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Why Gas Detection is Critical for Cannabis Growers’ Health and Safety

In the U.S., cannabis legalization began in 2012 when both Colorado and Washington approved cannabis for recreational use.

Today, cannabis is legal in 11 states, along with Washington, D.C., for both recreational and medicinal use for adults over the age of 21.

For medicinal use only, it is currently legal in 33 other states. Recreational legalization allowed the cannabis cultivation industry to flourish exponentially.

The spike in demand for higher quality cannabis caused growers to experiment with their crops’ growing operations to yield higher volume.

Growers improved their lights, growth mediums, pesticides, heating, cooling and ventilation techniques.


Security, Chain of Custody, and The Transportation Manifest

Cannabis compliance for licensees is finally emerging from the shadows into the forefront as regulators move from the application phase to the operational phase.

In performing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and reviewing online compliance audit reports and letters to licensees, there are a number of specific issues regulators are required to review, but the majority of warning letters and flagged inspection reports show only a handful of cited issues for the vast majority.


3 Innovations to Watch In Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis extraction equipment represents one of the most innovative sectors in the industry, with new products and constantly evolving techniques for processing raw plant material.

Among other areas, marijuana and hemp companies are developing:


How to Cut Costs and Make Your Cannabis Extraction Operation More Efficient

For cannabis extraction companies, becoming more efficient and more productive goes hand in hand with expansion and scaling up. Marijuana extraction firms looking to cut costs and boost efficiencies can do so in several ways, including:

  • Adding automated solutions to extraction equipment.
  • Sourcing high-quality starting material.
  • Designing the facility to streamline the process and improve workflow.


Automating certain parts of the extraction process can dramatically reduce labor costs and increase throughput time.


Two South African students develop high-tech cannabis growing technique

With the laws about cannabis use and sale continuing to change, two South African students are busy finding new and more efficient ways to grow the controversial plant.


In South Africa, cannabis can still not be cultivated or sold commercially. There is a lot of hope for a future cannabis industry to become transformative.


There are many examples worldwide of countries that have legalised commercial growth and sale of cannabis. This based on the number of jobs and money it has injected into their respective economies.


Spinning Gold: How Hydrocarbon Elevates Everyday Extraction

Connoisseurs prefer it, lab tests confirm it. Producers of high-quality cannabis extracts can’t afford not to use it.

Three methods for extraction have been dominant in the cannabis market so far.


What’s the best grow room temperature and humidity level?

Successfully growing cannabis requires specific tools, tactics, and techniques. Knowing the best grow room temperature is a good start.

Ideal grow room temperature and humidity varies depending on the stage of plant life. Cloning requires higher temperature and humidity than vegetative growth and flowering plants have different ideal atmospheric conditions as well. In order to master the art of marijuana growing, dialing in the proper environment at the right time remains the most essential ingredient for success. So, what is the best grow room temperature and humidity level?

Measuring and Changing Temperature and Humidity


How Automated Batching Makes Processing Cannabis Simple

marijuana plants inside a greenhouse

Working in cannabis processing is stepping foot into a young, blossoming industry. No matter how much flower your company goes through in processing, automated batching will ultimately improve net value. Before choosing automation, a company can struggle with time management and precision when doing every step by hand.

Automated batching cuts time, makes measurements precise every time, reduces product loss, and increases quality. All these things combined will pay for the automated instrument.


The Importance of Environmental Control When Growing Cannabis

When the team at East Coast Cultivation set out to build its new indoor grow operation in Rhode Island, it knew it had to nail one thing: environmental controls.

“The key factor in having a successful grow is controlling your environment,” said East Coast Cultivation CEO and co-founder Joe Welch. “Once you lose control of your environment, the serious crop-crushing issues begin to take hold.”


Tips to Make Your Cannabis Production More Sustainable

person working in a cannabis greenhouse

A diverse group of cannabis cultivation and manufacturing experts came together in January to form the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition (SCC). Members of the group will work proactively with their industry peers to promote proven sustainable best practices that can be implemented at scale across the cannabis market.


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