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More commercial cannabis growers are choosing greenhouses: What are the options?

For growers interested in entering or transitioning to cannabis production, one of the first decisions to make is where it will be grown. Options include outdoor, indoor facilities, and a mix of the two, greenhouses.

Greenhouses are growing in popularity among cannabis growers. In fact, many cultivators are switching to greenhouses since they are usually a more efficient means of production. Greenhouses combine the control and protection offered by an indoor facility with the cost-saving, natural light of growing outdoors.


Cannabis producer Hexo shutting down facilities amid deep staff cuts

Cannabis producer Hexo Corp. will shut down several facilities it operates near Niagara Falls, Ontario, as a result of 200 layoffs it announced Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter.


CannTrust warns of cannabis shortages after Health Canada finds greenhouse facility non-compliant

Cannabis producer CannTrust Holdings Inc says customers may experience temporary shortages after Health Canada found that its greenhouse facility in Pelham, Ont. is non-compliant with regulations.

The regulator found that cannabis had been grown in five unlicensed rooms between October and March of this year during which time CannTrust was applying for licences and that inaccurate information was provided to the regulator by CannTrust employees. The rooms received licences in April.


Australia's first ever crop of taxpayer-funded pot: Historic medical marijuana greenhouse opens in Sydney

Australia's first ever tax-payer funded medical marijuana greenhouse has opened in Sydney.  

The Federal Government relaxed medical cannabis restrictions in March 2018, paving the way for the greenhouse's creation.  

The medical marijuana grown by the NSW state government and will be used to treat those with severe medical conditions such as cancer and epilepsy.  


Cannabis growers are racing to scale up with massive greenhouses — but not everyone thinks bigger is better

At first glance, the Supreme Cannabis Company’s facility in Kincardine, Ont., looks something like a trailer park in the middle of a construction site.

The only real giveaway that it is the site of a cannabis farm is the pungent smell of pot as one approaches.

But behind the handful of trailers, serving as makeshift boardrooms until the company’s site expansion is complete this summer, are a dozen white greenhouses filled to the brim with cannabis plants in various stages of growth.

Each greenhouse is roughly the size of half a basketball court and can produce about 500 kilograms of dried cannabis flower per year.

By the standards of major Canadian licensed producers, that’s a pittance. But for Supreme, it’s entirely by design.


4 key differences between a commercial cannabis greenhouse and an ornamental greenhouse

When the legal industry began to emerge, indoor cannabis grow facilities were considered ideal for optimal growing because of the ability to control the environment entirely.

However, the industry is seeing a steady decline in cannabis prices so it’s becoming increasingly expensive to operate an indoor grow facility. As such, more and more growers are turning to greenhouse structures for their cannabis grow operation. Greenhouses were initially seen to pose a number of challenges for cannabis growers, but as marijuana greenhouse design and technology has advanced, growers are quickly learning that they can get a lot more bang for their buck by growing cannabis in a greenhouse instead of in a warehouse.


A timeline of Canadian cannabis legalization

Justin Trudeau recently announced that recreational cannabis will finally be legal across Canada as of October 17th. This is a very exciting time for Canada as advocates and businesses around the world are watching. With just over three months to go until the official legalization date, we’ve created a timeline of cannabis legalization in Canada: 


CannTrust celebrates new Perpetual Harvest Cannabis Greenhouse Facility built by GGS

Industry leading licensed cannabis producer and GGS client, CannTrust Holdings Inc. held the official grand opening for their Perpetual Harvest Facility earlier in the week. The goal of the facility is to have a harvest every day and their team is working quickly to make that happen.

The facility is located in the Niagara Region, Ontario, and currently sits at 450,000 square feet of cultivation space and outputs roughly 50,000 kilograms annually of dried product.

GGS has already begun helping with construction on an additional 600,000 square feet of cannabis greenhouse growing space at the same facility. The additional space will double CannTrust’s annual output to an excess of 100,000 kilograms.


Commercial cannabis growers are seeing the advantages of converting to marijuana greenhouses

Leigh Coulter, president of GGS Structures, recently met with BNN Bloomberg at CannTrust’s Vaughan facility for a look at the inner workings of a commercial cannabis growing facility and to discuss what’s involved in being a top supplier for the legal marijuana industry.

Leigh also touched on why so many marijuana growers are moving toward cannabis greenhouse facilities to lower operation costs.

Watch the whole interview here:


Designing a Greenhouse for Medical Cannabis Cultivation

As the cannabis industry continues to rapidly grow, cultivators are seeing the benefits of designing the ideal greenhouse facility to produce top quality and high yield crops.

There are many considerations to be made and there is no “one size fits all” solution.


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