Marijuana campaigns already gathering support

TUCSON – A new organization is getting serious about marijuana legalization in Arizona.

A group called Arizonans for Responsible Legalization has hired an election attorney, political consultants and public relations help, according to spokesman Barrett Marson.

The organization will pay people to gather more than 150,000 valid signatures needed to put the initiative on the 2016 ballot. They need them by July 2016, according to Marson.

Jean-Paul Genet works for Purple Med Healing Center and Green Med Wellness Center. He said established dispensaries can transition their operations smoothly.

“The people who are already in the business, who are familiar with the ins and outs, are the ones who should lead the way,” he said.


Medical marijuana edibles raising concern

Laura Rivero laid out an array of marijuana-infused goodies on the glass countertop inside High Mountain Health Medical Dispensary on Thursday. The packages advertised things like frosted red velvet cookies and “gourmet chocolate that melts in your mind.”

As she looked through the labels, Rivero pointed out that one lacked any information about the milligrams of THC in the product. Another only used only the words “house blend” instead of describing the dominant type of cannabis in the product.

It’s these types of details that Rivero said needs to be on the packages of all marijuana edibles sold in Arizona’s medical dispensaries so patients know exactly what they’re getting.


Arizona medical marijuana for PTSD study gets OK from feds

PHOENIX -- An Arizona-based psychiatrist and marijuana researcher is moving forward with a controversial cannabis study that could have nationwide implications.

Just months after her termination from the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Dr. Sue Sisley has been given the go-ahead from the federal government for the study and has secured funding as well.

Sisley has faced numerous hurdles in her efforts to study the effects of four marijuana strains on veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

"It has been five years now battling the government at all levels to try to get this study underway," she said.


New Marijuana-Legalization Ballot Campaign Launched in Arizona

A new marijuana-legalization initiative campaign was filed with the state today, but its organizers aren't ready to say much about it.

The chairman of the campaign, Dr. Gina Berman, is the same chairman of the Marijuana Policy Project of Arizona initiative campaign launched in September.

The MPP group, which was responsible for the 2010 Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, has been working with various stakeholders' groups -- or not working with them, depending on who you talk to -- and hasn't yet released an official draft initiative.

Berman's new group doesn't have any ballot language to offer the public yet, either. And she's not answering questions about today's filing or why she's apparently now running two campaigns.


These Five States Could Legalize Marijuana in 2016

Nevada's vote is set and advocates believe they can get similar measures on the ballot in four other states

On Friday, Nevada lawmakers adjourned without voting on a petition submitted by residents to legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol. That means the initiative is going on the ballot in 2016, making Nevada the first state to officially be voting on pot legalization in the next election.

Mar Launches New Advertising Specials in March and April in Anticipation of 4/20 Launches New Advertising Specials in March and April in Anticipation of 4/20 | Marijuana Business Press Releases | Cannabis News

Phoenix, AZ (MJbizwire) March 10, 2015

April 20th is near and, the world’s leading marijuana industry job website, is offering advertising specials throughout March and April in order to help companies promote their products and services during the marijuana industry’s busiest months.’s visitor demographic consists of marijuana consumers, enthusiasts and business owners, making it the ideal website to advertise marijuana-related products and services.


Watch: Suspects toss bales of marijuana out window during pursuit

Juan Aguilar-Zavala and Mario Perez-Paz were arrested following a high-speed chase.(Photo: PCSO)

It was a chaotic scene on Interstate 8 near Casa Grande, Arizona, Wednesday morning as police chased a white truck from which, authorities said, two occupants started tossing bales of marijuana.

Much of that evidence was lost, however, as motorists who followed behind the chase stopped to pick up the drugs.

Jim Knupp, a Pinal County Sheriff's Office spokesman, said a deputy was monitoring traffic along the highway near Trekell Road when he spotted a 2006 White Trailblazer traveling at high rate of speed.


$1.7M in marijuana seized during traffic stop

DPS officers estimated the 1,700 pounds of marijuana was worth $1.7 million.(Photo: Department of Public Safety)

Nearly 1,700 pounds of marijuana was discovered in a man's semi-truck after a Department of Public Safety officer pulled him over early Tuesday morning, according to a DPS press release.

The officer pulled over 64-year-old Nathaniel Fripp, from Lithonia, Ga., around 1:12 a.m. for a traffic violation and became suspicious during the stop, the statement said.

After getting permission, the officer searched the trailer, opened boxes stored inside and found 1,658 pounds of marijuana, according to DPS.


Cannabis-Rx, with property in Manatee, named as part of securities fraud in federal indictment

MANATEE -- An Arizona company called Cannabis-Rx that bought property in Manatee County this year with hopes for a licensed marijuana facility is at the center of a stock scheme and federal indictment.

The FBI announced Tuesday six people were indicted by a federal grand jury in a $500 million offshore asset protection, securities fraud and money laundering scheme. Cannabis-Rx was created as a shell company, according to the FBI.


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