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Coming Soon: America's Next Big Cannabis Tourism Destination

If you're looking for a cannabis-friendly vacation spot, some destinations are no-brainers: JamaicaDenver. And even Uruguay, which legalized cannabis in 2013.

But for those who prefer more off-the-beaten track travel with top-notch cannabis, and minimal restrictions on possession and consumption, you might want to pack your parka and plan ahead for a trip to Alaska.


Where the Stoners Are: America's Top 10 Marijuana Using States

Acceptance of marijuana seems to have reached a tipping point in the United States. Four states and the District of Columbia have already legalized it, half the states have medical marijuana laws now (two-thirds if you count the CBD-only states), and as many as a half dozen states, including California, could vote on legalization in November.

Public opinion polls now consistently report majority support for legalization nationwide, and pot is increasingly moving from newspapers' crime pages to the finance and culture sections.


These People Want to Show Alaska Tourists the Marijuana Industry

To Keith Crocker, it's clear marijuana could be the logical next step in pushing Juneau's tourism industry to a higher level.

That's why he and business partner Mitchell Knottingham created Juneau Cannabis Tours.

Their idea — to give tours of Alaska's new marijuana industry in action — is a glimpse into a potential new piece of the state's visitor economy.

Some Alaskans are mulling the idea of starting up marijuana tourism companies, while others already have business licenses, but all seem to be biding their time until more commercial marijuana licenses are approved later this year.

Going on marijuana tours in Denver gave Crocker and Knottingham insight into the sort of company they wanted to build in Alaska.


3 Ways to Avoid Losing Cash in the Legal Marijuana Industry

The THC in the marijuana plant is medicinal and the fibers in hemp can be used in manufacturing. This has led to marijuana being legalized in some states in the US. This includes states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. It is expected that 16 more states will legalize the use of marijuana within the next 5 years. 14 of these states will legalize the use of recreational marijuana and 2 states will legalize medical marijuana. It is projected that by the end of 2019, legal marijuana will bring in a combined income of $ 19 billion in all the states that it has been legalized in.


4 States Challenging Colorado's Spot As Top Cannabis Consumer

With 22.2 million Americans reporting they've gotten high within the past month, it's no secret that the U.S. is having an increasingly open love affair with cannabis. But which states are the most open-minded when it comes to cannabis?


Steep Hill Announces License Agreement to Open Cannabis Testing Laboratory in the State of Alaska

License granted to Alaska testing company AK Green Labs LLC.

Steep Hill, the global industry leader in cannabis testing and analytics, today announced it has licensed its cannabis testing technologies to a highly-respected team of scientists who have plans to open Steep Hill Alaska as a full service cannabis quality assurance laboratory in Anchorage, Alaska, bringing advanced scientific tools and methodology to the state. 


Alaska: 7 Marijuana Businesses on Kenai Peninsula Get Green Light

The first seven marijuana entrepreneurs on the Kenai Peninsula received their state approvals on Thursday and Friday.

The state Marijuana Control Board gave its stamp of approval last week to four standard cultivators and five limited cultivators on the peninsula. Two licenses were issued in Kasilof, two in the Nikiski area, one in Homer, one in Sterling and one just outside Soldotna. Two growers in Seward, Stony Creek Growers and Budding Alaska, were delayed because the board members still had questions for the applicants. The board will review those two again at its July 7 meeting.


Alaska Marijuana Regulators Approve First Licenses

Alaska regulators were applauded Thursday as they approved the first licenses for legal marijuana growing and testing facilities — another milestone for the fledgling industry.

Priority was being given to growing and testing operations to ensure that retail stores will have legal product to sell. The first retail licenses are expected to be issued later this year.

Thirty applications were on the agenda Thursday at a meeting of the Marijuana Control Board in Anchorage. Two were for testing facilities. The rest were for grow operations.

The first application approved came from CannTest LLC of Anchorage, a marijuana testing facility. The action was greeted by applause and cheers.

“That’s history right there, folks,” board member Brandon Emmett said.


Alaska could begin approving marijuana business applications Thursday

On Thursday, the state will meet to begin approving marijuana licenses for cultivation and testing facilities. There are 30 potential businesses up for review, including Arctic Herbery in Anchorage.

Real estate agent Bryant Thorp hopes to open the small boutique grow operation on Arctic Boulevard near 71st Avenue. For many, the dream of opening a marijuana business in Alaska has been years in the making, which is why Thorp made sure to get his application in early.


Is State-Legal Marijuana Creating 'Big Marijuana'?

I recently did a TEDx talk on the development of “Big Marijuana.” The overall theme of this particular TED session was the “Potential in Polarity,” and/or the “Best of Both Worlds.” Given these two themes, my talk focused on whether state-legal marijuana is helping to create “Big Marijuana.” My talk was released on YouTube last week and you can view it here. But for those of you who don’t want to spend 18 minutes watching my presentation, this post summarizes my talk.


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