Ganja vapes cost RM80 a pop

KUALA LUMPUR: A syndicate selling vape liquid laced with ganja juice for RM80 per 15ml bottle has been smashed by police.

Seven people, including two couples and an engineering student, were nabbed after police raided the gang’s lairs in Banting, Ampang and Kelana Jaya.

Bukit Aman Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department director Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said the syndicate sold the vape liquids after mixing them with ganja from their mini drug laboratory in Bandar Mahkota, Banting.

“This syndicate liquefies the ganja and adds a few drops of the drugs into the vape juice.

“They take orders online and deliver to customers by courier,” he told a press conference in Bukit Aman yesterday.


Can UN Leadership Fix Broken Drug Policies? A Call for Ban Ki Moon in Advance of the 2016 UNGASS

Last month, close to 1000 advocates, service providers, community leaders, researchers and government representatives met in Kuala Lumpur for the 24th International Harm Reduction conference. This year, the conference took place in Asia to inspire the region to consider drug policies that offer alternatives to the failed goal of Drug Free Asia by 2015 set by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).


No complaints of drugs in vapes

Police have yet to receive complaints of cannabis being used in vape liquids, reported Sinar Harian.

However, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said those found doing so would be charged under the Dangerous Drugs Act.

"If they (vapers) are found to be taking or ingesting drugs, appropriate legal action will be taken against them," he told reporters.

On Tuesday, the daily reported that some popular vape liquids were found to contain two types of cannabidiol, which are natural molecules found in cannabis.

The test by Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin's East Coast Environment Research Institute also found traces of dronabinol, a synthetic substance found in marijuana.



India: Prices of drug go higher as urban youngsters take increasingly to hashish

Thirty-year-old Arjun Bal (name changed) takes a drag and stares out of the window in his production studio in suburban Mumbai while he reminisces about the 'good ol' days' when quality hashish was cheap and the world was a lot more mellow. Hashish 'aficionados' like Bal, across metro cities, now bemoan the poor quality of hash in supply and the fact that the drug is practically unaffordable. 

Today, in Mumbai, an average consumer is likely to cough up anywhere between Rs 4,000-7,000 for .. 


Phillipines Group wants marijuana legalization tackled in presidential debates

MANILA, Philippines – A group pushing for the legalization of marijuana for medical use has called for the inclusion of the controversial issue in presidential debates.

Kimmi del Prado, Philippine Cannabis Compassion Society founder, said they want to know the stand of the presidential candidates on the issue.

“We need to ask the presidential aspirants whether or not they are for the legalization of medical cannabis in the Philippines,” she said.

Del Prado expressed belief that the 16th Congress would not be able to pass House Bill 4477 or the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act.

But the group is not losing hope the proposed measure will be approved by the next Congress.


Censored UN paper calling for decriminalization marks beginning of the end of drug war as we knew it

A UN agency censored an official paper calling for drug use decriminalization. But its message is here to stay

Recently, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime quietly circulated a remarkable document not only calling “decriminalising drug use and possession for personal consumption…consistent with international drug control conventions” but stating that doing so “may be required to meet obligations under international human rights law.”


A brief history of hemp in Japan

Most people don’t know it but Japan has a centuries-old history with a simple yet popular plant that has only been making waves here and abroad for the past few decades.

It was once a sacred substance in Shinto religious tradition. Lore has it that ninja once jumped over it day after day as it grew, training to leap incredible heights because it grew, well – like a weed. Even today, it is a key ingredient in a common household condiment. What is it?



Cannabis cultivation to be legalised in Uttarakhand albeit for industry

Dehra Dun : No Uttarakhand is not going the way of some of the states of the USA or Holland where marijuana has been legalized for smoking. Resident of this small mountain state, except for the Terai and Bhabar regions will now be able to take up cultivation of cannabis purely for industrial purposes as it will have a tetra hydro cannabinol (thc) content of 0.3 to 1.5 percent.


The Secret History of Cannabis in Japan

Experts point out the plant’s cultural significance. 

Today Japan has some of the strictest anti-cannabis laws in the world.

Punishment for possession is a maximum 5 years behind bars and illicit growers face 7-year sentences. Annually around 2000 people fall foul of these laws – their names splashed on the nightly news and their careers ruined forever. The same prohibition which dishes out these punishments also bans research into medical marijuana, forcing Japanese scientists overseas to conduct their studies.


Thai Farmers Should be Allowed to Grow Hemp

For years I’ve been an advocate of allowing Thai farmers to grow hemp. Hemp is the same plant family as pot.  Pot can get you high, hemp can’t because it doesn’t have more than a minute amount of THC.  I’m still as jazzed about allowing hemp to be grown in Thailand as I’ve ever been, but now I’ve added pot to the list.  I’ll start off articulating why pot should be allowed to be grown in Thailand, then will close with some mentions of hemp, along with some comparisons of drugs, including the world’s (and Thailand’s) most harmful group of drugs: alcoholic drinks.


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