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Prepping To Launch A Recreational Marijuana Business: How To Do It Right

The critical components of establishing a successful cannabis business may seem obvious at first:
•  Research industry-specific best-practices in cultivation.
•  Secure adequate funding.
•  Plan facility construction or adaptation.
•  Build a quality management team.
•  Seek counsel from legal and accounting experts.
•  Launch a progressive marketing campaign.

Yet what can an emerging company do to separate itself from the pack? In laying the groundwork for legitimate cannabis enterprise in Alaska, the founders of Greatland Ganja, LLC, have selected tactics aimed at appealing to evolving local attitudes toward recreational marijuana. By choosing to connect and work collaboratively, we create a more robust network of allies and assets.


All 50 States Ranked By The Cost Of Weed (Hint: Oregon Wins)

They warned us this would happen. The states where recreational marijuana use is legal are also the states where marijuana is least expensive. The price of an ounce of weed ranges so widely from state to state that someone who smokes an ounce a month can move from Pittsburgh to Portland, Ore., and save enough money for a year’s worth of premium cable, the perfect companion for your habit.



Alaska amends recommendations involving marijuana and driving

FAIRBANKS — A “Get the Facts about Marijuana” Web page published by the state of Alaska attempts to address health and social issues following the legalization of marijuana. But offering relevant and helpful information has proved challenging in the midst of the burgeoning cannabis culture — particularly regarding driving under the influence. 

The website — published by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services — outlines health facts, tips for safe storage and talking with children, law basics and addiction resources regarding the active drug in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. 


Higher taxes and caution in marketing can keep weed away from kids

Even though several US states have voted to legalize marijuana, it's still not clear how best to regulate it. But there are steps that legislators can take to prevent the newly legal drug from falling into the hands of minors, according to researchers from Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health. A new report in the medical journal Pediatrics outlines four tested tactics for proposed regulation.


Rising marijuana sales leave pot shops flush with cash they can't deposit

Two months from now, on July 1, Oregon will become the fourth state to allow residents to legally purchase marijuana for recreational use. In anticipation of legalization, the governing body that will oversee marijuana licensing and sales is preparing for something unexpected: A huge influx of cold, hard cash.

Legal marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington have surpassed revenue expectations in their first few years. But when marijuana businesses try to pay their taxes, the federal law that makes marijuana illegal limits their access to financial institutions.


Alaska Moves Forward On Regulating Marijuana Concentrates

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — One of the strongest new upstarts to establish itself as a separate vertical within the greater marijuana industry is the part of the market known loosely as "concentrates and oils." This can refer, technically, to anything from CBD tinctures fed to epileptic children to highly concentrated THC waxes that are ingested orally or vaped.



The Last Frontier took its place as one of the first on the cannabis-legalization frontier, becoming one of just four states and the District of Columbia that have legalized use and possession of the plant, when the state’s voters passed Ballot Measure 2 during the November 2014 elections.


Alaska Considers Ban On Third Party In-State Marijuana Investors

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — In a move that has been sharply criticized by legalization advocates and the business community alike, Alaska legislators are currently considering banning third party investors, and start-ups who rely on them for funding, from the newly legit recreational state pot business. In-state license applicants under this plan would have to be completely self-funded.


A look ahead at the next steps for Alaska's newest industry

As Legislature prepares to pass the baton on marijuana

Speaking in a conference room within the Alaska State Capitol, James Barrett reached into a pocket and pulled out two $1 bills.

Waving them, he drew the attention of lawmakers who leaned back in their leather chairs and listened to him with new attention.

“When we dial it down to cost per Alaskan, it’s less than two bucks,” he said waving the bills.

Barrett was speaking in favor of the establishment of the Alaska Marijuana Control Board on Friday, and after he spoke, it sailed through the Alaska Senate Finance Committee. A day later, it passed the full Senate with unanimous approval.


Special Anchorage police unit will target drivers impaired by marijuana this weekend

Anchorage police said Friday they will target drivers high on marijuana through the weekend and Monday in anticipation of the unofficial stoners holiday “420."

“With the recent legalization of recreational use of marijuana in the state of Alaska, police anticipate a possible increase of impaired drivers that may be celebrating the ‘420 holiday’ this year,” said Anchorage Police Department communications director Jennifer Castro in a news release.


“The origin of the term ‘420’ usually depends on who you ask but is celebrated by marijuana consumers around the world every April 20,” the release says.

The OUI (operating under the influence) marijuana detail will begin Friday evening and continue through Monday, police said.


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