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Legal California has a booming black market: Here's how tech can lure consumers to the regulated market

California may have been the first in the country to pioneer cannabis law reform, but the Golden State is still struggling to eliminate the black market and sell affordable, legal pot, writes Erin Hiatt


How Silicon Valley is helping overturn marijuana convictions

Marijuana expungement is an often laborious, bureaucratic process, but algorithms have eased the process.

Following marijuana legalization, states and cites have emphasized correcting the records of those affected by the War on Drugs. An estimated 20 million people were arrested for a marijuana-related offense over the past 30 years. When individuals have cannabis convictions on their record, it limits their opportunity to acquire employment, access stable housing, and participate in their children’s school activities.


8 must-have cannabis products for tech-minded weed consumers

Let's face it, in one way or another, technological advancements have altered nearly every facet of our lives — and smoking weed is certainly no exception. In fact, as ongoing legalization efforts have birthed a rigorous and dynamic market, tech-savvy companies are developing innovative products that provide people with new ways to get stoned or seek therapeutic relief. 

There are, of course, those who prefer the traditional consumption methods — hand-rolled joints, bongs, one-hitters, among many other tools of classic stoner culture. But some are venturing outside of the norm, seeking out more exciting, more potent, and more convenient approaches to using cannabis. 


THC-detecting breathalyzer could be game-changer in quest to ensure safety on roads

As the legalization of marijuana sweeps across the United States, the issue of driving under the influence presents itself as a major sticking point in states considering fully legal weed.

A Northern California-based company might have the answer. Hound Labs has developed a portable breathalyzer that is able to detect the presence of both alcohol and THC in the blood.

The company also claims its product, the first of its kind, can detect THC levels ingested via edibles.

According to the company’s website, once the breath samples from the driver have been collected, the device’s cartridge is transferred to a portable processor that screens the samples for alcohol and THC.


Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Program interrupted due to software glitch

Patients in Pennsylvania were denied access to medical marijuana on Tuesday, the result of a crash in the system used to track sales. 

All such transactions in the state are processed through a tracking software system called MJ Freeway, which is required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health under the medical cannabis law there. 


For cannabis software, one size does not fit all

As the legalization movement continues, cannabis dispensaries have become more and more like any other mainstream retail operation, such as a shoe or clothing store, Customers expect a superior and tailored experience and the highest quality products for the best prices.


Calling all cannabis coders: Jamaica seeks tracking software in open bid invitation

Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) has put out its feelers, globally, in a bid to secure an organization that can provide software capable of tracking all cannabis processes, from seed to sale.

The CLA issued an invitation to bid for hopeful providers to showcase their software, which must be able to track individual cannabis plants as they move through the entire supply chain. This includes cultivation, retail, transportation, processing and research and development.


Utah is looking for software to run its medical cannabis program. Will police be able to search it? And how much will it cost?

The state has started its search for multimillion-dollar software that will form the spine of its medical cannabis program, serving as the repository for sensitive patient information and logging the movements of each marijuana plant.

The choice of one or more vendors for the task will be among the biggest decisions confronting officials as they ramp up the marijuana program created by Utah lawmakers in December. Glitchy systems in some other cannabis states have slowed and occasionally stalled marijuana sales with a quagmire of technical hiccups, delays and security issues, and Utah hopes to avoid a similar fate.


Two Seattle cannabis software companies merging to build bigger stake in a growing market

Dauntless, Inc., a Seattle-area software developer providing point-of-sale and tracking software to the cannabis industry, has acquired pot sales software company Soro.

The combined companies aim to create an all-encompassing platform serving growers, packagers, and retailers across the U.S., said Soro CEO Jerry Tindall.


His software solution aims to ease the pain of running a dispensary

John Yang, CEO and Co-Founder of Treez, talks tech opportunities in the weed business.

Treez is an enterprise retail management software platform that serves dispensaries across the state of California, as well as in Florida, Nevada, Arizona, the District of Columbia.


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