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Portable Hookahs is a one stop vape shop that carries all major brands in order to vaporize dry herbs, wax/concentrates, CBD, THC oils and eLiquids/eJuice. At this vape shop, you will be educated on the proper way of selecting a vaporizer and avoid buyer's remorse. When switching from smoking joints to vaping, there are many important factors you should know about.
Before learning the facts, you should first ask yourself, why are you going to vape?
The most common reason is that you no longer want to hurt your lungs with smoke. Another popular reason is wanting to consume medical marijuana in public without notice. Vaping is a great way to reap the benefits of THC and CBD in stealth mode. There may be a medical reason someone should vape instead of smoke. Due to a number of illnesses, the benefits of cannabis can help treat many different symptoms. For someone with lung issues or someone who has not smoked before, the doctor will often recommend vaping.
Will you be using the vaporizer for dry herbal blends, solid concentrates or oil?
This is the first thing you need to know before looking for a vaporizer. PortableHookahs.com has separated each type of vaporizer so that you make no mistake. If you are interested in a dual use vape, make sure you do extra research about the specific vape you are looking at by using youtube as the simplest source. Mistakes are often made when purchasing dual use vapes due to them working well with either dry herbs or concentrates instead of both. It is extremely rare for them to perform well with both materials. The best option with optimal performance as a dual use unit is the Firefly 2.
What you should know before purchasing a vaporizer:
Temperature is a common issue for vapers. It is difficult to figure out the perfect heat setting to vaporize dry material without burning. Here is key knowledge to making sure you don't make a mistake. Vaporizing ground material with low moisture levels, start with 325°-350° while ground material with higher moisture levels should be tested at 375°-400°. There will be a learning curve with each vape as the temperature you may see on the screen is not as precise as it should be, especially with the lower priced models.
Many who switch from rolling to vaping complain that they are not feeling the same effect as they did when smoking. There are two simple ways to resolve this. One way is to increase your vape to its maximum temperature since 400° and up may cause combustion. What you have at this point is some smoke mixed with vapor. At the end of the day, this high temperature just means you're smoking and not protecting your lungs. If you're looking to smoke in an incognito fashion, you just need a vape pen that uses a coil. Go for a quality coil so that you don't have to swap them out often. This way you will be smoking without having to roll up. The second option is to switch to wax, shatter or crumble. This will increase the potency of THC.
For solid concentrates, you should purchase a vaporizer that has a coil instead of an oven. This way, there will be direct heat contact and quick vaporization of your material. Learn more on PortableHookahs.com

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