420Chatbots.com Introduces Full Service FAQ Chatbot Service for the Cannabis Industry and Launches ‘Bud, the 4/20 Chatbot’

Hudson, Massachusetts, USA – September 17 2018 –

420Chatbots.com, is the first full-service FAQ Chatbot solution designed specifically for the cannabis industry.

FAQ chatbots will add tremendous value to businesses across the cannabis supply chain – production, wholesale, equipment, services or retail - by boosting customer engagement, improving user experience, dramatically increasing response time and cutting costs.
An FAQ Chatbot added to a company’s website, social pages and other channels acts as a 24/7 customer service agent that can communicate using voice or text in over 100 languages.

Maggie Hamre, Director of Sales for 420Chatbots.com says, “We are so excited to help cannabis-related businesses adopt chatbots. Chatbots are a better way to communicate with customers, build engagement and get more business. We leverage leading-edge technology from AWS and Google to provide a full-service, low cost chatbot solution. We are even offering 50% savings on the one-time setup fee. Just call me or register on our website to get these special introductory savings”.

‘Bud, the 4/20 Chatbot’ Is Live! Unique 4/20 FAQ Chatbot launched for 2 key reasons:

1. To provide a public chatbot for people interested in 4/20 laws in all 50 states, including CBD laws, cultivation and transportation.
2. To introduce and build awareness of the value of chatbots for businesses in the cannabis industry.

Using ‘Bud, the 4/20 Chatbot’

We invite anyone interested in 4/20 laws to visit www.420chatbots.com and use voice or text to chat with ‘Bud’. Planning a vacation? Considering a move? Planning a road trip? Looking at colleges? ‘Bud’ uses publicly available information but is not an attorney and doesn’t give legal advice, because, he’s a chatbot. If you have a legal issue or are looking for legal advice, please find a good lawyer!

Try Bud, the 4/20 Chatbot by clicking the icon at www.420chatbots.com.

‘Bud’ was built using the Ask Our Bot™ chatbot development platform.
Ask Our Bot is the first full-service conversational FAQ chatbot development solution. Hosted on the AWS cloud and built using tools from Amazon and Google, Ask Our Bot uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and NLP to create a complete chatbot solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Ask Our Bot provides a continuously improving customer engagement tool that can be used across all channels – social, mobile, app, email, direct mail, proximity and more! Find more information at www.askourbot.com

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