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Software Effective Solutions Corporation Announces Acquisition of MedCana, Inc.

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New Orleans, Louisiana, Feb. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Software Effective Solutions Corporation (OTC Pink: SFWJ) (“the Company”) announces the Acquisition of MedCana, Inc and appoints Jose Gabriel Diaz as New Chief Operating Officer and Director

Software Effective Solutions, Inc announces the acquisition of MedCana Inc. and positions the Company to become a leader in the Columbian Cannabis and CBD Oil Sectors. The Company also announces the appointment of Jose Gabriel Diaz to assume to role of Chief Executive Officer, and he will serve as Chairman of the Board for the Company moving forward.


What Is The Most Cannabis-Friendly Social Media Platform Today?

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Cannabis brands and fans alike often run into having their account deleted, banned or suppressed in some fashion. With cannabis-specific platforms still not earning substantial memberships, the industry is left to scramble from platform to platform in an attempt to connect with enthusiasts, buyers, investors, media and other crucial members.

Most sources say one option appears to be the best for cannabis today. Still, alternative platforms and methods may be beneficial to building lasting connections.


Sacramento financial software company NatureTrak signs up bank for cannabis validation

Sacramento-based financial technology software company NatureTrak Inc. has signed up a bank in New Mexico to use its tracking software to validate cannabis-related business deposits. It is the first bank to use the product, but several more banks are in the pipeline, with another expected to sign a contract next week, said Jontae James, CEO and founder of NatureTrak, via text. "The cannabis industry is exploding, and will continue to do so, as more and more states legalize medical and adult-use cannabis,” James said, in a news release.


Advanced Cannabis Intoxication Detection Devices Set to Improve Road Safety

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 More and more states are beginning to implement legislation to regulate cannabis products. As sales of such products are becoming more prevalent, new and important regulations are expected to be implemented. One of the major concerns over cannabis abuse revolves around operating a vehicle while impaired. Generally, law enforcement officers may conduct field tests such as sobriety tests or even sample tests. However, sobriety tests can be inaccurate, while sample tests may not receive results for days or even weeks. As a result, companies within the cannabis marketspace began to develop the necessary technology for law enforcement agencies to use in crackdowns on drivers operating a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. Cannabix Technologies Inc.


Psychedelic Companies Hope At-Home DNA Tests Bring Better Highs

Spit into a tube and pop it in the mail, and the lab results may lead to a better high—or at least a safer one. That’s the premise of a home saliva testing kit sold for $199 by Endocanna Health Inc., which looks for 57 genetic traits that could influence a customer’s response to marijuana, so they can select the best strain and correct dose. The company also plans to look at similar factors for a range of psychotropic drugs.

“Your DNA is your blueprint,” says Len May, chief executive officer of the Burbank, Calif.-based startup. “It gives you a GPS that can guide you to an experience that is more optimal and helps you avoid sharp corners.”


Smartphone Sensor Data Has Potential to Detect Cannabis Intoxication

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A smartphone sensor, much like what is used in GPS systems, might be a way to determine whether or not someone is intoxicated after consuming marijuana, according to a new study by the Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research. 

According to the study, published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, which evaluated the feasibility of using smartphone sensor data to identify episodes of cannabis intoxication in the natural environment, a combination of time features (tracking the time of day and day of week) and smartphone sensor data had a 90 percent rate of accuracy.


Innovations Pushing Growth in the Cannabis Industry

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In terms of technology and development, the world has unquestionably progressed significantly. As time progresses, people discover new ways to improve a variety of existing technologies. Also, a significant amount of progress has been made in the cannabis industry as a result of legalization and technological advances. People are putting their creativity and inventiveness into many initiatives inside the cannabis business, which is why it is poised to grow even further. If you’re interested in learning more about these advancements and innovations, make sure that you keep scrolling because we will be providing you with a list below.


2 Arizona companies collaborate to bring new cannabis technology to market

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A Payson-based biotech company has entered a manufacturing partnership with a cannabis operation also based in Payson as it brings a new way to ingest THC into the Arizona market.

Ally Biotech says its patent-pending Lipofusion technology will be used in oral-delivery products manufactured under the license of Desert Medical Campus Inc., which does business as Uncle Herbs Medibles.

Ally has used its exclusive nanotechnology to develop liposomes — tiny containers holding bioactive payloads that can be delivered in liquid or powder form — made of raw material that protects bioactive products from degradation in the digestive system and improves absorption on the cellular level.


Root Sciences Cannabis Extraction Innovation Is Becoming a Global Presence


With increasing cannabis legalization around the world, the focus on the wide range of extraction processes available has drawn many new companies into the mix. And those cannabis companies willing to invest in extraction equipment are poised to make a big play in the market. With a multitude of extraction processes converting raw cannabis into a usable form, from THC to CBD, Root Sciences has built unique end-to-end equipment solutions for its customers.


Researchers identify pathogens infecting cannabis plants in Connecticut

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Recreational cannabis became legal in Connecticut last month and as local growers expand their footprint, researchers from the University of Connecticut are tracking pathogens infecting plants.Ph.D. candidate Cora S. McGehee and associate professor of horticulture Rosa E. Raudales from the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources recently published the first paper documenting the presence of pathogens in Connecticut’s cannabis growing facilities.


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