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Ancillary Cannabis Vendors Support Sustainability Initiatives of Operators

The cannabis industry and sustainability movement have met at a critical intersection, changing the upward trajectory of social responsibility in the industry for good.

Driven by evolving environmental regulations, consumer demand, and the best interests of the business, cannabis operators looking to promote sustainable business practices are no longer alone in their venture. Ancillary product and services vendors are supporting operators in new ways.

As the cannabis industry matures and competition intensifies, ancillary vendors are looking for ways to provide added value to their customers.


Additional Federal Marijuana Legislation Will Push Tech Toward Innovation

It’s 2021. Of the 50 states in the country, 48 have legalized marijuana for medical use, and 15 for recreational use. A whopping 91% of Americans believe it should be legal for either medical or recreational use. The medical marijuana industry alone is projected to be worth up to $66.3 billion by 2025.


Blockchain Technology Creating Transparency and Boosting Confidence in the Cannabis Industry

As the global cannabis industry continues to expand in ways previously unimaginable, there is a growing demand for transparency throughout the cultivation and distribution processes – complete seed to sale observability. A handful of startups around the world are tapping into this need by offering blockchain-based solutions for cannabis businesses.


U.S. set to allow more facilities to produce marijuana for research

Moving to end one university’s decadeslong monopoly on supplying marijuana for U.S. research, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said last Friday it will soon issue licenses to a number of growing facilities. Since 1968, only one operation, the University of Mississippi, has been licensed to supply marijuana to U.S. medical researchers who want to explore its value for treating conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain.


Software Solutions for Scaling Cannabis Extraction

hemp plant up close

From the point of view of cannabis extraction, scaling production isn’t always a simple equation.

Scaling extraction means putting together puzzle pieces, often within rigid constructs of local regulations, astronomical equipment costs, and overwhelming data management. 

Even when a new extraction machine is financially feasible, local laws may restrict the handling of dangerous materials.

Worse, the backend data management piece can easily inundate a producer who’s used to working within a network of Excel sheets.

Profitable growth in the cannabis concentrate sector means hitting the sweet spot in a Venn diagram, comprising efficient output, compliance management, and robust production-tracking protocols. 


New Software Ensures Cannabis Advertising Complies With Regulations

Cannabis technology platform Fyllo announced on Monday that it is launching a new software tool that helps companies ensure that advertising and other creative content is compliant with applicable regulations. The new tool, known as Compass, allows brands in the cannabis industry to quickly verify compliance using Fyllo’s proprietary Compliance Recognition Technology.


Nanoemulsion: the drug delivery system revolutionising cannabis products

New industry reports highlight how nanoemulsion is revolutionising cannabis products.

The past few years have seen a whole host of new cannabis products hitting the market following the relaxation of prohibition laws across the globe – and one product is proving to be a trend that is gaining traction.

Recent industry reports show that the recreational cannabis beverage industry is on the rise, and nanoemulsion-infused beverages are leading to the development of drinkable cannabis products that are both potent and fast acting.


Water-soluble delivery system improves CBD bioavailability and strength

A company has filed a patent for a technology that will help delivery of fat-soluble medications, including CBD.

Holista CollTech has filed its 100%-owned global patent for platform technology that will deliver many fat-soluble medications, including CBD, by creating a water-soluble delivery system.

Due to the way CBD is absorbed into the body, the new technology will make CBD formulations up to 40 times more potent, allowing patients to reduce their dosages significantly, as well as making CBD oil more palatable for the young and the elderly.


Israel Launches First State-Sponsored Medical Cannabis Startup Incubator

The cannabis industry is ripe for innovation. For many decades it was completely prohibited across the globe which had a direct, negative impact on innovation.

Fortunately, in recent decades cannabis reform has spread across the world and legal, regulated industries have been allowed to operate.


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