Slideshow: Push to legalize marijuana in Latin America

Two years ago Uruguay became the first country on the planet to okay the use of marijuana. This caused neighboring countries throughout Latin America to rethink their drug policies, and for pro-marijuana supporters to push even hard for legislation to decriminalize weed and make herb smoking and growing a legal act.

While many countries have made it a little easier for casual marijuana smokers to puff freely, there’s still some resistance to all all-out okay to cannabis use.

Click through the slideshow about to see which countries have adopted looser rules regarding marijuana and whether Uruguay will remain the legal-weed country.


The Market Price of Marijuana. Is it in the Bag?

In the future, Amercanex (American Cannabis Exchange), the first electronic marketplace for producers, wholesalers, and authorized retailers of cannabis, will ask the NYSE Exchange to allow it to start trading futures and options. The Amercanex executives are enthusiastic about the idea, when that happens, the price of marijuana will be as fixed in the stock market as soybeans in Chicago.

Their managers now roam the South America looking for brokers to allow them to develop the company Amercanex Latam with versions in each country. For this purpose, they recently visited the Congress of Economy Finance and Investment held in the city of Cordoba Argentina. The idea of ​​landing in the capital market seems to take flight ahead of its executives.



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