Built for Both Buyers and Sellers, Buddy Boosts Exposure of Dispensary and Delivery Promotions While Helping Cannabis Users Easily Locate the Best Deals, Sessions, and Hookups

TKS Solutions, a self-funded independent technology company comprised of marijuana dispensary owners and growers who have a passion for using technology to grow the cannabis industry, is pleased to announce the launch of Buddy. Now available for free download on Android and iOS devices, Buddy is a fun-to-use mobile app that makes buying marijuana as easy as four swipes on a smartphone. On one side, Buddy helps marijuana dispensaries and delivery services offer discounts, promotions, and other incentives to consumers and, on the other, lets anyone of legal age discover the best hookups on legal pot, find the coolest sessions in their area, and engage with the witty in-app mascot affectionately named “Buddy.”

Buddy is the first cannabis industry mobile app with auto-verification capabilities that is solely focused on hooking people up with the best buys, promotions, and sessions in their area. This auto-verification process lets recreational and medical users upload their photo I.D. and medical note one time, which automatically signs them up with participating sellers via the app to eliminate the time and annoyance of waiting in line and filling out paperwork. Once this auto-verification is in place, whenever a promotion is selected, Buddy automatically sends the user’s doctor recommendation and identification to the participating seller before they even leave the house. Buddy’s auto-verification process is HIPAA-compliant, operates via encrypted electronic transmissions, lets buyers and sellers go completely paperless, and is the perfect way to confirm doctor recommendations, photo I.D.s, and other new patient documents.

“The Buddy team has a combined 75 years’ experience in the cannabis world, and we keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of industry developments,” says Paul Kinsella, the founder of Buddy. “We’ve long been unsatisfied with the mobile options out there so when creating this app, we took all the negative, mellow-harshing, pain-in-the-ass vibes out of the equation to build an application that better services all the righteous, hip, fun, and downright cool things we love the most about the marijuana community. We created Buddy to be a fun, fair, legit, time and money saving app, both for users and for our business clients. Our app is the best ‘hookup’ out there and no matter whether you’re looking to buy or trying to sell, Buddy’s got your back.”

Buddy provides a simple, cost-effective way for cannabis industry companies to promote their products, expose discounts and other special offers to a larger audience, drive awareness of their company, and create more sales with the app’s time-saving auto-verification technology. Sellers pay a very low fixed monthly fee – $299 for dispensaries and $199 for delivery services – for access to the platform where they can post customized coupons, promote sessions and other events, offer special “hookups,” and quickly pre-verify buyers with Buddy’s auto-verification technology, driving additional foot traffic to brick and mortar locations and increasing orders for delivery. As a standard policy, Buddy gives sellers the first three months on the app free-of-charge, and in celebration of the launch the company is waiving all usage fees for the first six months instead of three.

The specific functionalities Buddy provides dispensaries and delivery services are as follows:

Innovative auto-verification service to streamline purchase process and grow new customer-base
-Robust public profile that incorporates pictures, menus, and other branded content
-“One price, one service” business model – creates an equal playing field for sellers
-Post various promotions by type, strain, brand, and introducing the “whatcha wanna spend?” price search category
-Lottery algorithm-driven promotion placement – no playing favorites based on money
-Coupons for sessions and events
-Compatible with all major mobile operating systems including Android and iOS
-Engaging avenues for branded advertising
-Co-opt brand equity of the fun and relatable in-app mascot, “Buddy,” to build brand awareness and reputation

For buyers, Buddy lets you:

-Search for hookups by price, type, strain, and brand
-Choose between pickup and delivery
-View the location of hookups on a geotagged map with directions available
-Upload credentials to ease purchase process and skip dispensary lines
-Browse menus and pre-order from the comfort of your home
-Discover the best sessions in your area and receive discounts on attendance
-Laugh and engage with the trusted in-app friend, “Buddy,” and shake your mobile device to hear him say something hilarious

While competing options are often over-developed, pricey, boring, and not focused on great buys, Buddy’s service is extremely easy to use, incredibly low-priced for sellers, free for buyers, and solely dedicated to hooking people up with the best bud for the best buys in their area. Also, it’s actually fun to use! So, with the cannabis revolution gathering steam and with marijuana now fully legal for adults in multiple states, no matter whether you’re looking to buy or eager to sell, Buddy has your back.

iOS Download: https://itunes.apple.com/app/the-buddy-app/id1307163512?ls=1&mt=8
Android Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tkssolutions.buddy

Buddy was created with one mission: To provide a state of the art application for the cannabis industry that places the user first, providing best-in-class service, reviews, accessibility, and reliability. Users can search for storefronts, doctors, and delivery services, and can also search by price, strain, brand name or geographic location. Buddy’s proprietary Auto-verification system allows buyers to go paperless and register with sellers electronically, eliminating the hassle of waiting.