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More Local Cannabis Dispensaries May Mean Fewer Opioid Overdose Deaths

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One way to reduce opioid overdose death rates in American communities may be to expand legal access to another, less lethal drug. A study published in January 2021 in the BMJ suggests that U.S. counties that have more cannabis dispensaries also have lower opioid-related deaths


Arizona models marijuana cultivation after California dispensaries

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As Arizona learns the ropes of legal, recreational marijuana, California has become the expert for preparing for, and adapting to the spike in customers.

Arizona cultivators are going to have to ramp up their marijuana production to keep up while still giving priority to medical patients.


There are now nearly 100 approved recreational licenses in Arizona.

Spencer Andrews, public affair director for March and Ash in Imperial says the dispensary saw a 20% increase in sales since it made the switch in August 2020. Although, it still provides options for medical customers.


Michigan Dispensary Gives Cannabis for COVID Vaccinations

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A Michigan dispensary has come up with an incredibly creative idea to get people on board with the concept of vaccination: offer free cannabis to those willing to get the vaccine. 


What are the factors to consider before starting a cannabis dispensary?

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If you are looking to do a business with marijuana or hemp products, you can do so after preparing yourself with the rules, limitations, and processes involved. Since several states in the United States are legalizing the use of cannabis, the business has a future. However, you have to go through a lot before setting up your dispensary. You have to take care of several factors such as the licenses and permits required, rules and regulations for the use of cannabis, and a lot more. Apart from these, you have to concentrate on the constituents of the cannabis products you are about to sell. There will be some rules on these constituents also.


A Guide For Your First Trip To A Cannabis Dispensary

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In my lifetime I have been labeled many things, both good and bad.

Now that I am a writer for Cannabis & Tech Today, the parents in my neighborhood don’t call me a “writer,” but “the dad who writes for the weed mag.”

An odd phenomenon has started occurring, parents are asking me to take them on a trip to visit a dispensary, since many of them have never been.

I try to explain they don’t need a guide and our local dispensary (because America now has local dispensaries, like Dairy Queens) Greenhouse is a great place to visit and very friendly to the Muggle (first timer).

Yet they insist. I get it, it’s a new experience, but it doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating.


More pot shops in Illinois? Lawmakers mull plan to create new dispensary licenses amid delays

Legislators in Springfield are hashing out a plan that one lawmaker says could potentially double the number of new marijuana shops as the state grapples with an ongoing licensing imbroglio that’s hampered the governor’s pro-pot agenda, the Sun-Times has learned.

A lottery to determine the winners of the next wave of 75 licenses has been delayed indefinitely after a string of lawsuits were filed in the wake of the announcement that just 21 groups qualified in September. Though Gov. J.B. Pritzker later created a process to give the more than 900 losing applicants another shot, that plan has also prompted legal action from three of the finalists.


Oregon Cannabis Dispensary Sales: What We Are Seeing On Valuation

The Oregon secondary market for cannabis licenses and businesses remains lively. We have been helping industry buy and sell these businesses since 2016. This post is mostly about pricing for retail plays, which is still an evolving standard, but a standard nonetheless.

First, some context.


Missouri Begins Testing Medical Marijuana, Expected To Hit Dispensary Shelves Soon

Missouri is getting closer to selling medical marijuana, as the state’s first testing facility begins inspecting the drug.


Arizona Dispensary Launches Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

Nature’s Medicines, which has two medical marijuana dispensaries in the Valley, has announced that they’ve launched a medical marijuana delivery service in the Phoenix metro area.

“Our medical marijuana patients will now be able to order their favorite cannabis products at our low dispensary prices without the markup charged by other delivery services and get them delivered right to their front door,” said CEO Jigar Patel.


A budding product: Jamaica cannabis dispensary touts 'world class' experience

High-end cannabis has made its way to Jamaica's west coast, although that's not new news to anyone familiar with the destination.

Hedonism II, the iconic adults-only playground -- a clothing-optional, lifestyle-friendly, party-hardy resort in Negril -- opened its newest guest amenity earlier this summer.

HedoWeedo is its medicinal marijuana dispensary located within the resort although is independently owned and operated and not part of Hedonism's all-inclusive experience.


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