Court asked to rule Arizona's fee since medical marijuana permit is too high

An attorney is asking the Court of Appeals to force health officials to slash what they charge medical marijuana users for the state-issued permit needed to buy the drug.

The $150 that patients must pay annually is illegally high, attorney Sean Berberian said Monday. He said it is far more than the Arizona Department of Health Services needs to administer the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which allows people with certain medical conditions to use the drug. The 2010 voter-approved law makes it clear the agency cannot simply bank the proceeds, he said.


Will your state be the next to legalize marijuana? Here's 5 that are close

Next year could see a huge shift in favor of green, and we’re not talking about the environment.

Lawmakers have taken notice of the shift in public opinion on marijuana legalization, and many are no longer afraid that supporting legal weed is political suicide. There are now eight states and the District of Columbia that have legalized marijuana, and four of those laws were enacted in the past year alone.


Pot for Pets: Medical marijuana role in treating pet illnesses

Dogs, cats, even horses seem to be the newest customer base for medical marijuana. Cannabis-based products are being used to treat everything from anxiety to allergies, epilepsy and cancer.

Sales, at least locally, are skyrocketing. 

Once a month, a pitbull boxer mix named Rex undergoes chemotherapy. Rex was diagnosed with a nasal tumor about 14 months ago.

"He had nose bleeds. I was scared because I couldn't stop it," recounted Dirk Johnson, Rex's owner.

Johnson sought the best possible treatment. 


Arizona: Why this marijuana stock imploded 42% in October

What happened?

Medical marijuana upstart Insys Therapeutics (NASDAQ:INSY) had a ferociously frightening month, highlighted by the arrest of its founder, the setting aside of $150 million for lawsuits, and slumping sales. All this was behind a 42% crash in October, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

So what?

Insys Therapeutics' troubles stem from Subsys, a powerful fentanyl spray approved to treat breakthrough pain in cancer patients.


The next 15 states to legalize marijuana

1. Arizona
> Possession decriminalized: No
> Amount decriminalized: N/A
> Max. fine for less than 2 lbs.: $150,000
> Annual adult usage: 12.7% (19th highest)


Arizona: Billboard battle with anti-marijuana group wants pro-pot signage gone

You've probably seen them around: marijuana factoids on billboards alongside a teal smiley-face logo for an app company called Weedmaps.

Seems pretty innocent, right? Not so, says a stridently anti-marijuana Arizona organization, which is raising alarms over the billboards. The group has asked the Attorney General's office to investigate the company for alleged false advertising.


WanaCapsXR set to launch in Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Florida and Oregon

Wana Brands, Colorado’s top-selling infused products manufacturer, will provide its popular family of extended-release cannabis capsules, WanaCapsXR in five new states, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Florida and Oregon.

“In short, we work to make people feel good. Wana Brands’ objective as a company has always been to provide delicious, discrete and consistent products to as many people as possible – and by offering our extended release cannabis capsules in new states, including Arizona and Nevada, we are better able to achieve that goal,” said Nancy Whiteman, co-owner of Wana Brands. “WanaCapsXR are simple and dependable, and we look forward to making them available to cannabis consumers in more and more states.”


Tall Trees LED company builds on cannabis focus, mobilizes to equip the controlled environment agriculture industry

Tall Trees LED Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Light Engine Design Corp (OTC PINK: TLED), is an industry pioneer specializing in the design of advanced light engines and fixtures for frequency-specific biological lighting industries.

The Company is pleased to announce that it has achieved a breakthrough in spectrum design that is increasing crop yields and product quality in the indoor cultivation of legal cannabis and food products.

This is significant given the importance of generating large amounts of high-quality food using environmentally sustainable practices.


Arizona judge rules medical cannabis extracts are illegal

We’ve gotten reports that an Arizona judge has ruled that medical cannabis extracts are illegal. We have also just learned that in Arizona, there is a legal difference between marijuana and cannabis. Even though they are literally the same plant.

Wait, what?

Cannabis vs. Marijuana

According to Arizona state law, there is a difference between marijuana and cannabis.


Greens is Arizona's first state approved medical marijuana drive-thru dispensary

All Greens has been an Arizona state licensed dispensary since 2013, relocating earlier this year from Surprise to Sun City. All Greens offers patients a variety of options when choosing their medications offering flower, concentrates, vapes, topicals, tinctures and the largest selection of edibles in the state. All Greens also provides an assortment of CBD and pet products.

Educational classes are held bi-weekly and there is always a qualified dispensary agent available on premises for one-on-one consultations. There is also a clinic affiliate performing MMJ certifications & patient consultations.


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