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Alaska marijuana regulators consider ban on pot clubs

ANCHORAGE -- The Marijuana Control Board presented the final set of proposed regulations at a meeting Monday, a chapter some pro-pot advocates consider controversial because it includes an article banning marijuana social clubs.

“It was the campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol so we’re taking a hard look at our alcohol rules and statutes and see whether or not they fit,” said Cynthia Franklin, director of the ABC Board.

The language is based on an alcohol regulation.

“It’s been a law for over 30 years, that someone cannot open a place for people to come together, drink and pay an entry fee, and not be a licensed liquor establishment, by virtue of inviting people from the public and pay a free to come and drink with them,” said Franklin.


Anchorage marijuana businesses hit by APD raids


The Alaska Cannabis Club, owned by a former TV reporter turned pot supporter, was raided on Friday by the Anchorage Police Department -- the second local marijuana company to be hit in two days by APD officers.


APD officers raid marijuana businesses

KNIK-FAIRVIEW — Anchorage Police visited a Valley business and residence Thursday as part of an apparent investigation into local drug facilities.

At least one marked APD car was parked on a quiet residential street in a residential neighborhood. Kids played in the open and dogs wandered through neighborhood yards. Several patrol cars arrived at the house about 4 p.m., neighbors said. Five remained by the time a Frontiersman reporter arrived on-scene about 6:30 p.m. Two hours later, police officers quietly entered the home, and could be seen moving from window-to-window. They emerged from the house along Snug Harbor Avenue about 8:30 p.m. carrying several shopping bags, cartons, and a plastic milk jug. By about 9 p.m., they drove off.


Round Two Of Proposed Alaska Marijuana Rules Now Available

Dear Johnny:

The Marijuana Control Board has issued its second round of proposed rules, and the public is invited to comment by 4:30 p.m., Saturday, August 8. Please take a look at the proposal, available here, which provides extensive rules for licensed businesses. While most of the proposed rules offer reasonable regulations, several would clearly violate important protections established under Measure 2.


Two step down from marijuana group leadership in Alaska

FAIRBANKS — A pair of leaders of an organization looking to influence pot policy in Alaska stepped down owing to a conflict of interest because they both belong to the state Marijuana Control Board.

Brandon Emmett, executive director and founding member of the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation, and coalition spokesman Bruce Schulte have both resigned from the coalition, the group announced in a statement on Wednesday.

Kim Kole, the new spokeswoman for the coalition, said the group had been excluding them from discussion anyway since they joined the new marijuana control board. The coalition decided to make it official.


Legalization Roundup: Who Will Legalize Cannabis First, Italy or the United Kingdom?

Cannabis is going global fast – Italy’s Parliament just voted for a legalized, regulated cannabis market, Denmark’s youth is consuming cannabis in droves but it’s no gateway, and the United Kingdom just reached a record high number of supporters for legalization in the isles. On this side of the pond, United States lawmakers are thinking ahead and making plans that could change the game completely. We’ve got the latest in cannabis legalization efforts:


U.S. Cannabis Updates



Alaska: Marijuana Legal, But Finances Remain In Black Market

Conrad Daley, executive director of the Alaska Cannabis Grower’s Association, tried to get his organization a bank account for months, and has yet to keep one. Two months after finally securing an account with an Alaska KeyBank branch, he received an account closure notice from the bank’s Ohio headquarters with a check for the balance.

“It’s exactly what we’d feared,” said Daley.

Marijuana possession might be legal in Alaska, but state marijuana commerce will stay as black a market as bootlegged rum during Prohibition until banks find ways to operate under restrictive financial laws stemming from the Controlled Substances Act.


A Pot-Smoker's Guide to Elite Marijuana Tourism

Four states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use, but only Colorado and Washington have licensed dispensaries that can legally sell recreational cannabis. Since legalization and sale came to those communities, the budding pot industry in these two states has tried to shape a future of vineyard-esque tours of marijuana farms, and fatty-friendly salons reminiscent of Amsterdam’s cafes. (The phrase “Napa Valley of weed” gets tossed around a fair bit.)


Seniors Are Seeking Out States Where Marijuana is Legal

The top moving destination in 2014 was Oregon, which voted to legalize marijuana last November.

When choosing retirement locales, a few factors pop to mind: climate, amenities, proximity to grandchildren, access to quality healthcare.

Chris Cooper had something else to consider – marijuana laws.

The investment adviser from Toledo had long struggled with back pain due to a fractured vertebra and crushed disc from a fall. He hated powerful prescription drugs like Vicodin, but one thing did help ease the pain and spasms: marijuana.


APD seizes Anchorage pot delivery service's cars, but owner vows to drive on

In the past two months, police have seized two cars from an Anchorage marijuana delivery service. The owners said they’ve been left in the dark about when -- or even if -- their property will be returned.

Experts say current search and seizure laws allow law enforcement to take and hold the property, though they contend the Alaska Legislature needs to rethink the laws in terms of a ballot initiative that legalized recreational marijuana in Alaska.

Michael Crites, who owns Absolutely Chronic Delivery Company along with his wife, said two Anchorage Police Department stings in recent months resulted in the loss of two cars tied to the business.


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