Santa Claus Petitions North Pole to Legalize Marijuana (Seriously)

Although Alaska voted in favor of legalizing marijuana in November, it was still up to individual towns to decide whether or not possession of cannabis for any adult at least 21 years old would be legal.

Monday night, the North Pole city council met to decide the fate of marijuana in Santa Claus's hometown. And Santa himself showed up to weigh in.


Marijuana to be allowed in the North Pole next year

North Pole residents can put marijuana on their Christmas list next year.

The city council in North Pole, Alaska, rejected a measure on Monday that would have banned marijuana dispensaries. 

Marijuana became legal in Alaska in February, and sales begin next year.

Will be sold last year: The city council in North Pole, Alaska, rejected a measure on Monday that would have banned marijuana dispensaries in the Christmas themed town 

Peter Lomonaco, co-founder of the Alaska Cannabis Club, and CEO Charlo Greene smoke at their medical marijuana dispensary in Anchorage, Alaska after recreational use of the drug became legal n February 


Man named Santa Claus rejoices after North Pole OKs marijuana sales

It's going to be a very merry Christmas this year.

The state of Alaska voted in favor of legalizing marijuana in November, making the possession of cannabis legal for any adult 21-years of age and older in February of 2015. However, individuals towns could still block the sale of marijuana, and on Monday, the town of North Pole took a vote to decide if pot shops would be allowed within its limits.


Green Business: Alaska’s First Cannabis Career Fair Held in Anchorage

This weekend, Alaska saw its first-ever job fair for careers in commercial cannabis, offering a glimpse of how the semi-legal marijuana industry is taking tentative steps towards professionalism and profits.

Theresa Collins shuffled between prospective employers and job-seekers inside the enormous, high-ceiling room that serves as the venue for Pot Luck Events, the marijuana-friendly company she runs at 420 West 3rd Avenue in downtown Anchorage. And yes, that is the actual address. Collins worked with the newly-formed Alaska Cannabis Growers Association to organize an event matching would-be workers with jobs that don’t yet exist.


Alaska: Legal Marijuana is Here and Taking Applications

ummer weather in downtown Anchorage was reason enough to be outside on Saturday, but atPot Luck Events (appropriately located at 420 W. 3rd Avenue), dozens of people were huddled in a low lit room filling out paperwork and, well, smoking pot.

It was the first time the municipality hosted a job fair specifically for people interested in working in the marijuana business.


As Marijuana Rules Take Shape, A Focus on Local Control

The state has a year until it begins issuing licenses for businesses selling recreational marijuana. Between now and then, the Alcoholic Beverages Control Board is home to a new body developing regulations: the Marijuana Control Board.

The rules taking shape are modeled on commercial alcohol sales, with regulators hoping to learn from past mistakes in Washington and Colorado.

On Thursday, ABC Board Director Cynthia Franklin spoke to members of the Anchorage Assembly in a packed conference room. The state codes concerned with growing, selling, and managing marijuana are expected to be done by November. And similar to Title 4 dealing with alcohol, the emerging ordinances are based on lots of local control.


Medical cannabis should be legal to treat epilepsy

Marijuana and its legal status is a hot-button issue these days, with Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, the state of Washington and Washington D.C. recently legalizing non-medical use of marijuana. Medical marijuana, used for real medical afflictions like epilepsy, inflammatory diseases and neurodegenerative diseases, should be legal nationwide. You might think medical marijuana is just an excuse to sell legal weed and, for the most part, I agree. However, there exists true medical marijuana: cannabis oil from strains high in Cannabidiol (CBD), used to treat patients with epilepsy.


Assembly to consider ban on second-hand marijuana smoke


There’s a proposal on the table that would treat marijuana smoke like tobacco smoke in Anchorage.

On Tuesday, Anchorage Assembly Chair Dick Traini plans to introduce an ordinance that would add pot to Anchorage’s secondhand smoking law.

“Where ever you can’t smoke tobacco, you can’t smoke marijuana if this passes,” said Traini.

“I’ve been getting calls from bar owners worried about people coming in and lighting up inside their bars,” Traini said. “They just want at least five feet away from the bar, anywhere you can’t smoke tobacco you should not smoke marijuana because smoke is smoke.”

“The two of them considered the same in my opinion is just crazy,” said Ben Adams, Alaska Pot Attorney.


Anchorage Assembly chair wants to treat marijuana smoke like tobacco smoke

Anchorage Assembly Chair Dick Traini is proposing to treat marijuana smoke like tobacco smoke when it comes to public facilities, workplaces and schools.

A measure that Traini plans to introduce next week at the Assembly meeting would incorporate marijuana and marijuana products into the city’s secondhand smoking law. That means smoking marijuana would not be allowed in public places, workplaces, child care centers, outdoor arenas, stadiums and amphitheaters and municipal facilities, including schools.

People also would not be allowed to smoke within 5 feet of the entrance to a place licensed to serve alcohol, or within 50 feet of a hospital or medical clinic entrance.


Prepping To Launch A Recreational Marijuana Business: How To Do It Right

The critical components of establishing a successful cannabis business may seem obvious at first:
•  Research industry-specific best-practices in cultivation.
•  Secure adequate funding.
•  Plan facility construction or adaptation.
•  Build a quality management team.
•  Seek counsel from legal and accounting experts.
•  Launch a progressive marketing campaign.

Yet what can an emerging company do to separate itself from the pack? In laying the groundwork for legitimate cannabis enterprise in Alaska, the founders of Greatland Ganja, LLC, have selected tactics aimed at appealing to evolving local attitudes toward recreational marijuana. By choosing to connect and work collaboratively, we create a more robust network of allies and assets.


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