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Oregon State University Hemp Center Receives $10M Grant

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The Global Hemp Innovation Center at Oregon State University announced last week that it has received a $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to study and define the economic opportunities for hemp in the western United States. 

Provided by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Sustainable Agricultural Systems grant program, OSU scientists plan to use the funding to partner with eight institutions across the country in a five-year research program.


As Marijuana Industry In Oklahoma Booms, Rural Utilities Feel Growing Pains

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The monthly water bill at Iris Farms is only about $40, each month but with lighting and fans, the electric bill can be as high as $3,000. (Phot by: Seth Bodine/Harvest Public Media)

Rural electric cooperatives are facing challenges that come with providing the necessary electricity for large indoor growing operations. Logan Pleasant, the director of operations at Lake Region Electric Cooperative, says there are more than a hundred growers that use their electric system.

“Most of these large growers that have come in have requested somewhere between a one- and two-megawatt load,” Pleasant says. “So if you add them all up, these growers are using as much power as a small city.”


Delta cannabis grower partners with Langara project

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A large-scale cannabis greenhouse operation in East Ladner has announced that it has signed an agreement with Langara College to support the Applied Science for the Canadian Cannabis Industry (ASCCI) research project. The agreement will provide opportunities for researchers and students to study cannabis using the latest technology, facilitate innovation and address questions that are important to the industry.

During the course of the five-year research project, which integrates chemistry, biology and bioinformatics, Pure Sunfarms’ experts will work with faculty members and students at Langara on research that will provide new data and insights for published research, and also help advance Pure Sunfarms’ product development strategy.


Best Practices for Commercial Cannabis Propagation

The establishment of optimal planting stock in cannabis enables the continuous developmental momentum of the crop, from propagation to harvest. Although it may be preferable for cultivators to outsource propagation to specialist nurseries in some cases, many commercial facilities prefer to retain critical cultivation processes in-house. Fortunately, cannabis is easy to propagate through seed germination, or asexually through cloning or liner production.


How To Battle Animal & Mold Infestations in Outdoor Cannabis Grows

All outdoor cannabis crops have the potential to be destroyed by one or two of the various problems lurking in the wilderness, unlike indoor growing where plants are protected. In checking on the crop, make sure to keep an eye on the little details that will spell trouble later. There are a few different things to look for:


How are CBD goods made? Behind the scenes of manufacturing & processing

CBD is somewhat magical in more ways than just its natural, wide-ranging therapeutic effects. If you think about it – it’s pretty extraordinary that a seemingly unsuspecting plant gets transformed into beneficial oils, and other types of goods. So, what happens on this magical journey of a cannabis hemp plant, getting extracted and processed into the goods we know and love?

Knowing how your products are made from start to finish, can help you better understand price points, and appreciate the true labor and love behind each bottle you enjoy. So, let’s find out more about the manufacturing process it takes to produce the varied consistencies and textures of the most popular CBD products.


How You Can Use Data to Sustainably Scale your Greenhouse Production

It is no secret that the greenhouse produce industry is booming. With limited land, water, and labor, the global commercial greenhouse market pushed sales to $27.24 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $61.88 billion by 2027. However, the expensive set up costs and the lack of awareness, especially when it comes to data, are hampering market growth.


How to Cut Costs and Make Your Cannabis Extraction Operation More Efficient

For cannabis extraction companies, becoming more efficient and more productive goes hand in hand with expansion and scaling up. Marijuana extraction firms looking to cut costs and boost efficiencies can do so in several ways, including:

  • Adding automated solutions to extraction equipment.
  • Sourcing high-quality starting material.
  • Designing the facility to streamline the process and improve workflow.


Automating certain parts of the extraction process can dramatically reduce labor costs and increase throughput time.


Two South African students develop high-tech cannabis growing technique

With the laws about cannabis use and sale continuing to change, two South African students are busy finding new and more efficient ways to grow the controversial plant.


In South Africa, cannabis can still not be cultivated or sold commercially. There is a lot of hope for a future cannabis industry to become transformative.


There are many examples worldwide of countries that have legalised commercial growth and sale of cannabis. This based on the number of jobs and money it has injected into their respective economies.


Optimizing Systems for Cannabis Greenhouses

All cannabis greenhouses take advantage of sunlight for plant growth, but building construction and climate control strategies can vary so much that some growers say that “if you visit one greenhouse, you have visited one greenhouse.” To optimize building systems for peak productivity, consider managing infiltration through building envelopes so cannabis can be sun-grown while photosynthesis can be optimized with active climate controls.


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