Canada: Alberta retailer says cannabis sales leave booze in the dust

Its cannabis sales numbers are smokin’ their booze side, says marijuana-liquor retailer Alcanna. And the more potent the pot, the faster it sells, said company CEO James Burns.

“At least initially, a lot of the customers aren’t new to the product and those people are tending to want high THC,” said Burns, referring to the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. “But when the high THC strains run out, they’ll buy anything.”

Revenue from those pot sales — totalling $1.3 million from its five Nova Cannabis stores in the first five days of legalization — left its alcohol figures in the haze, said Burns.


Canada: Alberta experiences cannabis retail boom as 100 more stores to roll-out by mid-November

After four days of lineups at pot shops across Alberta, some store owners say there's not enough weed left to keep their doors open and they're struggling to order more.

In the meanwhile, the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission has granted 14 more retail cannabis store licenses since Wednesday, bringing the total number to 31 — the most of anywhere in Canada. 

We placed large, large orders and we didnt anticipate having to reorder so quickly, said James Burns, CEO of Alcanna Inc., which owns NOVA Cannabis.

The problem of cannabis shortages has hit other Canadian provinces along with Alberta, leading pot store owners and government-run distributors scrambling.


Canada: University of Alberta cannabis policy leads by example

Pot-friendly zones for cannabis smoking and vaping will exist on the University of Alberta campus when it becomes legal next Wednesday. The decision was a no-brainer, says the school’s director of enterprise risk management programs.

“Even before Day 1, our students told us it would be absurd to ban it,” said Andrew Leitch, who is also co-chairman of the cannabis working group, which consulted with students, faculty and staff to establish a harm reduction strategy based on risk education rather than prohibition.


Canada's 'Silicon Valley of cannabis': Sundial has high hopes for pot production in Olds

With dreams of turning the Olds area into the Silicon Valley of pot, cannabis producer Sundial Growers opened its flagship, 500,000-square-foot building on Wednesday — one week before recreational use of the drug is legalized.

Sundial CEO Torsten Kuenzlen was at the ribbon-cutting ceremony that saw locals pack into a small, top-floor room at the Olds facility, where he spoke about his aspirations for the company. “We believe cannabis is a consumer-goods industry just like any other, and it doesn’t feel like that yet and it very quickly will be that,” said Kuenzlen, who hopes Sundial will have product hit Alberta shelves in December.


Security companies positioned to capitalize on growth in the legal marijuana market

A leading investor news resource covering security and cannabis stocks releases,, a sector snapshot looking at how the two sectors are growing synergistically.


Radient Technologies Inc. receives controlled drugs and substances licence for its manufacturing facility

Radient Technologies Inc. (“Radient” or the “Company”) (TSX Venture: RTI) is pleased to announce that it has received its Controlled Drugs and Substances Licence, also known as a Dealer’s Licence (the “Licence”), from Health Canada’s Office of Controlled Substances for its Manufacturing Facility located at 4035 – 101 NW Street, Edmonton, Alberta.  


Canada: Technology hasn’t caught up to cannabis laws, Edmonton police say

With a little more than three weeks to go before marijuana becomes legal from coast to coast, Edmonton police say new technology for detecting impaired drivers hasn’t quite caught up with the legislation.

Drivers who smoke and drive could soon find themselves veering into untested territory, as law enforcement hashes out how to test for impairment.

Although the federal government earlier this summer approved a roadside device called the Drager DrugTest 5000 — which measures THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis) — amphetamines, and cocaine levels in saliva, Edmonton police are still undecided about whether they’ll order the testers.


Canada: Alberta won't permit cannabis lounges until edible products are regulated

Albertans hoping to spark up in a cannabis cafe or lounge will have to wait until edible cannabis products are regulated, says the province. In a statement, the province said while they await more information on an easy-to-eat pot product, they will be ready to regulate brick-and-mortar consumption sites at a later date.

Health Canada has set a prospective date of July 2019 for the sale of edible marijuana products. Ward 3 Coun. Jyoti Gondek said a lack of government communication has caused issues that could have been prevented.


University of Alberta lays out new cannabis rules, including designated consumption areas

The University of Alberta is embracing Canada’s legalization of cannabis.

For many colleges and universities, the idea of cannabis on campus is a nonstarter. Where cannabis laws don’t expressly forbid consumption or possession of marijuana at schools, school administrators have set clear policies prohibiting them.

In the United States, these bans are so strict that they often prevent students with illness from bringing and taking their medicine at school, and have thus prompted legal challenges. In Canada, however, universities are taking a more progressive approach.


Alberta poised to lead Canada's retail cannabis sector amid impending federal legalization

New entrepreneur Shaun Baid is feeling excited about his prospects these days. Mr. Baid, a Calgary accountant who was laid off last year amid the energy sector downturn, is now working with three partners to open a cannabis retail store.

“It’s super exciting times, all across the country, but especially here in Alberta,” said Mr. Baid, chief financial officer of Kush Collective. “It feels like Alberta is where this whole gold rush is going to happen.”

That’s because Alberta’s NDP government has adopted a private model for cannabis retailers, following in the footsteps of the province’s private liquor retail model. (Online cannabis sales will be government-run in Alberta.)


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