ECASSOC Lists The Best Options For Electronic Cigarettes And Vaporizers As Smoking Alternatives

The ECASSOC organization at is all about informing the public of the latest and greatest in news and updates regarding the vaping industry. Their goal is to inform and educate so the public can make the best personal choices for themselves. We all know the health risks associated with old-school cigarettes, but not everyone is as aware of the differences between cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and vaping. A visit to can change that as viewers can scroll through numerous articles and reviews on electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, and can gain from the reviews and shared experiences of those who have used these devices to quit smoking. At ECASSOC, organizers have compiled comprehensive lists of the best options for e-cigs and vaporizers, and documented peoples' experiences, to better aid those looking for an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.

Old-School Cigarettes vs. E-Cigarettes

ECASSOC explains the big differences between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes so smokers can make informed choices on which is more harmful. Ultimately, the biggest difference between the two is how the smoke or vapor is transferred to the smoker. Traditional cigarettes are not called 'smokes' for no reason, as the smoke from the burning of tobacco is inhaled by the user; it is this smoke that is responsible for the many health dangers traditional cigarette smoking can cause. With e-cigs, it is a vaporized liquid that is inhaled by the user, rather than smoke. This eliminates the risks associated with inhaling the harmful smoke from burning. While some vaporizers use nicotine in the vaping liquid, it is known that nicotine, while addictive, is not the most dangerous element of cigarette use; the danger of nicotine, in terms of potential health problems, resides in its delivery method.

Traditional Smoking vs Vaping

There are studies supporting the claim that vaping can help people quit smoking. Vaping can work like other anti-smoking aids where users can slowly wean themselves off the nicotine. When using a vaporizer with nicotine in the liquid, the dosage of nicotine can be self-adjusted, gradually decreasing the amounts needed to get through the day; this functions on the same principle of slow release that nicotine patches and gum rely on. As nicotine is not the most dangerous part of cigarette smoking, rather the smoke that gets inhaled from a lighted fire containing harmful carcinogens and dangerous additives, vaping can be a positive smoking-cessation aid. 

Smokers and Vaping

Smokers who turn to vaping enjoy the lowered health risks, the ability to self-adjust the nicotine levels for gradual weaning, as well as the money savings. These perks are greatly increasing the popularity of vaping versus traditional cigarette smoking. There is another factor, however, that smokers point to: the psychological dependence on the physical act of smoking is one transferrable to vaping. Smokers find that it's not just about the nicotine, but also the act of inhaling that can be the hardest to live without when trying to quit. Thus those attempting to quit smoking can turn to vaping and not have to relearn how to exist without the physical act of smoking. 

ECASSOC Documents the Best E-Cig and Vaping Devices
Those looking for help on how to quit smoking can greatly benefit from ECASSOC's comprehensive lists documenting the top e-cigs and vaporizers available, allowing users to decide which option will best suit their needs. The top e-cig list is based on a culmination of factors such as flavor, battery life, throat hit, price, and realistic taste. It can be found at

The vaporizes that topped the rankings were based on portability, stealth, price, ease of use, durability, and taste. ECASSOC compiled these lists based on what they felt were the most important factors the public needed to know in order to better inform their attempt to switch from cigarettes to vaping. They also advise the levels of nicotine likely needed by varying types of smokers when they make that switch. Their list of the top marijuana vaporizers can be found at

Members of stand by their claim that e-cigs are one of the best smoking alternatives around today. Their page supplies viewers with comprehensive reviews and reports on which devices are found to be the best, especially in terms of switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes and vaporizers. ECASSOC stays abreast of all advancements in the vaping industry by sampling all the products on the market, rating and reviewing them, and passing on those findings to the public.

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