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Uprooting the cannabis industry’s lighting technology

LED lamps, while still controversial, are being touted by some cannabis entrepreneurs as a low-energy, environmentally-friendly way to control the industry’s costs.

 As the legal marijuana industry gains momentum and flourishes, more growers are scrambling to find the most cost-efficient ways to produce their cannabis for a rapidly-expanding market.


Cannabis Cultivation Tips: How to set up indoor grow lighting

The three most common types of modern grow lights

Contemporary indoor cannabis cultivation usually involves at least one of¬†three artificial light sources: HID, CFL, and LED. Frequently, growers use a combination of grow lamps. Of course, there are other, more antiquated lighting technologies, but they are all pretty much ‚ÄúBetamax‚ÄĚ lamps. This blog will focus on the most common lighting used by the 21st-century cannabis cultivator. We are going heavy on the practical grow room advice without relying on the pseudo-scientific stats.


Thrive Agritech, Leading LED Horticulture Lighting Innovator, Secures $2 Million Capital Injection

Latest investment round, led by New York-based Rose Capital, to accelerate adoption of Thrive’s unique lighting technology into global horticulture market

New York, NY (April 27, 2018) ‚Äď Thrive Agritech, Inc., a technology company focused on leading innovations in LED horticulture lighting (‚ÄúThrive‚ÄĚ), today announced that it has received an additional $2 million in equity capital to accelerate the development and deployment of its LED technology in controlled environment agriculture. The investment round was led by Rose Capital, a New York-based institutional investor. In conjunction with the investment round, Rose Capital has also joined Thrive‚Äôs Board of Directors.


The Benefits Of LED Lighting in Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation

The cannabis industry has moved out of the basement and into the light, and with this shift in politics and regulation occurring worldwide comes the need for growers to change the way they think about lighting and energy consumption


Solis Tek Digital Lighting Receives Award and Accolades from Cannabis Industry and Customers

Solis Tek, Inc. (OTCQB: SLTK), a vertically integrated cannabis technology innovator, manufacturer and distributor, today announced that its Digital Lighting System was awarded Most Efficient Indoor Light Systems at Terpenes and Testing World Conference 2018.


Cannabis 101: Growing Lighting Cycle

Lighting is essential for all marijuana plants, whether indoors or outdoors. It can make a difference in the how well your plants grow, and it has a profound influence on the different life stages of your plants as well.

In this article, we will discuss the ways that light cycles can be used to achieve a successful flowering stage and harvest of your marijuana plants.

When does weed flower?

Outdoor marijuana plants in the wild (or those grown by marijuana growers) generally enter into their flowering stage towards the end of the summer season and continue flowering throughout the end of the fall season.


MedReleaf announces R&D collaboration and investment in cannabis grow lighting firm Flora Fotonica

Flora Fotonica Ltd., a developer of advanced grow light technologies for the Cannabis industry and MedReleaf Corp. (TSX: LEAF), Canada's first and only ISO 9001 and ICH-GMP certified cannabis producer, are pleased to announce the signing of a binding agreement to invest and collaborate on the research and development of specialized grow lighting systems for cannabis cultivation. Flora Fotonica will provide MedReleaf with exclusive access to its proprietary LED lighting technology and MedReleaf will dedicate licensed growing space, laboratories, and research personnel. Financial terms of the agreement are not disclosed.

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