for beauty products made from CBD is projected to be worth $25 billion by 2029, or 15 percent of the total global beauty market over the next 10 years, according to financial services company Jeffries Group LLC.


Is Asia set to become the next big medical cannabis continent?

While most of the attention when it comes to cannabis legalization is focused on North America these days, some people have an eye on Southeast Asia where medical cannabis, decriminalization, and even legalization are a hot topic.

Thailand legalized medical cannabis for certain conditions back at the beginning of this year, and that caught the attention of investors from around the world. And while traditionally, many Asian countries have been extremely tough on cannabis in the past, that attitude seems to be changing.


Medical cannabis is gaining momentum in Asia

With Thailand’s legalization of medical cannabis in February, some experts predict that other Southeast Asian countries may move to decriminalize the plant.

If that happens, it could prove a significant opportunity for investors interested in the space.


Countries where cannabis is legal (or decriminalized) – 2019 Travel Guide

Planning to travel abroad? Excited to try new, exotic weed? Pot definitely makes every trip better. However, buying weed in a foreign country can be risky and get you in a lot of trouble.

The so-called cannabis tourism has become the next big thing for weed lovers who want to enjoy their favorite herb in a new place without fearing any legal repercussions.

You may be surprised to hear that only two countries in the world completely legalized weed for recreational use, one of which prohibits foreigners from buying it.

So if you plan to travel, the first thing you should do is check the cannabis laws of your destination country.


The UN says this is the World's most popular recreational drug

Cannabis continues to be the people's substance of choice across the globe, writes Calvin Hughes.

Recreational drug use in general has been on the rise in recent years according to the United Nations' most recent World Drug Report. The number of people aged 15 to 64 who consumed recreational substances around the world in 2017 hit 271 million - up 30 percent from the numbers the UN reported in 2009.


UN World Drug Report 2019 now published with information on cannabis black & regulated markets

The United Nations World Drug Report has been released and it’s a big report with plenty of cannabis information, especially pages 9 thru

Global Cannabis Strategy Series: What are the key elements of a globalization strategy?

Canada’s first-mover status has helped the country emerge as the global leader in cannabis. Although, generally, Canadian companies have had success venturing south of the border, when push comes to shove, Uncle Sam’s message to Canadian cannabis companies has been less than welcoming, including imposing a travel ban on Canadians who are investing in the U.S. cannabis market. Elsewhere, Canada’s aspirations of global dominance can be advanced by winning the biggest global prize since the so-called California Green Rush: the European market.


Rubbing cannabis on your face is the next big thing in Asia

Time to add yet another step to your K-beauty regimen: Weed!

Hemp-derived ingredients such as hempseed oil and cannabidiol (or CBD, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid) have been popping up at beauty counters all over the U.S. and Canada  — although CBD topicals won’t be on shelves until the end of this year in Canada, as all cannabinoids are regulated).


Global cannabis market will nearly triple to US$40.6B by 2024: Study

The value of the global cannabis market is set to soar to new heights, as more countries and American states legalize the drug, according to a new industry report.

Global legal spending on cannabis is forecast to be US$40.6 billion in 2024, nearly triple the US$14.9 billion estimated to be spent this year, according to Arcview Market Research and cannabis industry analysis firm BDS Analytics, which released its annual "State of the Legal Cannabis Markets" report on Thursday. 

"That's a conservative number as well if regulators wouldn't move as slowly as they are right now," said Tom Adams, managing director of industry intelligence at BDS Analytics, who co-authored the report in a phone interview with BNN Bloomberg. 


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